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  1. Peegeray

    New tcod Style im not sure to like

    wow everyone's so mad lmao
  2. Peegeray

    Strange Error in Ruby

    the berry glitch most likely isn't relevant anymore, since ruby/sapphire carts are old now. i just tried the berry glitch fix with emerald and it didn't work so... yeah you'll probably have to replace the battery
  3. Peegeray

    General Christmas Wishlist Thread

    - super mario galaxy 2 - persona 4 - classic controller pro - manga (2 vols of astro boy, 2 vols of dp adventures, 2 vols of yu-gi-oh duelist, 1 vol of megaman megamix) - hgss tcg poster box - ampharos plush all of those have been bought/ordered
  4. Peegeray

    Planned Teams for Black and White?

    they're not wrong, they're just not romanized also my black team is gonna be
  5. Peegeray

    Why does Ash look younger in Best Wishes?

    >implying ash ever had character development he will never use type advantages, deal with it lol
  6. Peegeray

    Your Pokemon game-ography

    you actually got jirachi on european copies. lol
  7. Peegeray

    Your Pokemon game-ography

    i think i only bought it for the free jirachi
  8. Peegeray

    Your Pokemon game-ography

    it was never released in the uk so
  9. Peegeray

    Your Pokemon game-ography

    stadium 1 red yellow snap pinball trading card game gold silver puzzle league crystal stadium 2 ruby pinball rs colosseum channel firered dash emerald xd trozei pmd red pmd blue ranger diamond pearl battle revolution ranch puzzle challenge pmd time platinum soulsilver pmd sky rumble heartgold...
  10. Peegeray

    Black & White

    >1st gym leader is dento >he has a yanappu why does the first gym type matter /that/ much anyway?
  11. Peegeray

    Painful nostalgia.

    on invisionfree i was pokemongirl (:| worst name) i looked through my old threads last night it wasn't fun lmao i was like terry t when it came to spriting i thought i was pro
  12. Peegeray

    Your collections

    i have a collection of figurines, although it's not that many compared to some P: i also "collect" stickers i guess, i just stick ones i find on my old 90s tv
  13. Peegeray

    What Games Are You Playing?

    i've been playing megaman powered up over the past week i love this game haha except i am really bad at boss fights that you're weak against if you're playing as a robot master... P:
  14. Peegeray

    TCoD WSC: Week 20

    i found it kinda difficult to actually make the fire look good in green... heh. it still doesn't look that great
  15. Peegeray

    Black & White

    it's just a placeholder date. hgss had one too.
  16. Peegeray

    The GPX+ Fan Club

    dracowymsys aren't really rare any more though P: i have 3 and i don't even play gpx+ that much...
  17. Peegeray

    Black & White

    actually reshiram/zekrom were confirmed to be for black/white respectively here: http://press.nintendo.com/articles.jsp?id=23820 also reshiram is cool beans good thing i already decided to go with black version
  18. Peegeray

    What continent are you from?

    england, europe.
  19. Peegeray

    Who is your favorite Megaman series boss?

    ehhh, flashman is the only time controlling robot i don't like P: i dunno there's just something about him that annoys me
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