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  1. Blast

    Cool and interesting animals

    Lately I've been very interested in gibbons. Although they look a bit goofy when they're walking on the ground they are super fast when swinging from trees (the fastest in the world). I just love them <3
  2. Blast

    I knooooow -_- did you also watch Mutahar's video on it?

    I knooooow -_- did you also watch Mutahar's video on it?
  3. Blast

    How do you build your casual teams?

    Personally, I always like using Pokémon that were introduced in the same Generation. I also avoid using Pokémon that I've used in previous playthroughs (excluding starters) to keep things fresh. I know some people go out of there way to include their favourite Pokémon in their team as much as...
  4. Blast

    Rock fits me the best probably

    Rock fits me the best probably
  5. Blast

    Ban the user above you.

    Banned for posting on my birthday >_>
  6. Blast

    Bad Day and I'm Yours are classic, and also Wavin' Flag from the 2010 World Cup

    Bad Day and I'm Yours are classic, and also Wavin' Flag from the 2010 World Cup
  7. Blast

    To Be Honest x To Be Honest = ???

    To Be Honest x To Be Honest = ???
  8. Blast

    The "Fwee" Thread

    The weather has gotten very sunny today, I enjoyed my lunch break drinking coffee and daydreaming =w=
  9. Blast

    Improve a bad ability

    Magma Armor: Prevents the Pokémon from being frozen and halves damage taken from Water-type moves. Leaf Guard: Protects both partners against status conditions and raises Special Defense by one stage in sunny weather. Sticky Hold: The Pokémon's hold item cannot be removed by other Pokémon and...
  10. Blast

    This would belong in silliness but it's related to pokémon.

    I swear I knew it was gonna be this theme even before I clicked it LOL. Gotta love the flexing trees :3
  11. Blast

    That's right >_>

    That's right >_>
  12. Blast

    TCG illustrations

    With TGC illustrations, I think it's cool when the Pokémon is shown in its natural habitat or interaction if the environment. That's something we don't usually get to see in the games. And of course illustrations of my favourite human characters :3 Phanpy Chimecho Mew Huntail Hoppip Metagross...
  13. Blast

    What are you favorite unappreciated Pokémon?

    Gulpin is one of my favourite Pokémon. Although its derpiness doesn't make it very popular, I still love it. Swalot might be even more obscure, since you can't normally encounter it in the wild. It's a shame not many people seem to care much about the two of them, because I think their designs...
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