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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mafia

yeah that's why i was confused about why vf was pushing blu so hard, it made me think that vf had a redcheck on blu
sorry, you thought this toDay after being told about the copsoft? or are you saying you thought about this yesterDay?
omg. it's okay. do you mean that you thought vf chased blu as if he had a redcheck on him? or something else that i'm still missing
one moment, rewriting what was going to be my obnoxious opening post explaining my mp7/vf w/w read,,,,
I'd like to hear about this post.
Happy to! It's probably not going to be all that thrilling (after all, you already know how it ends...)

The root of my suspicion was how quickly MP7 reacted to VF's not-a-cop-soft saying that she didn't want to yeet them. This seemed blatantly like something that had been planned in advance - she didn't want to yeet them for a different reason, and was arranging to have a plausible excuse not to. I'm quite pleased that this turned out to be true, albeit not at all in the way I expected.

MP7's push on Blu obviously came off poorly when he flipped town, and I noticed that VF's waverings on Blu (the same ones raritini pointed out) tended to happen shortly after MP7 had left a post that was longer than usual or indicated a change in her views. For example, in #622, when VF vote for Blu for the first time, they specifically acknowledge MP7 as the originator of the theory. Later on, in #651, VF back down a little ... not five minutes after MP7 acknowledges that the PR!town!Blu theory has merit. It seemed to me that VF were taking their lead from her, trying to support her argument because it was hers, rather than because they agreed with it on its own merits. Again, I think that was probably actually what happened - just not for the reason I thought.

To be honest, on my own account I'm quite satisfied with how this turned out, even if the town didn't exactly get the best of it. I correctly identified that they had more information than the uninformed majority and were on the same team. With a little more luck, perhaps that team actually would have been mafia.
I have more to say on the subject of raritini, but it's getting very late (early?) and I don't fancy staying up much longer assembling my notes into a coherent narrative. Expect further chickenscratchings tomorrow.
Sneak peek into our hydra chat:

"hey keldeo can you change the password on the husk"
"Yeah for sure, take care of yourself, I can handle things!"
[several hours later]
"jk I read the game anyway here's multiple paragraphs of shower thoughts"

Eifie GOAT. ❤
I'm still pretty mrrgle about possibly messing up the second super early LYLO in as many days and I need to do something else, so probably just relaying said Eifie thoughts for the night, sorry.

We're both attempting to reevaluate instead of just going with previous thoughts, and recommend others do as well, given Sudden YOLO (Yeet Or Lose Obviously). I will definitely be rereading at some point toDay just probably not today.

She thinks Mawile's posts about the VF cop soft read as pretty over-the-top "look at me I'm so uninformed." Particularly because this inside post -
we had like 4 claims today so may as well
I don't get it, what?
i don't really know what i meant by this actually
came when we had like 2.5 claims (Blu, Emmy, and partial/cryptic posting from RSP), and this perception of more claims than there actually were makes a lot more sense if he did see what VF posted as a claim. Eifie thinks his reply to me here reads like a walkback, and thinks him saying today that VF might have redchecked Blu doesn't make sense either. I can vibe with this read hence the vote, although I do need to reread him, I really feel like I haven't given solving him enough headspace.

The above feeds into a theory Eifie has that like, conversely town who know stuff that can seem ~incriminating~ for ~knowing too much~ are less likely to think about that bit and are more likely to just put it out there in the thread (and then possibly get ??ed at for it) because they have nothing to hide. (If Mist remembers us being attacked for posting the cop's clears during 2019 hydra game 1, that was an example she gave of this type of thing.) She thinks tbh^2's approach to the VF "cop soft" from last EOD and so far toDay looks better based on that.

We think RSP being announcer makes sense.

She's shrug on Trebek, I still like what I liked from him yesterday but #reevaluation.

She's wondering whether to like koko a bit more for also* considering the VF/MP w/w world overnight, though it was for different reasons, but she's fine with accepting it as a towny mindmeld since she's more likely to lean on mech reads from just skimming. I personally kinda like the part of koko's recent posts where e's like "my read was wrong this game but well, it was for the right reasons, so this is a win," that seems like a ~towny perspective to me.

* overnight she was really hoping VF/MP were w/w, because she realized Blu's role would deflect all actions from Blu onto MP n0 so VF couldn't actually have gotten a cop check on MP unless the PM literally just said "your result is town" or something - I personally thought the latter was plausible.

We both think Mist's EOD was kinda meh, I know it's hard to actually post stuff if you haven't read anything but it felt disengaged.
Oh and I think we should definitely have a massclaim today. I dunno what structure would be best but imo everyone unclaimed needs to claim at some point.
yeah hi i'm a doctor and i healed rsp n0 and m+7 n1

an apple a day keeps the doctor away

we can't heal RSP

thanks for coming to my ted talk
here's the post that i thought could be a softclaim or a joke from trebek, posted d1 and mentions healing rsp
Mawile, what's your flavor?
i'm sable and i'm a doctor because sewing up people is the same thing as sewing up clothes, basically

n0 was rsp because i wanted to laugh at them in thread
n1 was m+7 because i thought that her questions and perspective might have made her a target for the mafia (my other choice was Jack, but i kinda doubted that the mafia would have killed off a vig who would kill himself if he hits town)
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