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Anatomy help


A chickadee in love with the sky
So I'm drawing a picture:

and I could use some help with the anatomy of the people in it.

They're supposed to be dancing. The one on the left, the girl, I'm pretty satisfied with. It's the one on the right, the guy, that I'm having the most trouble with. He's supposed to be standing in place at this moment, with his right leg out just a little bit because he's getting ready to take a step in that direction with it. His weight is supposed to be more on his right leg, but he's not completely leaning on it.

Actually it's his shoulders that are most bothering me. He's supposed to be based on this character, but I can't really get them right. Right now they look too broad, but if I try and make them narrower, they look either like girl's shoulders or like he has his shoulders hunched, neither of which I want. How do I make his shoulders seem relaxed but yet keep their strength?

I think if I can fix the shoulders and his left arm (it looks like it's protruding out at a weird angle when really it should be more relaxed-looking), then I can fix the waist and the legs easier. But I don't really want to start fixing those until I can get the shoulders right.

Criticism and advice is much appreciated! =)


emotionless and cold as ice
The problem with the shoulders I think is that they're too square. people's shoulders are actually more slanted than they are perfect horizontal lines.

Also, I think the figures overall look too blocky. It usually helps to draw out the body underneath the clothes first so when you're drawing the clothes you can get an idea of how they're falling on the body. Same with the hair. Even if you're aiming for a style like the character you showed is done in where there aren't a lot of clothing folds, his outfit still follows the contours of his body :v!

You've done a pretty decent job getting the movement of the characters - I could tell what they were doing, which is a good thing! I think the main issue is that the leg that the guy is moving needs to be out a little more. It looks kind of like his legs are both originating from the same point like a pair of scissors, when in reality there'd be a pelvis between them.

My anatomy's not perfect either (this was done off the top of my head) , but I attempted a redline:

Anatomy's really just one of those things you need to keep practicing over and over and over until you get it. If you want some basic references in a lot of different poses, Posemaniacs.com is a pretty good site; there are also tons of sites that have good-quality nude model photographs for artists but you may or may not be cool with having naked people all over your computer screen. :v


Looking better!
For the male, probably bring his knee up (and the lower leg) so it's more obvious that he is making a stepping motion. And a bit more folded?
His eyes are a bit far up on his head, they should be about halfway down the face. (It sounds weird to say it, but give it a shot...)
Also, his legs seem a bit shorter than they should be. Try copying a standing proportion guide from... somewhere good... since he's standing pretty straight. (The reference picture you posted seems to have legs *too* long, but I'm no expert...)

Oh yeah! And post in Artist Lounge next time :3c ehehe.