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ASB Team Goal List!

Pixel Chinchill

New member
Within the Trading Post hall there's a room, tucked quietly away from the hustle and bustle of the main floor. A dreamy atmosphere in the air...is it the warm, cozy interior? The soothing incense burning within? The comfy chairs and desks provided? The roaming Drowzee and Munna? (It's probably the Drowzee and Munna). Several corkboards hang on the walls, with plenty of pins, pictures of pokemon and paper provided for people to use as they wish. The sign on the door reads 'Team Goals!'

We all have thoughts and wishes for our ideal Pokemon teams, don't we? This is just a little place to keep note of what you're after in ASB, so you can see and keep track of what you need to do to achieve that dream team. Whether it be to battle with certain Pokemon to level them up or see how many pennies you need to save to buy those elusive favourites and evolution items, this is your notepad to help you get your goals organised and laid out in front of you. You can also swap ideas with others and see if they end up mentioning a pokemon you yourself might fancy using!

Feel free to jot down inital ideas for sig attributes and moves too; just don't expect any approvals to be given here. Take it to the actual thread for feedback!


oh man, good times.
A soothing aroma wafts from a pale green notebook hastily shoved to the corner of one desk, with pages of shed Meganium flower...

Eifie's Fuzzy To-Do List

  • rename active squad
  • (rename MF's active squad)
  • actually train all these creatures sitting around in my PC, srsly guys, don't let me buy any more until each and every one has breathed real air
  • non-pending evolutions, in an attempt at order of priority: Super Smile Tomato, Siradhan, topping percentage, Tribal Coyote, Super Smile Tomistoma, Udon, Tassorosso (-1).
  • obtain SUPER PUMPKABOO!!!
  • stop obtaining pokemon tho
  • first, bitches
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Vipera Magnifica

Aquatic Artiste
One of the walls suddenly caves in as a fucking whale descends from the skies with a mighty crash. The beast opens it mouth to spit out a collection of scrapbook pages covered with various obscenities and poorly-drawn figures.

VM's List of Shit To Do
  • obtain Sableye named Rhinestone Eyes
  • obtain Beldum and pay to evolve it into a Metang
  • name Metang IMPLOSION THURSDAY (I named it Metal Gear ROSS)
  • evolve Calcifer, Orestes, and Metal Gear ROSS
  • obtain Gardevoir (F) named Avant-gardevoir
  • obtain shiny Deino (M) named Murdoc Niccals
  • seriously though the resemblance is uncanny
  • obtain Combee for the sole purpose of naming it "BEEZ NUTS"
  • collect a few other Pokemon on my wish list such as: Feebas, Fennekin (M/F), Sigilyph (F), Sneasel, Larvesta (F), Zangoose (F)
  • upon obtaining Fennekin, have a battle where the description is simply "No items, Fox only, Final Destination"
  • More Eeveelutions
  • Pay to evolve Vespidae Maggot
  • give a fucking whale the signature move "Big Fucking Gulp" that involves trapping its opponent in its mouth and dealing damage over 4-5 actions
  • somehow make Psycho Mantis actually Psycho Mantis without losing its great Bug/Steel typing
  • if I feel like making a whole Metal Gear Solid team, obtain an Onix named Solid Snake, a Liepard named Revolver Ocelot (Or an Oshawott named Revolver Oshawott), an Octillery (M) named Decoy Octopus, and maybe a Gyarados (M) named Liquid Snake. EDIT: now maybe I need a Honchkrow (M) named Vulcan Raven, a Mightyena (F) named Sniper Wolf, a Shiny Ninetales or Eevee (M) named Gray Fox, a Marill (F) named Meryl Silverburgh, and a Magnemite/Psyduck/Meowth/whatever (M) named Otacon.
  • have an inverse battle (...WOW)
  • get HA Snivy with Contrary
  • get HA Kecleon with Protean
  • get HA Natu (M/F) with Magic Bounce
  • buy some items: Dawn Stone, Expert Belt, Wide Lens, Metal Coat, Electirizer, Magmarizer
  • bitches B)
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that bitch what arranges the blocks
in no particular order:
  • Mudkip
  • drone control sig move for racter
  • Happiny
  • Darumaka
  • Gligar
  • anything that you can justify naming after a sailor moon character i don't already have
  • evolve my Combee (fund her transition)

some battle concepts too!
  • Battle where energy is actually relevant because all costs are doubled
  • Battle where the damage cap is easily reached in a single action - but it affects net damage for the whole round, so indirect recovery can't effectively lower the cap.
  • Redo the VGC style doubles match I had with Aletheia.
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Pixel Chinchill

New member
Beside one of the chairs is a very scruffy looking notepad. It's covered in doodles of pokemon, video game characters and handwriting that looks like a spider trying to ice-skate on the paper. It's full of info though, because this is evidently a newbie who has a lot of shit they want to get in the future.

To Do
  • Get involved in fisticuffs
  • Evolve Queen

To Obtain (Pokemon)

RARITY ONE ($5): Meowth, Budew, Shinx
RARITY TWO ($7): Ralts, Venipede, Gastly
RARITY THREE ($10): Vulpix, Buneary, Pancham
RARITY FOUR ($13): Cubone, Hawlucha, Dedenne,
RARITY FIVE: ($15): Rhyhorn, Igglybuff, Azurill, Skitty, Mienfoo, Pumpkaboo, Murkrow
RARITY SIX ($20): Golett, Pawniard, Bouffalant
RARITY SEVEN ($25): Riolu
RARITY EIGHT ($30): Eevee, Larvesta, Zorua, Snivy, Oshawott

To Obtain (Items)

Amulet Coin ($15 - priority!)
Lucky Egg ($15), Soothe Bell ($15)
Shiny Stone, Sun Stone, Thunderstone ($13 each)

Notes for Sig stuff!

Mienfoo (Little Mac! :D) - STAR PUNCH sig move.

Duskull (Louis) - MYSTERY SKULL attribute. Always bopping to a beat. Will make you disappear.

Riolu (Heather) - FROM HORROR BORN attribute. Has seen some Shit. Good luck trying to intimidate her.
- SILENT MISTS (?) sig attack. Uses horrorifying visions to assault the opponents mind. May cause paralysis.

Buneary (Lupin) - THE ACE attribute. What is infatuation. What is charming people. Lupin does not know.
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not probable, but possible.
At the top of one desk sits a leatherbound notebook, smelling faintly of sweet rose oil. It is of obvious quality, and looks like it was made to be written in, preferably with a fancy pen of some sort. Which is why it is surprising that the owner has stuffed the clearly expensive journal with a ton of notecards, the scrawl of dull pencil all over them.

The pages of the book are starting to get graphite on them. It hurts to see.

shit 2 do

  • make sure charlie catches these hands
  • get mad pokemons
  • make sure other people catch these hands
  • give those mad pokemon mad sig moves/attributes
  • eventually become a sig approver?? a boy can dream

shit 2 get


[r1]: DrilburWoobat FletchlingScatterbugZubatPoliwag
[r2]: RoggenrolaVenipedeStaryuNidoran-fGastly
[r3]: HelioptileNatuSkiddoSwabluFrillishMinccino KoffingLitwick
[r4]: TogepiDwebbleBronzorDedenneSnoruntCacneaPetilil
[r5]: CroagunkTeddiursaStunfiskPhantump
[r6]: YanmaSigilyphGolettGligarFarfetchdGirafarigMiltank
[r7]: ElekidHeracrossKangaskhanMunchlaxSkarmorySableyeMawile
[r8]: PorygonTyruntLaprasShieldonAerodactylDrifloonRotom


uh shit


i don't even have either of these pokemon yet ahaha


Signature Attribute: Mustache Hierarchy

-look all the cool 80's detectives have mustaches and he has a mustache and he wants to be a cool 80's detective-mon
-seaborne has a wicked sweet horseshoe mustache
-it is so wicked sweet and intimidating that he has an inherent 10% flinch chance when someone uses a contact move on him
-all bite moves take 2% energy
-may upgrade to an inherent +1 in attack as well and trade off -1 in speed because the stache is so heavy
-we'll see

[Chavo Guerrero]Hawlucha[♂]

Signature Move: Choked Out

-must be under certain threshold of health - 33% probably
-fighting type, sweet sweet strangling action - 20% sleep chance
-9% power, 5% energy?
-useage gap to be decided but it's meant to be used as a 'lol i am dying' move so hmmm
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The Omskivar

chah, dude
Aside a dimly lit table lamp on a dimly lit table, an armchair holds a snoozing figure with a pocket notebook open and draped over its face. If carefully removed from its perch, it can be read:

If found, please return to The Omskivar

-ref fastre
-evolve ALL THE THINGS (Stunky, Krabby, Glameow, Hoothoot, Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Gothorita, Pignite, Mankey, Helioptile, Drowzee, Chingling, Vullaby, Phantump)
-write up sigs for Electrike, Oddish
-actually use Oddish
-battle more people (seriously how many of you have I actually battled? Okay actually a fair amount)
-buy and sig an Ultrahydrated Shelmet
-even though you said not to buy more things
-and you have so many bug types already
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Dirty minds think alike~
Somewhere in the rafters of the building, there's a large bird nest. Upon inspection, this penthouse is full of bitches full of scribblings that aren't actually words. Because birds can't read. Silly.

  • Actually use the shit I buy on impulse (Looking at you Tentacool, Timburr, and Solosis)
  • Evolve Kazza to an even classier moustache
  • Actually get around to writing the sig move for Stamford about the bells. (Fro Whom the Bell Tolls)
  • Stop buying things randomly
  • Take over the world
  • more bitches
  • Sqawk
  • Shiny things

Eta Carinae

I really loved that farm.
Above the desks are three dart boards, originally used for recreation, now a part of Eta Carinae's "Hitlist". To each dart board, a face of a prominent member has been posted, with many, many punctures scattered across their visages.

-Have more Pokemon than Kratos Aurion (92) TARGET NEUTRALIZED
-Have more Pokemon than Byrus (103)
-Have more Pokemon than Coloursfall (125)
-Catch 'em all
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up to no good
Someone's journal is stashed in the mini-fridge. Clearly this is the perfect hiding place.

Totodile's To-Do's
  • bugs named after pseudolegendaries/badass pokes (Caterpie, Wurmple x2, Kricketot, Combee, Burmy x2)
  • pseudolegendaries named after deadly sins (Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, Beldum, Gible)
  • pokes with names that rhyme with "Eris"
  • pokes I can name after MLP characters
  • pokes with names that reference songs (i.e. Carbink named "You Crazy Diamond")
  • impulse purchases
  • sigs that don't suck
  • all the items
  • use everyone
  • except The Fish
  • especially The Fish


Be Bold (+Def, -Atk)
Someone has scrawled a sentence, rather a phrase, in bright orange marker across the leftmost wall.


Below that is a post-it note with very tight writing, like its grown hair.

-dude evolve some of this yo
-get Grandpappy a sig trib
-make sig trib a thing
-sig trib sounds real nice
-decide between sylveon and leafeon and umbreon and glac- fuck
-betray everyone
-especially eifie
-but everyone


blame telegram
-be a tray of cheese

edit because I might as well put stuff here instead of making a new post:
  • [bratty] shiny totodile (f)
  • [catty] shiny purrloin (f)
  • signature somethings for the above involving being SOO hyped for the destruction of humanity
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out of touch thursday
poke goals
-- a small baby dragon. any dragon really
-- but another baby dragon that it is rivals with.
-- a collection of round pokemon... round pokemon are pure
-- all the round pokemon. primary goal!!!
sig things?
for a round pokemon. possibly for triangle?
-- rollout, but it does more damage
-- defense curl is not defensive but it's like a controllable one-turn rollout. does that exist

re: round pokemon!!
-- already obtained friends: sandshrew (both kinds!!), togedemaru, swablu, mareep, chikorita (round? not round? huggable), bounsweet, budew (long? round? huggable), dedenne, swinub, solosis, seel, cherubi, carbink
-- total: 14 / 52

-- priority (actually round) friends: cleffa, igglybuff, oddish, veonat, poliwag, geodude (both kinds!!!), gastly, voltorb, koffing, tangela, togepi, natu, qwilfish, seedot, gulpin, wailmer, chingling, munna, roggenrola, woobat, tympole, darumaka, ferroseed, swirlix, goomy, rowlet, minior.
-- total: 28

-- less round friends: magnemite, lickitung, azurill, hoppip, pineco, phanpy (round? not round? huggable), shroomish, whismur, makuhita, carvanha, cacnea, castform, bidoof, drifloon, bronzor?, gible, tepig, cottonee, karrablast, rufflet, chespin, cutiefly, pyukumuku.
-- total: 23

-- note to self: should pokemon who are round intermediary stages count (shelgon?? glailie??? cascoon/silcoon??) where to place pokemon that begin round and do not remain round (sad face). where to place pokemon that become round (lickitung, tepig?). how round is round (cutiefly, bronzor?)
-- pokemon in Question: bulbasaur, snover.
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Staff member
there's an old, tatty journal on the ground - there's only a few words and a bunch of scribbly drawings inside.

goals -


sig moves/attributes:




collecting -

horse team:



Lost at sea
hidden ashamedly under as many pillows and cushions as possible is a scroll that just might take up the entire floorspace if unraveled. ...okay, maybe not, but it's still pretty long. so long, in fact, that its creator found it necessary to write the following disclaimer at the top: "I'M SORRY THIS IS SO LONG I JUST LOVE SO MANY POKEMON AND I HAVE A LOT OF IDEAS OKAY I DON'T REALLY EXPECT TO EVER GET ALL OF THESE"

R2: nincadam
R3: frillishm, litwickm
R4: shuppet <insomnia>, duskullm,snoruntf
R5: yamask,honedgem, phantumpf <natural cure>,pumpkaboo <frisk>
R6: misdreavusf, spiritomb, golett <iron fist>
R7: sableye
R8: drifloon, rotom

If no gender/ability is listed, it means I don't particularly care (or it can only be one gender/have one ability anyway)!
italicized are the ones I want The most, either because they're my Favorite characters or I really like the pokemon I picked for them or both

the Animorphs crew
JAKE - growlithe? shinx?? somehing else?? I haven't decided help
CASSIE - ponyta (f) <flash fire>
MARCO - slakoth (m) <truant>
RACHEL - teddiursa (f) <quick feet>
AX - elgyem (m) <synchronize> (or maybe ditto instead)
also maybe a venipede named Taxxon and a gible named Hork-Bajir??

Dragon Age: Origins companions
ALISTAIR - slowpoke (m) <either ability>, eventually to be a Slowking
MORRIGAN - phantump (f) <natural cure>
ZEVRAN - murkrow (m) <super luck>

One-Punch Man characters
SAITAMA - tyrogue (m) <either ability>, eventually to be a Hitmonchan
GENOS - pawniard (m) <defiant>
SPEED O' SOUND SONIC - nincada (m) <compound eyes>

some Undertale characters I guess
Flowey - sunkern (m) <solar power>
Sans - duskull (m) <levitate>
Monster Kid - scraggy w/ either gender/ability
Napstablook - rotom (x) <levitate>
miltank and tauros named toriel & asgore maybe??

- MALE HONEDGE NAMED MONADO probably with some fancy sig move/ability
- litwick (m) & golett named Lumiere & Cogsworth
- male frillish named Pringles, because. just look at male jellicent and tell me he doesn't remind you of the pringles man

- tentacool & inkay, both female, named Callie & Marie
- munchlax named Tubbs!! gender/ability doesn't really matter
- male absol named Sirius because I always associate absol w/ Sirius Black
- deerling and wurmple (eventually to become a beautifly), both female, named Max Caulfield & Chloe Price
- a karrablast and shelmet named Green Cavalier & Red Cavalier, respectively. or maybe just Sain & Kent since they're my favorites
- female scatterbug named Tippi
- male drilbur named after either Simon or Kamina. probably Simon
- male Zorua named Gob Bluth, because illusions
A * after it means it's like... an ultimate fave. one I really really want
R1: rattatazubattaillow*
R2: horseamareeppurrloin
R3: swabluglameowsolosis*espurr
R4: shelldercarvanhatrapinch*feebas*bronzortrubbishspritzee
R5: cleffamachopskitty*
(nothing in R6 or R7 really applies to this)
R8: squirtle*eevee*treecko*torchicmudkiptirtougafennekin
type trinkets
- miracle seed for violet/excalibur
- poison barb for violet/persephone
- dragon fang for johanna
- twisted spoon for wally
- spell tag for persephone
- magnet for lightning/muffet
- silk scarf for bastet/scout/piaf
- mystic water for demyx/emmet
- soft sand for reyn/alfonso
- hard stone for reyn
- sharp beak for piaf
- black glasses for alfonso

evolution items:
- link cable for persephone
- thunderstone for lightning

- amulet coin
- black sludge
- bright powder
- eviolite
- leftovers
- life orb
- light ball
- lucky egg
- mental herb
- muscle band
- power herb
- quick claw
- red card
- rocky helmet
- safety goggles
- shell bell
- soothe bell
- weakness policy
- white herb
- wise glasses

I should probably get some berries too idk
- for Violet, something about being A Lesbian that makes it so that attract doesn't work unless it's from female pokemon
- for Persephone, something about her association with spring/fertility/etc
- Reyn Time

no ideas yet. at least not for pokemon I actually have
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A chickadee in love with the sky
Underneath a comfy chair rests a faded soft-bound journal, corners curling from frequent use and travel. Leather ties hold it closed, and among the words scrawled in pen are pictures of all kinds - sketches of possible battle arenas, photographs of Pokemon in action, and clippings from adoption magazines.

horsea [1] >seadra>kingdra ||| ivysaur [1] >venusaur
fennekin None yet... ||| gastly None yet... >haunter
wooper [1] >quagsire ||| pidgey None yet... >pidgeotto
chinchou None yet... ||| natu None yet... >xatu
eevee None yet... ||| zubat None yet... >golbat>crobat
murkrow None yet... ||| sneasel None yet...
larvitar None yet... >pupitar>tyranitar ||| misdreavus None yet...
jangmo-o None yet... ||| kadabra [1] >alakazam
oricorio None yet... (from Eifie!) ||| litwick None yet... (from Negrek!)
sableye None yet... (from sanderidge!) ||| litwick None yet... (from Cynder!)
relicanth None yet... (from Keldeo!)

vulpix(M, named Feirno, $10) >ninetales
cyndaquil(M, named Kyrii, $30)
drifloon(M/F, Unburden, $30)
castform(M/F, $30)
dratini(M/F, $30) >dragonair>dragonite
charmander(M/F, $30) >charmeleon>charizard
mudkip(M/F, $30) >marshtomp>swampert
kabuto(M/F, Swift Swim, $30) >kabutops

- Dawn Stone, $13
- Items with interesting uses!
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hapless homestuck
On one of the side tables sits a large, old journal. Most of its contents are an indecipherable jumble of graphs and arena designs, but in the first dozen or so pages there are some legible areas, the first is arranged alphabetically with some spaces containing pokemon species names, and the later areas have item names and prices.

1 - $5
2 - $7
3 - $10
4 - $13
5 - $15
6 - $20
7 - $25
8 - $30

Absol - 7
Bronzor > Bronzong - 3 exp
Budew - Thanks ILS! > Roselia - 3 hap > Roserade
Corphish - 4 > Crawdaunt
Croagunk - 5 > Toxicroak - 4 exp
Cyndaquil > Quilava - 2 exp > Typhlosion
Eevee - 8 > Umbreon, Leafeon, or Glacion
Honedge - 5 > Doublade > Aegislash
Horsea - 2 > Seadra > Kingdra
Houndour - Thanks Sanderidge! > Houndoom
Joltik - Thanks ILS! > Galvantula - 3 exp
Klink - 5 > Klang > Klinklang
Litwick - Thanks Keldeo! > Lampent > Chandelure
Misdreavus - Thanks Negrek! > Mismagius
Natu - Thanks Sandstone-Shadow > Xatu
Nincada > Ninjask & Shedinja - 3 exp
Noibat - 7 > Noivern
Pawniard - 6 > Bisharp
Ralts > Kirlia - 3 exp > Gallade
Riolu - 7 > Lucario
Rotom - 8
Rowlet > Dartrix - 2 exp > Decidueye
Sableye - 7
Sandshrew - 1 > Sandslash
Sandshrew (a) > Sandslash (a) - Ice Stone+Battle
Scyther - 7
Shieldon - 8 > Bastiodon
Shinx - 1 > Luxio > Luxray
Shuppet - 4 > Banette
Slugma > Magcargo - 4 exp
Sneasel - 6 > Weavile
Snorunt - 4 > Froslass
Spinarak > Ariados - 3 exp
Trapinch - 4 > Vibrava > Flygon
Vulpix > Ninetales - Firestone+Battle
Yamask - 5 > Cofagrigus
Yanma - 6 > Yanmega - 3 exp
Zorua - Thanks Keldeo! > Zoroark - 3 exp
  • Reaper Cloth - $15
  • Dawn Stone - $13
  • Dusk Stone - Thanks Negrek!
  • Fire Stone - $13
  • Ice Stone - $13
  • Weakness Policy - $13
  • Razor Claw - $8
  • Zoom Lens - $8
  • Spell Tag - $7
  • Black Glasses - $7
  • Spooky/Dread Plates - $5
  • Lucky Egg - $15
This arena is split into multiple different areas, and Pokémon in different areas can’t attack each other with moves that require close quarters.

Based on the lighthouse in SoulSilver, the description is for anyone who doesn’t have the game.

A.Outside the lighthouse – Where the battle starts, it is a large clear area with precipitous cliffs to the south and east and the lighthouse proper along the north edge. The staris to the west are blocked off for the battle.

B.First Floor – This spacious, rectangular room has two rows of potted plants flanking the path to the broken elevator, there is a set of stairs leading to the second floor on the left. To the sides of the room, past the plants are tables with two chairs apiece.

C.Second Floor – This room is the same size and shape as the floor below, but it has a large wall running down the middle of the room from the north wall to the center, creating a U-like shape. The stairs from the First Floor and the ladder to the Third Floor are in the opposite extremes of the U.

D.Third Floor A – The Third Floor is a circular room, slightly smaller in diameter than the preceding room, split into two parts by a wall, Part A is the north eastern fourth and Part B is the remaining three fourths. Part A has two windows and both ladders, up and down, are close to each other.

E.Fourth Floor A – The fourth Floor is the mirror image of the Third Floor, with Part A being the three fourths part of the room. There is only a ladder going down, but there is a doorway leading to empty air in the extreme eastern wall. Any Pokémon using this doorway will fall onto the roof of the Second Floor. There is another window in the exterior wall beside the north aligned interior wall.

F.Second Floor Roof – This is the same size as the First and Second Floors, and has a bit of space between the edge and the wall of the Third Floor. The entrance to the Third Floor is in the southern wall. There isn’t much railing.

G.Third Floor B – The rest of the Third Floor. It has a few windows and the ladder up is in the northern part.

H.Fourth Floor B – Just like Third Floor A, only in the northwest corner.

I.Fifth Floor – A circular room with an interior wall running from the north wall to the center of the room. The ladder up is just to the east of the interior wall.

J.Lens Room – This is the top of the lighthouse, the ladder is inside a circle of lenses with an exit at the south edge. The walls of the room are made of glass with steel supports. The elevator at the north wall is broken, just like the one in the First Floor, but there is a league Kadabra next to it, which can be asked to teleport Pokémon only to the First Floor.

Additional Rules: Falling damage might be determined like the damage from Sky Drop, but that’s up to the ref. Pokémon are sent out in the outside field, no matter where their ally fainted.

Pokémon and their trainers are in constant communication, despite being in different areas because of the Kadabra. Moving between areas requires one action.
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