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Being an Idiot

The advent of X and Y have left me stupid in various circumstances, though usually it involves using a dragon type move against a fairy type and generally forgetting that fairy type is a thing now.

In link battles, my stupidity comes in the form of a fatal flaw I have, in that I always want to use all my pokemon, especially if I have one I really want to show off. So when I think I'm winning, I'll switch out to a pokemon I haven't shown my opponent yet... and that often costs me the battle. It happens with moves, too, especially in the case of event or egg moves. (Though I tend to do these things more between friends than between strangers, so.)
I was hatching Joltik eggs and forgot I put an egg into my party that I'd had for a while, so when an Eevee hatched I thought I broke my game. >w>
Oh boy. I should probably concentrate more on what I'm doing before I start doing it. When multitasking, I apparently manage to produce the most brainfartiest of brainfarts.

So, I read somewhere before that egg moves could now be passed on by female pokemon too. I trained a goddamn female Doduo to level 41 to get Drill Peck so that I could pass it onto a Murkrow baby, proceeded to put them in the daycare, hatched the egg... and "surprisingly" it was a Doduo. What the hell was I even expecting :Y
There are no words to describe how disappointed I am in myself right now. This is kinda like suddendly forgetting which way is right and which is left.

please tell me that I'm not the only one who's done something like this by accident
I traded a shiny Garchomp for a weak shiny Lickilicky.
Only non-idiotic thing about that, Shiny Lickilicky is rarer than Black 2's signature Shiny Garchomp
Who is Benga and where do I find him?
He's the last boss in Black Tower/White Tree or whatever the heck it's called. So he takes quite a while to get, and if you have Black 2, it's not really worth it because no one can tell your Gible is shiny. :L

These bits. It's a fence. I didn't realise until now. I always wasn't quite sure what on Earth it was meant to be. "Why are there a bunch rocks on the roof?"
In my current X Wonderlocke, Froakie was among the first six Pokémon I got. I was thinking, "Myeh, I already have a better water and dark type. I'll swap this out for something better later." Then, when I first used it in battle, I realized it had Protean, so I kept it. Then, I forgot it had Protean, and used Quick Attack against a fighting type. Frogadier didn't last long.

Also my second to die was the water type I had deemed "better".
I named my rival in Gold, "Dick", and in Yellow, I had the idea of adding "ey" "ie" "ee" "i" "y" or "ea" to the ends of my nicknames. I had I Rhyhorn named "Horny", then again I was like.. seven or eight... Didn't know what that word meant until I was fifteen.
Leveling up a Dragonair and I think, better not battle Wulfric since he's an Ice type trainer.

...battling Valerie instead is a MUCH better idea.


This guy. He's holding a gameboy. I knew there were similar sprites holding a gameboy before, but I always assumed this one was a man with a beard and you could see his mouth through the beard. "Why does his beard still face towards the screen even though he's looking sideways" I thought.
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i failed mutilple times on the first gym in Black because i didn't have a pokemon that was strong against grass types.
My brother encountered a shiny Machoke in Victory Road in LeafGreen. I convinced him that catching it would be a waste of balls.

Obviously green with envy.

Not really a stupid thing so much as not knowing what words meant in another part of the world,

The trainer class "Junior and Senior" - we don't use those words in the UK to talk about what year we're in at school/university. I just assumed it meant they were older/younger sisters. It wasn't until I started watching anime and I looked up what senpai means that I found out what that meant too.
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