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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mafia

ok honestly, after intial skim of jack's iso: (someone tell me if im crazy about this)

his interactions with the wagons sort of feels like a wolf who sees a v/v wagon and doesnt want to be remembered as The Guy Who Pushed a Misyeet? could just be me tbhtbh but idk im im vibing rn
Yeah, I'm wondering about that too actually.

Hey rari/metwini, what are all of your reads atm, like super quick readslist summary?
sure! here’s mewt’s tierlist (loosely ordered within tiers)
OwO: tbh^2
owo: mawile, rsp, bbt
uwu: kokorico, mp7
-w-: trebek, jack, emmy (between this and lower)
nwn: vf, blu
?w?: mist
and here is mine, fully ordered


upper sure

lower sure



- rari
Thank you so much for this by the way!
if you're town i'll gladly apologize for being such an asshole but i fervently believe you to be scum and the fact that only one singular other person is voting for you makes me think that wolves are not voting you on purpose
I understand if you have a strong belief and don't feel heard about it, RNP, but we're all here to have fun, right? Even if he's mafia.
fwiw my wagon interactions are mostly just bc I'm bad at reads and bad at early game (which also means I randed a bad role for my skillset)

y'all want me to claim now or wait like 5 minutes to see if the wagons rearrange themselves spontaneously?
ok i don't want to vote jack ... ? or vf because of something that i think keldeo and mp7 also saw. if i had to pick would go jack but
y'all want me to claim now or wait like 5 minutes to see if the wagons rearrange themselves spontaneously?
hold claim
Mmm it is possible that I should still be vibing given that I think MP and Trebek at least are town but like [.] but like lol wagon formation reads
Someone talk to me about RSP's emotion here, is this something that has been displayed ever before as wolf?
rari and i are still blu-tunneled but panicking a bit
i (m) think that he sounded uncharacteristically coherent up until the self-vote
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