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ASB* Halloween Mafia


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2017 ASB* Halloween Mafia

* You do not have to be a member of ASB to participate!

By tradition, there's always something happening in Asber for Halloween, whether it's investigating a spooky haunted house or simply trick-or-treating. This year, though, ASB Central seems much quieter than usual. Deserted, not a single trick-or-treater on the streets. It's more than a week after Halloween that a crudely-lettered sandwichboard sign appears in the main square: "This year's Halloween event: help people are killing each other again. Have fun!" Spooky!

This will be a simple game using standard roles.

As previously stated, you do not have to be a member of ASB to play in this game. However, if you are a member, participating in the mafia can earn you additional prizes! After all, what says "Halloween" more than candy? Rare candy, to be specific, as in the rare candy you'll be awarded if you sign up and either send a night action or make a daytime discussion post for each day that the game goes on! Players who survive to the end of the game as members of the winning faction will receive an additional rare candy!

We probably want around ten players in order to make a decent game, although I'll try to make it work if we end up with fewer. Day/night phases will be 72 hours by default. Sign-ups open for a week.
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Okay, it's been a week (I think... time zones are hard, help), and we've got a good crop of players. Let's get things started.

Role PM's out in a minute, thread up shortly thereafter. Good luck, everyone!