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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mafia

I also literally just look at everyone else and don't want to vote them that much, which 100% means I'm zomging somewhere but.

I wanna give Mist and Emmy another day here, I actively liked posting elements or am sheeping a read on [most other people]
Vote tally:

Von Fu (3) (IndigoEmmy #1005, kokorico #1002, trebek #800)
Bluwiikoon (2) (Redstrykephoenix #1082, tbh^2 #605)
kokorico (2) (m plus 7 #600, Von Fu #1127)
JackPK (1) (bbt's Huskeldeo #401)

nonvoters: Mawile, Blu, Mist, JackPK
@Trebek can you give your take on everyone who's a wagon
MP7 and keld's back and forths have kind of sold me on keeping VF alive but I'm also not sure how I feel about other wagons rn 😰

So, huge gutread hours!

tbh how do you feel about Jack and koko?
don't know how to read jack, he's in my PoE. i agree with the 'orthogonal' takes tbh
i think koko is townier than e's been in most games so far but i don't really remember eir specific posting
koko is like borderline in my "never lynch d1" pile though in general
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