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A Wild Intro Appears!


New member
I'm Ruby! This isn't my first rodeo with Pokemon forums but I figured I might as well after sitting through the Marquee of Doom. (Which is fun and pretty tolerable if you read it in a funny accent, I've learned)

I first got introduced with Pokemon Crystal when I was like 5, but my true obsession started when I got Pokemon White. Now I own one game of every release of the DS and 3DS era games and a lot more of the spinoffs as well. Of course, with my love of Pokemon I also discovered my love of roleplaying and storytelling. I've run around a few forum websites with my story but it hasn't stuck as well as it did the first, so hopefully I can revive it here.


Still loves Joltik, though!
Staff member
Welcome! We've got a couple of RPs going and a fanfic forum that could do with more stories right now.


I am so charmed by the fact people are still discovering and waiting out the marquee! welcome to the forums!


busy dizzy lazy
Staff member
Welcome! We have lots of writers and roleplayers here, so hopefully you'll feel right at home.