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Artists Needed - BrawlPetz

S. E.

I'm a crow, don't'cha know?
BrawlPetz Thread @vPetsite said:
Basic Info

So. BrawlPetz is, basically, a petsite which will allow you to keep the playable characters (and other characters) from Super Smash Bros. Brawl as pets, which you might have already gathered from the title. I now have a little plot and such planned out for it, and I'll go into that later on. The Beta version will be released on v2 as soon as I have all the artists I need, and the full version will be released when v3 is ready.


BrawlPetz will be mostly adventure based, involving you traveling from universe to universe with your party of Smash characters. The plot starts when you first wake up in the middle of a field known as the Universal Crossroads. It is so called because of the Warp Checkpoints that can take you to other universes within SSBB. Along with the checkpoints, there is a small shack. When you look inside, a robot named R.O.B immediately greets you and explains the situation. After it's long lecture about how it isn't safe for a mere human to go off on their own in this world (Does this remind you of anything, PokeFans?), it decides to make a deal with you. While there are only a few Warp Checkpoints at the Universal Crossroads, there are actually many other worlds that it doesn't connect to. Ones you can only reach by traveling through another universe. In exchange for a case full of items and money, a Checkpoint Device, which allows you to track and relocate Warp Checkpoints, and most importantly, a bodyguard in the form of one of the trophicated ("Trophication" is an actual word used in the game, so...) characters R.O.B has been keeping, it asks you to find and relocate certain Warp Checkpoints within other universes and send them to the Universal Crossroads. That way, other locations can be reached much easier.

While R.O.B does sell some items (And serves as a bank and "petshop", btw), not all items can be obtained through R.O.B. For some, you'll have to travel to the items respective universe and buy it at a shop there. However, R.O.B does sell all items which are excluse to the Smash Bros. universe. Just something to keep in mind, the items that both R.O.B and shops from other universes sell will be less expensive in its universe.

Assist Trophies will, in fact, come as items, though their use is so unorthadox that they may not make full version, and they definitely won't be included in the Beta. When bought and used, Assist Trophies summon an Assist Trophy character at random for you to keep as a pet. However, you won't know which character you'll get until you've used it, and of course, they're only one use items. Not only that, but they're pretty expensive, so you're always taking a chance when you buy one. Every shop except the Pokemon universe's, which sells PokeBalls that summon a random PokeBall Pokemon instead, sells Assist Trophies.

Beside the playable characters from SSBB, the Assist Trophies mentioned above, and promotional characters, you can also adpopt Breedables, special pets which are capable of breeding, unlike the other characters. Until I think of some others, the Breedables will consist of Chao, Lumas, and various Pokemon. These are sold at designated adoption centers in every universe. It is the one service, however, that R.O.B does not offer. Breedables also have very limited fighting capabilities, which make them better suited for collecting.


While I am doing all the items, I'm only able to do some of the pets, which, of course, means I'll need more artists. Just post with an example of your work and which characters you can do (if you can, please, at least 3) and you're all set. For each pet that you do, you will receive 1500 Smash Coins (the ingame curency), and for becoming an artist (or a moderator - but we're not hiring yet) you get a free promotional pet. I'll upload my art as soon as possible, but here are the list of characters (I'm only listing the characters that are obtainable from the start - at the moment, hidden characters are optional, but still appreciated, and the ones drawn will be in parentheses):

Link - Visionary
Kirby - TwilightEevee
Pikachu -TwilightEevee
Zelda -Scim
Bowser - ShadowOfDawn
Donkey Kong
Yoshi - TwilightEevee
Ice Climbers
Pit - Dragon (TCoD)
Zero Suit Samus
Ike - Visionary
Squirtle - Dragon (TCoD)
Ivysaur - Dragon (TCoD)
Charizard - Dragon (TCoD)
Diddy Kong
Meta Knight - TwilightEevee
Lucas - Raichao (TCoD)
King Dedede
(Jigglypuff) - TwilightEevee
(Sonic) - Raichao (TCoD)
(Ness) - Raichao (TCoD)
(Lucario) - Mewtwo (TCoD)

If you could, on the image, just sign your username or whatever people will be able to recognize you by. There's no specific art form I'd like; all I ask is that you follow the character's design in Brawl closely, draw them on top of a trophy stand (AKA the kind collectable trophies are displayed on in-game), and make the image no smaller than 100x100 and no larger than 120x120 (Even then I'll have to crunch the image slightly). Also, since there will be some watermarks on the image, try to leave a little room on the outside. And no worries - I'll add the watermark myself. Watermarks are for Series and, sometimes, Pet Type, but those shouldn't concern anyone drawing the characters above.
(Quote included since I believe guests are unable to view that particular forum, though here is a link)
All the crucial information about becoming an artist is in the "Art" section of the above post. Since I did last time, I'm going to be hiring artists from TCoD as well as from vPetsite's forums. Of course, this time I'll be needing more than one artist. If you are not a member of vPetsite Forums, that's quite fine - I'll just put a special "TCoD" label by your name on the list, just as to prevent confusion.

(And in case you were wondering, yes, my name is TwilightEevee at vPetsite. It used to be Skarah, if anyone from Veldrimon will remember)
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disaster pigeon
Sooo you want drawn art, or sprites, or what..? I'd love to help, it has to do with Brawl, dammit, but I'm.. not really sure what you want. >_>

If you want drawn art, I'll (do my best to) help, but my camera is crap-ish quality. I might be able to pixelover a drawing, though.. but again, not really sure what you want. ^_^"

EDIT: *headdesk* Read the whole post before you do something stupid, dammit! I'll try to do Pit, Charizard, Ivysaur and Squirtle, then.


Mage of Blood
...Wait, there is a serious lack of Lucario in the list on the first post. If it were on there I'd draw it.

S. E.

I'm a crow, don't'cha know?
...Wait, there is a serious lack of Lucario in the list on the first post. If it were on there I'd draw it.
I can draw a pretty decent Lucas, Ness and Sonic.
However, you're missing half the characters XD
(I'm only listing the characters that are obtainable from the start - at the moment, hidden characters are optional, but still appreciated, and the ones drawn will be in parentheses)
Either way, added.