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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mafia

basically, i want to spend the rest of toDay trying to figure out which 2 of 3 is most likely, but from a probabilistic standpoint i don’t think i move my vote off of koko today
my reads based entirely on nothing:

stryke: mafia
tbh: inno or really good actor mafia like 50/50
koko: lynch pending determines the entire rest of the game Existing
everyone else: shrug
neither stryke nor i are really sure about anything because honestly it's like actually really hard to read people based on interactions when you don't even understand all the mechanics floating around

i'm just a vt who shouts really loud
i mean. i understand the roles but it's honestly blurry as to who claimed what and reading thru 78 pages doesn't vibe and isos make me think everyone is acting weird
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