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Being an Idiot


Lost at sea
I only just realised that Roserade has a white rose on its head.
I didn't realize until I saw this post...

Anyway, I used to think Grass was weak to Psychic because in my first main series game, FireRed, I didn't realize my Venusaur was part Poison-type for some reason. I also thought leveling up said Venusaur to level 60-70ish and no one else to anything higher than like 30 was a viable way to beat the Elite Four (hint: it wasn't)


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Maybe not "being an idiot" category but there's no better thread for this

I know how the main characters' names were Satoshi and Shigeru, but I just noticed that their English names might be taken from these as names that sort of sound like them.

satASHi and shiGARY

Maybe I'm imagining things though


A chickadee in love with the sky
Not really a stupid thing so much as not knowing what words meant in another part of the world,

The trainer class "Junior and Senior" - we don't use those words in the UK to talk about what year we're in at school/university. I just assumed it meant they were older/younger sisters. It wasn't until I started watching anime and I looked up what senpai means that I found out what that meant too.
...Embarrassingly enough, I use these terms to talk about years in school and I never realized this, either. It always struck me as odd, but I never thought anything past, "huh." I guess I wasn't expecting Pokémon to have the same schooling system? I mean, if it's normal to go on a Pokémon journey at 10, I couldn't imagine them actually getting to junior and senior status in school. I'm assuming you don't go to school anymore once you start traveling the country with Pokémon.

It turns out I was completely unaware of Poison's type matchups. I knew it was weak to Psychic, but never knew it was weak to Ground (or Bug in gen1). Or basically anything else about it.

I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of them now.


out of touch thursday

I guess I always thought they just weren't? somehow in my mind, in the Pokémon world you go either on a journey or go through further schooling. might explain why the professors usually ask you to go save things when they're attacked (rather than doing the battling and fieldwork themselves)...

...or it could just be that they're old and need to move the plot along? jeez why do I bother to justify my thoughts >:|


A chickadee in love with the sky
It's so interesting to think about though! We really don't see a lot of the Pokémon world beyond the typical beat-all-the-gym-leaders route, but there's tons of NPCs that appear to have taken a different route. Makes you wonder if leaving at 10 for a Pokémon adventure is actually the norm, or if that's something you only get to do if you're wealthy, or lucky enough to have access to a Pokémon, or something.

I thought of another, more recent thing I did. I attempted to perform the cloning glitch on Emerald, and accidentally erased my whole team, including my prized Swellow. :[ And now I'm about to risk all of my Pokémon to try the Pomeg/get-any-Pokémon glitch because that's just how I do things apparently


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Went to face Kyogre in Alpha Sapphire.

All I had was like a luxury ball, a nest ball, and a dive ball. I never even saw the master ball in Aqua hideout.

Also in Alpha Sapphire I went to face Glacia. The only move I had that was super effective against Ice types out of my whole team was Rock Smash.

Vipera Magnifica

Aquatic Artiste
I thought I read somewhere that Attract was changed in Gen 6 so that it works on genderless Pokémon. Apparently this is not a thing?


Witch of Light
Oh, in Gold I expected the Team Rocket guy in Cerulean City to show up by himself. It didn't occur to me that I might have to trigger him by going to the power plant. Well, at least I levelled up a lot of my Pokémon in the meanwhile.


make no mistakes 'cause i'm on fire
I once thought that Phione was super valuable and rare.
So, I started breeding my Manaphy from Pokemon Ranger with my japanese ditto, to try to:
A: Start a monopoly
B:Try and get a shiny Phione
At this time, I only understood the most basic mechanics of shiny hunting. I don't know which is worse, the fact that I still didn't quit after 74 Phiones or the fact that I didn't realize that noone wants Phiones.
Also, how do you pronounce Phione?


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
fee-oh-neigh, I think.

I always thought Grass and Ice were both super effective against each other, like Poison and Bug in Gen 1. Which is why I went up against Candice with my trust af Torterra. it didn't end well