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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mafia

Vote Tally:

Bluwiikoon (5) (tbh2 #605, VF #1253, RSP #1082, MP7 #1248, bluself #1192)
JackPK (2) (bbt #401, trebek #1204)
Von Fu (2) (kokorico #1002, emmy #1005)
Nonvoters: Mawile, Jack, Mist (just realised i put seshas here last post even though she's dead... i should probably start notating that in my spreadsheet)
Today, Teacod Island was in a frenzy trying to figure out who could have killed their dear friend and museum curator, Blathers. Fingers and paws were pointed left and right! "Hey," one villager said, "isn't that Orville guy kinda sketchy? Always facilitating travel in and out of here. He could have smuggled the murderer in!"

"Or he might have done it himself!" another said. "I was always suspicious of that old bird... I bet he refuses to take us to rare islands on purpose!"

The crowd drug him out from behind his airport counter, and took him to the middle of the town to demand answers.

"Guys, guys, come on! I'm a dodo! We have very high standards of ethics in this species!"

"Can it, BIRD!"

"You're making a mistake! Think: what would Dodos do?"

"We don't need to listen to your lies anymore!" The crowd surrounded him, and in a frenzy of dust and yelps, plucked him clean and cooked him up in their fury.


When the crowd went back to the airport, curiously enough, there were no guns or ammo in sight. "...hey, actually, how would Orville been able to pull the trigger with wings instead of paws? That... doesn't add up... oh god, we've made a mistake."

Undeterred, the town continues searching for the one who murdered Blathers. After a good night's rest, that is.

Bluwiikoon has died. He was Town.

Night 1 will end 7/14/2020 at 6 pm CDT.
It was a rainy morning on Teacod Island. Usually you had fun searching for snails on mornings like these, but today was different - you woke up with a feeling of dread, and a deep pit in your stomach.

Your melancholy feeling was interrupted, though, by the charming jingle of your NookPhone! Looks like the morning announcements are back. You were sent the message:
This is an official announcement from Teacod Island Resident Experience Services! We are offering free Nook Miles to those who complete this Island Survey! Tell us how we can improve your island life!

It could probably be improved by less murder, but anyway -

Immediately after, you, along with all the other villagers, were summoned to the plaza for a town meeting.
After taking a quick headcount, you found... only 7 of you were there? There was no sign of Reese, Cyrus, Label or Resetti.

The town started a manhunt, but it didn't take long to discover the bodies.

It was pure carnage, and there was no explanation. How in the world could this have happened? And now, with Orville gone, there's no way any of you could escape the island! Fear sunk in as you realised that you might not live to see many more days yourself.

Von Fu is dead. They were Town.
M Plus 7 is dead. They were Town.
IndigoEmmy is dead. She was Town.
JackPK is dead. He was Town.

The town is in LyLo.

Night 2 will start on 7/16/2020 at 6 pm CDT.
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