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  1. Mew

    EVERYBODY, ATTENTION. This account now belongs to a friend. Thank you for your time. *bows*

    EVERYBODY, ATTENTION. This account now belongs to a friend. Thank you for your time. *bows*
  2. Mew


  3. Mew


    Hey! Mewtwo is not horrible! I'm sure Mewtwo would agree if she was online...
  4. Mew

    what is this i dont even

    Welcome to TCoD Where we eat tea and drink mint cod =D
  5. Mew


    ...Tell us what Homophones are and we'll stop mixing them XD
  6. Mew


    Well, I have an annoying header telling me to get active again, so I'm going to welcome you!
  7. Mew

    Requests Open Mewtwo's Sprite Shop that is too freakishly long to be posted in so GO TO THE NEW ONE DANGIT

    Re: Mewtwo's Sprite Shop! Will splice Treecko and Manaphy!
  8. Mew

    Sprite Contest!

    I'm not!I only judge when all entries are in unless it goes on for two months or something.
  9. Mew


    Well,I can't draw it,so here's the details: Color: Black as the main color limbs: Two legs,and paws type: Dark/Electric.Or Electric/Dark. description:Is meant to be a Raichu evo,it is black as the main color,with an orange ring(it isn't thin,but not thick,either) around where the white is on...
  10. Mew

    Sprite Contest!

    I actually thought that was his sprite,and he would have won,too,if no one had pointed that out.Sorry,but,I can't even draw a circle,if that makes you feel better about scratching!
  11. Mew

    [DEAD] The Battle against Torn World

    Re: The Battle against Torn World Shadowflare had been hiding behind a rock the whole battle,out-of-reach from any part of the battle.
  12. Mew

    [Shop] Lacuna City Marketplace

    I had to unexcpectedly go to K-Mart to get a birthday present for my friend but now I'm on my game!If you're back on tonight(i hope you will)I'm ready!
  13. Mew

    Suggestions Yesterday's Sprites Today

    Um,Might I suggest scratching Mew and Mewtwo fighting?And if it's OK,might I use it in my Mewtwo/Mew army?
  14. Mew

    Eternity, Infinity and Forever

    She said not a word.Not one.She was fire type,so she couldn't do a Flamethrower,even if she magically learned it.Whatever happened,she was staying,because the Salamence was protecting her,the Milotic wants to eat her."Normally I'm very fond of Milotic"she said bravely."But you're mean!"
  15. Mew

    Open Splices' Peril

    Cyndaganium perked up at the "Fire-type",because she was grass/fire,legally impossible in the Pokemon world,but then again,no splices are...
  16. Mew

    [Shop] Sparkly Things

    Enjoy Trick room!:P
  17. Mew

    The Avengers: Giovanni's Downfall (SU)

    Mysti thought the name "Myustuu" was familiar.Or Mewtwo.Either one.She noticed Shockers made a new friend.
  18. Mew

    Thank you!*picks one*

    Thank you!*picks one*
  19. Mew

    [Shop] Sparkly Things

    Name:Mysti Friend Code:3995-8327-3665 ^Oops,sorry for not getting it earlier.
  20. Mew

    [Shop] Sparkly Things

    Only now did I realize I signed in as Mew... I'll stick with Mewtwo,but I am Mew now,so... I'm ready when you are!As soon as I equip the TM to a random Bidoof :P EDIT:Make that a starly :P
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