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A little idea i had.


The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
Think of this like a pitch.

So i was scrolling around on the ASB database doodley doo... And then i realized, that pretty much 60% of my very favorites (all mythicals) are completely obtainable as it is right now. So... here's my idea.


Here's how it would work. You could ask for any pokémon (this could be removed i guess sigh) as long as it is a first evolution pokémon, or a pokémon that does not evolve. Then, you ask a ref to do a little battle against that pokémon for you. Now, here's the catch. The pokémon you fight against have 200% maximum health (they're dynamaxed), however you can also dynamax just one of your pokémon for 3 turns, meaning they get 200% maximum health and their current health is multiplied by 2.

Also, from battling pokémon in the max raid battles you can only use 6 pokémon and the battle style is always set. but this could also be changed. You can do it with up to one other person, but then you are both allowed only three pokémon. At the end of the battle, you get 2 rare candies.

Now, i also think that if you want to fight mythical/legendary pokémon, the referee should and will do everything in there power to make it very challenging (maybe do the totem pokémon thing from S/M/US/UM. Basically, the rarer the pokémon, the harder the battle. Also it should have an admission fee of 5 monies (I was originally going to say there is a five dollar item called the wishing piece that you can get rid of to have a max raid battle, but i think just buying admission is more intuitive).

So please tell me if you like my idea! This idea, is of course made for an mostly inactive ASB, so if it got popular we'd have to fix this up a bit. and maybe we already have to fix it up idk?

So i hope this can happen because i want mythicals x3