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Best Early Bird Pokemon?

Which bird is the BEST bird?

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Arylett Charnoa

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Staraptor. It is just plain awesome. So cool-looking. Not only that, it has Intimidate and Close Combat. And it's the first bird Pokemon that I caught and actually used for a long time.
Pidgey family.Pidgey is cute and pidgeot is cool and pidgeotto is cunning.
They were the second pokemon I ever had in my life[blue]. I alwayscatch them even if people say fearows and dodrios are better,i don't ccaarree....


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Spearow, since I found a shiny one I have always had a fondness for em...they are so cuddly.


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I have to admit, I never particularly liked any of the bird Pokémon however if I had to choose I'd probably go with the Pidgey line.

I'm not too sure what it is, maybe because they don't look as scrappy as the Spearow line but still retain that nice, warm, light colour scheme. I haven't actually raised any of these Pokémon in ages (some, not at all) so I can't really compare them beyond appearance.


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Definitley Staraptor. I caught a Starly as my second pokemon and never switched it for another one. Plus they have a beast move like Close combat.

Drifloon Rocks

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Can you add Wingull and Pelipper to the poll, please? They can be found on the second route of R/S/E, so they should DEFINITELY be considered "early bird" Pokemon.

Crazy Linoone

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.... Skarmory?

Ok, I know they're not early bird Pokemon, but still. Wingull then.

What? That's not on the poll either?

I'm just not going to vote because I can't decide. I'd vote for Wingull though.