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  1. Zehla

    VNV Nation Fans?

    Holy god I haven't been online in forever. When I'm not in college I'm working nights on the weekends. It's tiring. Very. Tiring. Anyway. My boyfriend let me borrow a mix CD full of VNV Nation songs to burn to my computer. I'm addicted to World of Warcraft, and have found that listening to...
  2. Zehla

    Favourite Bands/Artists?

    Ahaha, yeah I agree, their last album made me sad. I mean, it was good, but their old style is much more fun and enjoyable. I put down Blink as a guilty pleasure because I got sick of people coming to me "OMG THEY'RE FAKE PUNK YOU FUCKIN POSER", like I don't know how separate they are from the...
  3. Zehla

    Strange Dreams/Nightmares

    I used to have night terrors. For those who don't know: Imagine you're awake but dreaming still; you can't move your body, you can't make any noise. It's like being under a weak anesthetic while whatever you're dreaming about happens in front of you. The worst one ever, though...god, I can't...
  4. Zehla

    The Dark Knight

    I don't think I even have to say how much I loved The Dark Knight and The Joker. *points to avatar* And if you have the same level of obsession towards The Joker I do, I'm sure I wasn't the only one who cried after thinking Ledger will never again be able to bring us that masterpiece of a...
  5. Zehla

    Favourite Bands/Artists?

    I love listening to stream channels of Trance Techno. I have over 147 artists on my computer. My favorites: Pink Floyd Dethklok DJ Shadow Queen Mindless Self Indulgence The Dresden Dolls Blue October Tool A Perfect Circle Louis XIV Disturbed Senses Fail Shiny Toy Guns Juno Reactor Unkle Skinny...
  6. Zehla

    What Pokemon Make You LOL?

    Whenever Alakazam uses Energy Blast or Focus Blast, it seriously shoots out of his crotch. It always makes me laugh. Carnivine looks like it can't stop laughing at something. Croagunk is just. Special. XD. Skuntank. Its cry. I can't train one because of its cry. I can't take it seriously. And...
  7. Zehla

    what is your favorite legendary pokemon?

    Hrm. I'd have to say Giritania. Or however you spell it. Both his D/P and Origin Forms. I named mine Oblivion. He looks like something that would end the universe if it was ever released, kinda like Cthulu.
  8. Zehla

    What Pokemon do you think could be real?

    Absol, in nature anyway. Most animals just somehow know when a disaster is about to happen. When the tsunami hit, the first thing people noticed was all the animals started heading inland. It was weird that nobody followed the animals. Hell, I would have.
  9. Zehla

    Hey all

    Hahaha everyone here is insane! That's good. Yep, I love love love Absol. I guess I have a list of favorites actually. Absol, Houndoom, Tyranitar, and Honchkrow. Mostly dark types. Weird. o.O
  10. Zehla

    Hey all

    Haha thanks. I tend to ramble when I'm tired xD
  11. Zehla

    what is the cutest pokemon?

    Igglybuff. It's so cute I just wanna squeeze it till it dies. But then I'd be sad.
  12. Zehla

    Your avatar makes me laugh forever.

    Your avatar makes me laugh forever.
  13. Zehla

    Hey all

    Well, I've succumbed to my geekiness and joined a site dedicated to the game I obsessively play when I'm bored. I name every pokemon I catch, in upper/lowercase fashion. I have a bit of OCD so having ALL THE NAMES SHOW UP LIKE THIS really annoys me. XD About me as a person: I'm a movie buff...
  14. Zehla

    What's ironic or surprising in your Pokemon game?

    Hrm. Lessee. In Diamond... -Underestimated the power of Larvitar while training him with exp. share in the elite four. Party died, forgot to bring potions, he was level 54 and Roserade had half health left. I don't remember what move I used, but it killed it in one hit. He became a Tyranitar...
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