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ASB 6-Month Anniversary Promo!


oh man, good times.
Guess what? As of tomorrow (today for some of you), July 30th, ASB has been back for 6 months! To celebrate, we're holding a super-special awesome chocolately fudge-coated promo: any time from now until 11:59pm GMT on August 30th, players can post here to redeem their super-cool prize: an egg with the potential to hatch into any of the starter Pokémon from generations I-IV with its hidden ability unlocked! Scientists have yet to decide upon a name for this egg, and have opted for the temporary name of Eifie Egg.

Eggs have not been implemented in the database yet, so you can post here to claim your egg and a mod will randomize the Pokémon and gender. (Zhorken will distribute these in the database whenever she is able.) In addition, Pokémon hatched from these special eggs have a one in eight chance of being shiny! This doesn't really mean anything, since any Pokémon can be whatever colour its trainer wants it to be, but if you were ambivalent about your Pokémon's shininess before, maybe this will convince you to keep it that way. :O You are welcome and encouraged to trade these Pokémon for other people's hidden ability starters or whatever else you want; please keep discussions about this to the Trading Post.

A list of possible starters and their hidden abilities, for your reference:

  1. bulbasaur Bulbasaur (Chlorophyll)
  2. charmander Charmander (Solar Power)
  3. squirtle Squirtle (Rain Dish)
  4. chikorita Chikorita (Leaf Guard)
  5. cyndaquil Cyndaquil (Flash Fire)
  6. totodile Totodile (Sheer Force)
  7. treecko Treecko (Unburden)
  8. torchic Torchic (Speed Boost)
  9. mudkip Mudkip (Damp)
  10. turtwig Turtwig (Shell Armor)
  11. chimchar Chimchar (Iron Fist)
  12. piplup Piplup (Defiant)

Let the Eifie Egg shenanigans begin! (Can one of the other mods please randomize mine? :D)

Zhorken will probably want to use this list to keep track of who she's distributed Pokémon to, so if there's a random mark next to your name or something, don't worry about it.

I liek Squirtles: male Mudkip
Keldeo: female Mudkip
Lilycolo: male Bulbasaur
Eifie: female Totodile
The Omskivar: male Chimchar
Totodile: male Chikorita
Superbird: female Squirtle
JackPK: female Piplup
Music Dragon: male Torchic (shiny)
Zero Moment: female Chimchar (shiny)
Mawile: male Turtwig
Eta Carinae: female Charmander
Faorzia: male Piplup
Dazel: male Charmander
Vipera Magnifica: male Squirtle
Zexion: female Charmander
pathos: female Turtwig
Lord of the Fireflies: male Treecko
Sangfroidish: male Chimchar
Dragon: female Turtwig
Murkrow: male Charmander (shiny)
ultraviolet: male Chikorita
Wargle: female Squirtle
Zhorken: female Piplup
Byrus: female Chikorita (shiny)
Ulgi-chan: male Chikorita (shiny)
Kratos Aurion: female Bulbasaur
TruetoCheese: male Torchic (shiny)
Birdcrest: female Totodile
Meursault: male Chimchar (shiny)
Ether's Bane: male Cyndaquil
Metallica Fanboy: male Piplup
Negrek: male Cyndaquil (shiny)

Also, here's a per-species list, for stats reasons or something.

Bulbasaur: 1 male (Lilycolo), 1 female (Kratos Aurion)
Charmander: 2 male (Dazel, Murkrow), 2 female (Eta Carinae, Zexion)
Squirtle: 1 male (Vipera Magnifica), 2 female (Superbird, Wargle)
Chikorita: 3 male (Totodile, ultraviolet, Ulgi-chan), 1 female (Byrus)
Cyndaquil: 2 male (Ether's Bane, Negrek)
Totodile: 2 female (Eifie, Birdcrest)
Treecko: 1 male (Lord of the Fireflies)
Torchic: 2 male (Music Dragon, TruetoCheese)
Mudkip: 1 male (I liek Squirtles), 1 female (Keldeo)
Turtwig: 1 male (Mawile), 2 female (pathos, Dragon)
Chimchar: 3 male (The Omskivar, Sangfroidish, Meursault), 1 female (Zero Moment)
Piplup: 2 male (Faorzia, Metallica Fanboy), 2 female (JackPK, Zhorken)
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oh man, good times.
god, took you guys long enough >:( here I was waiting with my finger on the trigger...

I liek Squirtles

The RNG has seen fit to reward your devotion, it seems. Enjoy your Mudkip: male with Damp!



... Enjoy your Mudkip, too, but this one's female.



Woaaaah I want an Eifie Egg!

Happy birthday, ASB
You made us go "Squee!",
when you came back 6 months ago~~
A big "thank you" from me!


oh man, good times.
The Omskivar

;; one of my top choices

And for you:


Watch out for his Iron Fists :O


oh man, good times.
yo Superbird my man, for you I have this one-time offer of a female Squirtle with Rain Dish

(have I differentiated myself now)


Fire emblem is great
Well, with Quabbel evolving relatively soon and Effie probably on that track as well, I could certainly use another Water-type! Thank you!

(eifie you're so great)

Music Dragon

Doosic Maggon
Hmm! Yes... with an Eifie Egg on our side, Doctor Proctor and I will be unstoppable! Let us carry this egg into battle, and...

... What? The egg! It's - it's hatching! No! Stop it!

The Omskivar

chah, dude
Music Dragon

A Male Shiny Torchic with Speed Boost!

Zero Moment

A Female Shiny Chimchar with Iron Fist!

(I can't configure posting a shiny sprite from here so if anyone else feels like editing the post that is okay with me)
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