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[11] Skylark vs Hawke (ref: blazheirio889)


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1 vs 1
DQ Time: 7 Days
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned Moves: OHKO's, direct healers limited to 1/pokémon, chills to 3/pokémon
Terrain: Tree of Dreams

Many of the TCoD League's trainers are taking a protracted vacation to Unova, traveling around the region and dropping into different cities to watch or battle in the ongoing league championship. There's one group that's been taking a vacation of a different sort, though--a select few who elected to venture into Unova's Dream World rather than take the normal route around the Unova region, with the promise of a battle at the end of their excursion and a place in the league championship if they should emerge victorious.

There are many paths through the Dream World, but they all end at the same location: the Tree of Dreams, an incrediblly ancient plant whose boughs are draped with the dreams of pokémon from all around the world. It is thought that those who bring an offering to the tree's base may be able to change their dreams into reality, but there will be none of that today. No, today there will be only battling, the opportunity to change dreams of glory into reality for those who were unlucky enough to miss the earlier championship registration period.

The area around the base of the Tree of Dreams is a simple grassy field, offering nothing in particular to help or hinder any battler. However, since this is, after all, the Dream World, pokémon will have no trouble accomplishing astonishing feats like conjuring tidal waves from nowhere or dropping spectral rocks on their foe. There are no restrictions on the kinds of attacks that can be used here, save those imposed by the league.

While the battle is fairly simple, there has been one complication--the machine that brought the trainers and their pokémon to the Dream World have somehow separated the two, leaving the humans without the protection and, most importantly, battle prowess of their partners.

Fortunately, the league has generously provided each of the trainers with a full complement of berries with which to attract the wild pokémon inhabiting the Dream World in order to make up for this deficit. Initially, each trainer will be issued one of each of the following:

Oran, Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear, Oran, Persim, Lum, and Sitrus berries.

In addition, each player will be issued one type-resist berry of their choice.

How many berries are required to attract a pokémon depends on its rarity, as per the following list:

R1: Sitrus
R2: Sitrus, Chesto, Pecha, Cheri
R3: Sitrus, Lum
R4: Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear, Persim, Lum
R5: Oran, Lum, Cheri, Chesto, Pecha
R6: Oran, Sitrus, Lum, type-resist
R7: Oran, Sitrus, Lum, type-resist, Chesto, Pecha
R8: All berries

An evolved pokémon costs the rarity of its base stage + 1 for each evolution it has undergone, up to a maximum of eight. A base-stage pokémon that cannot evolve costs its normal rarity plus two, again up to the cap of r8. The pokémon that appears will have its Dream World ability, if any, and its sex will be randomized. Only pokémon appearing on this list may be chosen.

However, these berries are useful for more than simply calling forth a battling partner! Any berry not spent on attracting a pokémon can either be attached to that pokémon as its held item or kept in reserve. Any berries in reserve can be used, at the cost of an action, at any point during the battle. The effects of all berries are the same as usual and detailed on Sunnenrain Berry Mart's Complete Berry Information Sheet, a copy of which has been helpfully included in each trainer's resource pack in addition to the berries of themselves.

The league will reclaim any berries not used either to pay for pokémon or during the battle, so there's no point in hoarding them--yes, I'm talking to you, suspicious guy in the hoodie don't make me ask you to turn out your pockets after the battle.

The battle will proceed as follows:

1. Hawke chooses a pokémon, chooses a berry to attach to that pokémon if desired (if any remain), and chooses their type resist berry (if it was not spent)
2. Skylark does the same and also posts attacks
3. Hawke attacks
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Ok, let's do this.... let's go all out.

All berries and I choose Arceus.

Just kidding.

Let's go all out and choose a charizard.
I'm not sure what the list is exactly, but I'd just assume all Pokemon excluding legendaries...? I'm not sure if the cap of r8 means that you can't get anything exceeding that, or it just means you pay all your berries if you exceed that. I'd like some clarification about this, too, actually :U
This is the list; Negrek must've forgotten to link it in these threads the way she did in her original post. In a nutshell, though, it's the list of all pokémon currently legally available in the international Dream World. Charmander's family is not currently available outside of a special event in Japan only, so no, charizard can't be used.

...I don't think you could get charizard anyway: charmander is R8, and +1 for charmeleon would put you at R9, which can't be chosen. If you want a third-stage pokémon then its base form has to be R6 or less.
Yeah, completely forgot to re-link the list. I'll go through and edit that into the other threads.

Note also that only pokemon in that post may be chosen. Not evolutions of pokemon in that post. Not pokemon in the following post in the same thread. Only the pokemon in that post.

A pokemon that would have an effective rarity greater than eight is considered rarity eight, so the charizard would hypothetically be fine if it were on the list.
Haha, that's great and all... sadly I didn't post that, I was post hacked. Never leave an account logged on with friends at you house. I wish I could have a charizard... I hadn't posted earlier cause I was sure there was a list. I will check that and post for real.
Ok, I will go with a Gengar... so that's R2, plus two for evolutions. Not sure on berries, so I guess I will attach a pecha.
Brain fart. Take an Oran then.... damn pecha, I need sleep......

I was just going to throw it at my opponent...

Excuse me while I get a coffee, red bull and five hour energy.

Yes I am addicted to caffiene.
Note also that only pokemon in that post may be chosen. Not evolutions of pokemon in that post.
I'm a bit confused about this part. Does this mean I can't use a gyarados for example? If that's the case... then gengar's not allowed too. Right?
I'll have a sableye. Also, since it's been a long time since I last battled, I just want to confirm a few things. I can use learnsets from older generations right? Can a pokemon be both burned and asleep at the same time (or any other status combination)? Up to how many conditionals can I use without a penalty?

Start off with a will-o-wisp. Then use confuse ray. For the third action, foul play.
If your opponent uses taunt, use foul play instead of will-o-wisp or confuse ray. If your opponent uses a status inducing move like hypnosis, confuse ray or toxic, use protect if on the first action, detect if on the second action and protect if on the third action.

Will-o-wisp/Foul play/Protect~Confuse ray/Foul play/Detect~Foul play/Protect
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Sableye is rarity 7 + 2 (doesn't evolve), so you will need to spend all your berries to get one.
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