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Battle Royal Mini-Tournament


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Battle Royal Mini-Tournament

Alola, Cousin! It may be wintertime in most regions, but the weather's always fair here in Alola. Why not take a little vacation and enjoy a blistering-hot battle style you can't find anywhere else? Our Battle Royals are a great way to get acquainted with our region and its pokémon, and who knows? Battle your way to the top and you might just walk away with one of Alola's greatest treasures!

Format: 2-mon Battle Royal
Style: Set
Damage Cap: 35%
DQ: 72 hours
Move Restrictions: None
Pokémon Restrictions: Gen VII and Alola-form pokémon only
Arena: Battle Royal Dome

Akala Island's premiere battle destination, the Battle Royal Dome is home to the blistering-hot free-for-alls you can only find in the sunny Alola region. Modeled after a boxing ring, the arena is a high-tech battleground that, despite its no-frills appearance, can be modified to accomodate any pokémon species or attack. The roped-off sidelines may look flimsy, but they're backed by a powerful force field that ensures no pokémon--or attack--will go flying out of bounds.
Remember that you can obtain one Gen VII pokémon, with hidden ability if you like, for free through the Gen VII promo! If you don't have the money to buy a second pokémon to use in this tournament, you may instead choose to "rent" any basic- or baby-stage Gen VII or Alola-form pokémon (so, Alola rattata would be fine; Alola raichu not); simply send the pokémon's stats and indicate that it's a rental to the referee at the start of the battle. At the end of the first round, you may choose to permanently add that pokémon to your team instead of whatever prize you otherwise would have gotten.

Battle Royal Rules

Each trainer commands one pokémon at a time in a four-on-four free-for-all battle. You get two attacks per round instead of three. Initial pokémon choices and all attacks will be submitted by PM rather than by posting in the thread.

A round ends immediately if a pokémon is knocked out, and the player who lost the pokémon will be asked to send out another before all trainers send new commands. The match ends immediately when a player's last pokémon is knocked out, and the overall winner is determined by a player's score: the number of pokémon they had remaining plus the number of enemy pokémon their team knocked out. Ties are broken based on the combined health + energy of each player's active pokémon.

To prevent difficulties arising from players getting disqualified before the end of a battle, the Masked Royal will step in to command any pokémon whose trainer has disappeared. He will always target the pokémon with the most remaining health with the most powerful direct-damage attack possible, so watch out!

Tournament Structure

This tournament has room for up to eight participants. There will be two rounds, each consisting of two four-on-four Battle Royal battles. At the end of the first round, the top two competitors from each match will face each other for the grand prize, and the others will compete for the runner-up prize. If there are vacancies in the second round due to disqualifications, spots in the losers' bracket will be made available to anyone who wants to sign up.

Round One Prizes

1st place: $30 and your choice of electric seed, grassy seed, misty seed, or psychic seed
2nd place: $20 and your choice of any berry
3rd place: $20
4th place: $10

Round Two Prizes

Winners' Bracket Prizes

1st place: $50, rare candy, and your choice of generic Z-crystal
2nd place: $40 and rare candy
3rd place: $30
4th place: $20

Losers' Bracket Prizes

1st place: $30 and your choice of either rare candy or generic Z-crystal
2nd place: $20 and your choice of protective pads or terrain extender
3rd place: $20
4th place: $10


Kung Fu Ferret

Round One
Kung Fu Ferret vs RedneckPhoenix vs sanderidge vs Superbird
Eifie vs Flora vs Keldeo vs Stryke​
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Okay, you're all good to go. No need to say what pokémon you'll be using just yet, though, you can just say that you're in. ^^;

Four spots left!


oh man, good times.
I want to play! I'll just hope by the time this starts I'll have figured out which Pokémon I want from the promo, heheh...


The finchiest of widgets
*runs in*
*hastily scribbles name on sign up sheet*
Hah... *pant*... yeah... I'm joining as well... if I'm not too late... *pant*


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Okay, that's eight! Give me a few minutes to get the pairings together and put the threads up.

Threads are up! Let's go!
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