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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mafia

btw the claim I actually suggested for Keldeo, which was so beautiful and balanced out Herbe's game nicely and provided a nice foil to IndigoEmmy's claim, was just Town Macho. some buff villager dude who is unaffected by protection whatsoever.

but, well, that's not a bunny, so I think the 5 am Keldeo claim is clearly superior. 🐰🐇
Herbe we love you!! 😍 Thank you for hosting this game for us! I really enjoyed the ACNH flavour and the role reveals and prose upon deaths 😄 The AU where I predicted n0 kill correctly woulda been poggers indeed!

Also...! Make sure to hydrate! ^^
tom nook wasn't gonna have a gun until i found the Image (trebeks current pfp) and it was too good not to include. i really could not figure out if i wanted gore or not in the AC universe, it was a crisis
if only eir reads were accurate
me after every game lol

I thought the character reveal was a cool idea in terms of flavour! I think it probably didn't make much mechanical difference either way - the characters weren't really role-indicative, only (as it turned out) alignment-indicative, and if someone's died then we know their alignment anyway.

I'm still kinda... headscratchy about all the protective roles when there weren't any extra killing roles, not even a strongman. I guess you were really hoping we would be able to keep Seshas alive to D2 for once? :P

I don't think the PR density was bad at all. There were a couple of roles that had minimal effect on the balance (announcer, flavourcop, arguably miller) that could equally well have been VTs, so they added extra interest to the game without actually destabilising it. The N1 bloodbath was kinda unfortunate but more a result of the fragile vig rather than any particular interaction between roles.
I think the protective roles were a holdover from when I put the mafia rolecop in. When I took him out, they were less necessary.
Aaaaahh, yeah, Trebek was godfather. but, uh, resetti dying and seshas dying kinda made his abilities moot
I think. on the other hand, video games seem to have stalled along the same path? the physical -> digital transition is taking off, but every game subscription/streaming service I know of has kinda flopped (stadia being the most obvious recent example)
tbh i think that the video game industry is a bit different because streaming requires much more bandwidth and responsiveness than anything else really. also the practice of renting/playing without owning games seems to not be too widespread? idk, might be grasping at straws here

also, yeah, feel you with getting out of a course you don't like to something bizarre! ask me sometime how a CS major ends up doing geology
oh god, yeah… fwiw my ingression course was comp engineering
geology sounds fun tbh! i briefly considered it during my end-of-year panic

did y'all like explicit character flip or should that have been different? I'm welcoming all constructive criticism!
fwiw i like the idea of explicit flips.
also i gotta say i love your flavours, they’re vivid and delightful <3 i can tell you had fun writing them!

also, i'd be down to do a villager choice animal crossing mafia two if anyone was interested around winterish?
/in tbh

- rari
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