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Banner issue


onion witch
What happens when I work on my website? I have problems. I should probably just make a thread for all of my problems because I'm like 90% of this forum right now.

So. Banner. I have a banner, but I want it to vary from style to style because if I don't, it would look tacky. So, I made some CSS for the banner.

margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
background-image: url("reshiram_logo.png");
Then, I put this code into my pages. Let's use my index for an example.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="reshiram_style.css"/>
<a href="Index.html">
<div id="logo">
But when I do this, there's nothing. It's as if there's no code there at all; there's not even an empty gap the size of the banner or anything. It's just the content of the page with no banner, and I don't really see any problems. So, uh, help?

EDIT: This wasn't really clear, so I'd better clarify. The CSS is in the reshiram_style.css file. So it isn't because I forgot to put it in or anything.


Still loves Joltik, though!
Staff member
That's because there is nothing inside your logo div, so it is zero pixels tall. You need to set a height and width on it in the CSS (presumably, the same as the dimensions of your banner image).

Also, you shouldn't need the position:absolute.