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Amusing, Confusing, and All-Around Wacky Gaming Moments

Connoiseusse Burgundy

Like a piece of burnt toast!
I think we need a topic like this.

So, today I beat Super Mario Galaxy 2, and two fun things happened to me in the final level.

1. In the part where you use the Dash Pepper to get through the hallway before the walls crush you, I fell off of the hallway and into the lava below, losing Yoshi. However, there was just enough time to make it to the Sling Star before getting crushed on foot.

2. At the end of the block snake section immediately after, after the part with the comet medal where the blocks for stairs but before I got to the checkpoint, I slipped off the platform and fell in the lava. But the checkpoint was in my sight, and I didn't want to redo that Boomerang Bro. section again, so I got to the platform by bouncing on the lava until I reached the snake. I fell in with 5 health and ended with 1. Then I beat Bowser and one attempt.

Feel free to post any interesting gaming ketchups you come across.


I don't know why but I've always found deaths by bottomless pit in Super Mario 64 to be absolutely hilarious.
Super Mario 64 lends itself easily to all sorts of crazy shit. One of my favorite stories has to be the time I was trying to swim into the sunken ship and somehow bypassed the warp and ended up swimming through the black space without warping, ended up inside the wall and promptly drowned.

Also the sheer amount of glitchery that can be accomplished with that game can lead to great occurrences, like "The power of the stars is restored to the castle!" when you only collected 16, beating Koopa the Quick in 0 seconds, or - my favorite - falling off the edge of the castle roof, grabbing the edge, pulling yourself back up and promptly dying. Also, getting into Wiggler's room by glitching through the wall and having him say "You flooded my house!" when you did no such thing.

Oh god Super Mario 64. Just... Super Mario 64.


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Swimming in walls. I forget which Mario Game, but after reading the above, I think it must've been Super Mario 64. Played it at my friend's house for like, a hour. Spent the ENTIRE TIME swimming inside a wall. :p


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In Super Mario 64 DS, I was in the Bom-omb level, and I was using those cannons. Well, I posistioned the cannon just right, and when Mario shot through, he went right through the land and, after some glitchy blackness, he appeared at the very top, falling to the top of the mountain. :D


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While trying to play with glitches in Ocarina of Time, I discovered while fighting Ganondorf that my cartridge wasn't a v 1.0 like I thought it was (proved by Ganondorf puking instead of coughing up blood upon defeat). So I was just having fun killing Ganon with deku nuts and bottles and the like.


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Portal 2. Just... Just Portal 2.

Also, at some point in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Sonic makes some comment about Amy's *fake* boyfriend and something like this ensues:
Amy: You talk about *insert fake boyfriend name here* so much, maybe he should be YOUR boyfriend!
Knuckles: Woah.
Rough: Yeaaaah.

Professor Wesker

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Since I'm apparantly a noob with no tech knowledge, I will go and say MAJOR DEAD RISING 2 SPOILER ALERT!!!

After Sullivan revealed himself to be a traitor and fled the safehouse, I searched around for weapons to use in the upcoming boss fight (this was before I knew that the cheap bastard will disarm you). I rounded a corner and to my surprise, Sullivan was sitting on the floor, crying his eyes out. I don't know if it's a glitch, but it was damn funny.

Connoiseusse Burgundy

Like a piece of burnt toast!
So I was playing MOTHER 3 (on an emulator, due to being released in a country I don't live in, and on a system I don't own), and I was resting in the hot spring, and I held the speed up key to make it go faster, when I noticed the hot spring music was a slowed down version of this.


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*playing Mario Party 2*
Me: Aw, crud, the Bob-omb flicking game. I hate this one, I can never do it
*one-shots computer*
Me: O_o
In Diamond, I was fighting against Byron and was down to my last Pokémon - a weak, slightly lower-leveled one (can't remember which one). He only had his Bastiodon left. But at this point, it only had PP left for Iron Defense and Rest - no damaging moves. So I saw my chance - I'd just attack, cherry tapping it until it finally got knocked out, which went slowly due to high defense and my pokémon being weaker. It ended with Bastiodon using Struggle a few times (luckily it didn't hurt much and wasn't enough to knock me out...) and knocking itself out from the recoil damage... that has to be one of my most amusing gym battles so far.
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Since there's lots of talk about glitches and Mario games, once in Sunshine I fell off of Pianta Village but instead of dying I just landed in the blackness. Eventually Yoshi ran out of juice and died and I gave up and returned to Delphino Plaza.


I have two both from Pokemon:

The first one, which I think I posted somewhere before, was when I caught Entei in Heartgold. On accident. I was training for Pryce when I ran into it, and even though I wasn't planning on catching the beasts until after the Elite Four, I thought I might as well throw an Ultra Ball instead of running. It stayed caught!

The second one was much longer ago in Ruby. I was breeding a lot of Pokemon for some reason, so my party consisted of 4 eggs, a newly hatched Numel, and a Level 50-ish Mawile. I accidentally talked to a cyclist who wanted a rematch and had a level 60-ish Magneton. Mawile managed to get it down to a sliver of health, but fainted, forcing me to send out Numel. Numel managed to attack with Ember and knock Magneton out! The resulting Exp. caused it to grow to level 11.

LuckyLapras' Duck

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This one has to be in here. Any mistake the creators make with the game. Like
Steven saying you battled alongside him in "SOOTOPOLIS SPACE CENTER"
. Also, "Hot Mama grew to Lv. 41!" (Hot Mama being a Litwick)
I was playing NSMBWii, and as I jumped around a bunch of moving platforms I was sure I was going to fall down and die as I landed in the wrong place. But just then, one of the platforms went up just the place I fell down... I was really relieved.


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Gundam Battle Assault 2's multiplayer is always fun and amusing.
Also the jokes in Sonic Colors were terrible but always made me laugh, for whatever reason.


Fire emblem is great
Taking on the Doubles Subway with a trick room team.

Turn 1:
>Harry(Snorlax) used Protect!
>Enemy Dusknoir used Shadow Sneak on Seven(Bronzong)! [does barely anything].
>Enemy Slowbro used Psychic on Harry. [does nothing.]
>Seven used Trick Room! Seven twisted the dimensions!

Turn 2:
>Harry used Belly Drum!
>Seven used Psych Up and copied Harry's stat changes!
>Enemy Slowbro used Trick Room! The twisted dimensions returned to normal!
>Enemy Dusknoir used Trick Room! It twisted the dimensions!

Turn 3:
>Harry used Rock Slide!
>Seven used Rock Slide! [neither opponent was dead after this.]
>Enemy Slowbro used Trick Room! The twisted dimensions returned to normal!
>Enemy Dusknoir used Trick Room! It twisted the dimensions!

Redundant Trick Room is redundant.


spooky? do you think i'm spooky?
Now I remember something else..
When I was in summer camp a few years ago, I remember a Pokemon Diamond battle I was doing with one of my friends there. He was like beating me, but then my last pokemon was Krabby and it dominated his whole team (i think it had legendaries). It was hilarious and made me respect Krabby forever.