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Artistic Influences, Artists you like, Art you like, etc.


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So I kind of realised that this would be a cool thread to have. Which artists or styles of art or pieces of art influence you? What do you want to emulate from other art? What art do you like looking at that makes you go 'why aren't I that good?' What art do you like just for aesthetics? This is a thread so we can all talk about art that we like and hopefully find something new to be inspired by!

  • Credit stuff. A name or a link to an artist's page or something is sufficient! 'I found this on google/tumblr' is not! It's kind of sucky to put some amazing art up and then other people can't find it. If you're trying to find an artist for a work, by all means put it up and ask, though. If you're just going to dump a bunch of stuff from your saved images folder onto here and not credit anything I'm just gonna delete it. x_o

  • All kinds of art is okay. Sculpture, digital stuff, traditional, comics, anime, videogames, whatever, whatever. Don't feel like you have to put up 'serious business' art like Leonardo Da Vinci; I will be the first to admit that I absolutely love vaporotem's art. It's all valid.

  • Don't post porn. It's all valid, but this is a PG-13 forum and that's not a context worth ignoring. Drawn porn is still porn.
    The Rules said:
    First of all, while we'll cheerfully discuss mature subjects including sex, there are limits. Sexually explicit images and text do not belong here in any form, nor does any material that is obviously pornographic (i.e. geared towards inducing sexual arousal).
    Nudity is allowed, but please be discerning as to whether it's for art's sake or for... titillation. Things can be nude without being sexually explicit, after all!

  • Please mark effectively for content. Please warn for something that could be gory, disturbing or triggering (e.g. all examples covered in The Rules). Please also note when things are spoilery for a fandom! Also if you're going to post nudity, please label things for genitals or nsfw.

  • Linking to images is preferred to posting them in-thread. Otherwise this is going to be one long bandwidth-eating thread that will take years to load. Remember You Laugh, You Lose? Yeah, like that. Chucking them in hide tags still loads the images and still makes the thread slow. Please just link things.

  • No haters. If you think someone's art is well awful and someone is stupid for being influenced by it, kindly shut up. I mean it's not a likely thing to happen but this is an art subforum so.
Okay, go!
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Blastoise Fortooate

Vhu has really been an artist who sets the standard for me as far as character design/comic creation/etc. goes. Their comics (mostly for OCTs, if you know what those are) are entirely too good for having been done for no recompense, and I aspire to be as good as them some day.

Also Van Gogh, I guess. I don't want to be depressed and all the other stuff (I like my ears), but his paintings are just really beautiful and that's one of the things I mainly judge art by. :I