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In Progress Blood of the animals [Rated R]


What should I put here?
This is my original fandom fic. It's rated R for extreme swearing, sexual references and high levels of blood and gore.

Prologue: Murder in the dark
She entered the dank, dark room and moved towards the figure on the floor, swiftly and with grace. Her limbs perfectly muscled to fit her slim frame, a shred of fat between the skin and bone. She flipped her long red hair over her shoulder where a strange tattoo, a demon entwined with an ‘R’. She raised a pistol and pointed it at the hog-tied boy on the floor.

“Fool…” she said softly “Did you think anyone would let you live as the freak you are?”

The boy struggled against his chains before tossing his head towards the girl, causing his long black bangs to part and to reveal his face.

“I’m no freak!” he snarled, a throaty growl echoed from his throat, “I’m normal! Come on Sarah you know me!”

Sarah fired the pistol at him, but deliberately missed. “You’re normal for a half-breed,” she seemed to sneer the word, “but in my world, you’re nothing but a fucking freak.”

She raised the pistol and aimed it at the boy, deciding where it will cause the most pain. She bent down and pressed the gun to his temple. He could do nothing but struggle, but, alas, he knew he was dead anyway.

“I could shoot you right here,” she purred seductively as she stroked a long finger across his temple, “but that would be instant death. Far too quick to die. What about here?” she pointed slightly to the left of his heart, “No… it would not be painful enough. Hang on, I know…”she smiled revealing fangs. Not in a nice way but in a wicked, vicious way.

She opened fire at the boy. His screams pierced the air like a demon as the bullets were embedded into his body.

Sarah watched as the blood gushed out of wounds on his neck, chest and groin. More screams came. She reloaded the pistol and shot him again, this time in the legs and lower body. With one bullet left, she pressed it against the back of his head.

“I didn’t want to do this Brett, but you left me no choice…” she whispered. Brett gasped for breath and choked out his final words.

“No Sarah, please.”

Sarah’s face remained emotionless as she squeezed the trigger.

Sarah released the boy from his shackles. Then, she bent down to his level and raised his head to hers, the blood staining her hands and mouth as she passionately kissed him.

“Sarah, stop making out with that damn corpse!” a male voice cried out suddenly.

Sarah turned and hissed like a snake at the unseeable being behind her, “I do what I want, whenever I want, Rudan!”

“Of course, but you know what to do...” His voice trailed off.

Sarah bent over the corpse and beared lion-like fangs. She sighed softly and bit his neck, and started draining the boy’s body of all the remaining blood. She bent further over the body and then stripped the flesh off the torso, leaving the bones and organs remaining. She licked the blood from around her mouth.

“Mmm, AB+, my favourite.”

She began to eat the body again, tearing the flesh right open with her nails which had transformed into giant claws. She grabbed the bare bone of the neck in her teeth and crushed it with ease. The already decomposing head fell to the ground. Sarah, with no respect for the dead kicked it into a dark corner.

The impatient voice came in again, “Sarah, retreat now.”

“Yes Master.” Sarah growled with a mouthful of flesh. She turned away and pushed what remained of the corpse into the corner. Sneering, she spat on it, blood mixed in with her salvia.

“Fuck you humans, you are all nothing but sluts and basterds.”

She left the room, and soon the building. She walked into the forest nearby and turned back to the abandoned shack. She nodded her head at it.

It erupted into flames.

Chapter 1: Jungle battle
About one month later…

Sixteen year old Hayley sprinted through the forest at an extremely fast speed, dodging the rocks and bushes in her way. She slowed to a stop and sat on a fallen log to catch her breath. She was an extremely beautiful girl with a round face, brown hair (it was once blonde) that sparkled in sunlight and entrancing grey eyes.

She had since abandoned high school. At the moment she wore tattered three-quarter jeans and a tank-top to cope with the hot, wet climate of the jungle. Bearing many cuts, scratches and scars, it was obvious she was tough, physically and mentally. But there was something most unusual about her. A bushy grey tail was sticking out of the top of her pants. Grey dog-like ears replaced her normal ones one her head. In front, strange brown goggles sat loosely.

A shot nearby made her turn her head. A shirtless boy, a bit older then her, held a rifle to his shoulder as he fired another shot. He blew his long blonde bangs out of his eyes to reveal his handsome face before ruffling his hair at the back with his free hand. He too had a tail except his was longer, thinner and spotted as were the ears sticking out of his hair. His piercing yellow eyes were impossible to ignore.

Hayley turned and smiled at the teenager before darting off. Meanwhile the boy reloaded his rifle and fired again. No scream of pain meant he’d missed. He put his arm through the strap of the rifle and adjusted it onto his back. It was hunting time.
He leapt, like a cat of some sort, onto all fours and bounded down the soft slope and into the jungle. He bounded once more onto a fallen tree where he did a front-flip onto the ground and ran towards were he thought Hayley was.

Back at Hayley, she too ran faster, while pulling a hand-gun out of her pocket. She loaded it and stopped in a clearing, turning to meet her pursuer.

The boy stopped and raised his rifle to his shoulder, aiming at Hayley. He fired but Hayley leapt to the side and spun. But instead of a bullet emerging, a ball of paint in exploded out. Hayley pulled her goggles over her eyes and fired her gun, mini-paintballs emerging. The boy leapt back, but his dodging skills were far worse then Hayley’s so he was splattered with paint.

Hayley bent down and offered the boy her hand. He pulled himself with help for her and wiped the paint from his face.

“Good round, huh Haz?” he said to Hayley.

“Good for me, not so much for you Zeek.” She answered, a slight smile emerging as she thought about how easy it was to hit him.

“Shut up!” he snapped suddenly before turning away and giving his tail and angry swish. But Hayley knew he was only messing around. She twitched her own. He was being a jerk… Again. But before she could stop him, he had stomped off through the jungle down a trail.

Zeek reached down into the water of the stream and cupped the cool, clear water in his hands and splashed it on his chest to wash the paint off. He did it again before dumping his head in. He had just pulled it up, with the water dripping out of his hair and onto his already wet chest, when he heard the rustling on a bush.

“Hayley?” he called, expecting to here her yell back. But then he remembered. Hayley always snuck up on him. She was too clever to let her here him.

His ears were going haywire on his head; he was trying to pick up the distant noise of the sound of feet on the earth. His nostrils widened as he tried to pick up Hayley’s familiar scent of cherries. She loved them.

Instead a fierce growl made him turn. Across the stream on the other bank, about two-and-a-half meters away, a humungous dingo stood with about fifteen others. It growled at him before howling an order to the others, and somehow, although he had known for months, Zeek understood them.

“Get him!” The leader snarled.

The dingo pack leapt across the stream and paddled towards Zeek. Zeek balled his fists together and punched the one who came up first. It was struck on the muzzle and fell down, whimpering. A second and third one leapt at him, mouths wide open to reveal razor sharp fangs. Zeek pulled his rifle out and swung it like a bat to fend them off. It knocked one out of the air, while the other chomped down on the gun, piercing through the metal, somehow.

Zeek examined the rifle before shrugging it and throwing it away. The dingos were getting more aggressive. Zeek saw the big brute of a leader step forward, its mouth wide open and dripping with saliva, and advance towards him.

More howls meant more dingos on the way. Zeek closed his eyes and prepared himself to fight the dingos. If they wanted him, they wanted Hayley and he couldn’t let that happen.

He growled at the dingos and opened his eyes “Die, you dogs!”

The leader snarled and pounced at Zeek. But a bow staff, an one meter long, round piece of wood which is often used as a weapon, hit the dingo right on the head. The dingo lay splayed on the ground, with its eyes cross-eyed.

Hayley bounded down the tree from where she threw her trusty staff.

“Z, you okay?” Hayley asked Zeek “Here, I brought your nun-chucks.”

She handed him a pair of what seemed to be thick wooden sticks, tied together by a thirty-centimetre chain, and what had metal caps on the end.

He swung one easily in his hand towards the dingos while spinning the other above his head. Hayley twirled her bow staff above her head and lashed out, striking two of the dogs then stabbing a third with the cruel, sharp, metal part at one end.

Meanwhile Zeek was having some trouble. He managed to strike at another dingo with the nun-chucks. Two more went for his arms but he killed them by pushing the nun-chucks into their mouths. They flailed wildly until they went blue from lack of oxygen. Zeek ripped the nun-chucks out of their mouths with extreme force, causing deep gashes in their mouths and throats. The two dropped to the ground, dead. Zeek turned to assist Hayley only to find that all the dingos who hadn’t fallen, advancing on her!

Hayley thrust her staff at one of the dingos, but they dodged it, even when she swung it around to knock them over. In a second, Zeek was beating the dingos. Standing with his back to Hayley, and hers to his, they backed away from the circle of dingos until they bumped into each other.

“Zeek, I’m scared.” Hayley said her voice slightly shaky.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan.” He replied as he kicked out. “Roar.”

“What the fuck?” she demanded back as she punched a dingo in the chest.

Zeek smiled at her swearing (which she often did when pissed off) and took a death breath. He stepped back and flexed his biceps in the air while giving a screeching roar like that of a big cat.

The dingos shrunk back, obviously frightened. Hayley too went to give a roar but here came out more like a howl. The dingos gave whimpers and started to flee. Their leader howled after them.

“Back to the lair cowards! Make sure they don’t reach the other humans!”

“Let’s get ‘em!” Hayley cried sprinting after them.

“Wait up Haz!” called Zeek as he followed her.


The dingos, bashed and bleeding galloped into a cave. It sloped downwards gently into a flat stone area. Four dingos were guarding two teenagers, tied to a rock. One, a female, had blonde hair, bright blue eyes. She was slim and was representing the typical teenage stereotype, blonde and beautiful. She wore jeans and a blue tank-top. She had white furry ears and a short white tail. She seemed to be sobbing.

The boy was the opposite. His black hair was scraggily upon his head, and he was very muscular despite being skinny. He had black and orange ears with a white edge, and a long striped tail. His brown eyes were calm in contrast to the girl’s teary ones.

“Hey Bree, calm down. We’re going to get out of this.” he whispered to her.

Bree, the girl, gave a whimper. “It’s okay for you Xave. You probably won’t get killed.”

“Nor will you. I promise nothing bad will happen to us sis.”

The words were barley out of his mouth when the dingos leapt down the slope to meet the others. But then this most amazing thing happened. They all transformed into humans, humans with dingo tails and ears.

The leader, a tall scrawny man with a mullet of blonde hair and big bruiser arms despite his smallness, collapsed next to a female with red hair who had appeared out of nowhere.


“They are coming mistress.” gasped the man, worn out from running.

Sarah grabbed him by his mullet and screamed at him. “What! How could you get beaten by two teenagers?!” She beared her fangs and snarled at him like a lion, her fangs growing as her inched closer to the man.

One of the dingo-men yelled to her, “Boss, Kruhas at twelve o’clock! We gotta run!”

Sarah gave an ‘hmph’ sound before issuing orders. “Leave those teens here, we’ll beat it.” She smiled at the teenagers “We’ll meet again Kruhas.”

She formed a purple orb in her hands and expanded it to the size of a small car. All of the dingo-people leapt in and disappeared, one at a time.

The leader went to jump in but Sarah pushed him back with ease. She said nothing but grabbed him by the hair and slammed him up against the wall, face first. She twisted him around so his nose broke with the pressure, before shoving him against the wall again.

“You ailed me, Drak, and you know I hate failure. Should I remind you of what happened to your son, Brett?”

Drak shook his head and broke down in tears. “My son, my only son! Why? Why did you murder him?!”

Sarah smirked and slapped him across the face, “Because Drak, you failed me. I asked you to produce a pure Kruha child. But did you? No, you went for the first women you saw, a prostitute on the street corner. After banging that slut for a few weeks, you “forgot” to use protection. Then she had that cunt you call a son. A half-breed.” She spat as though trying to get rid of the word in her mouth.

Meanwhile outside, Hayley and Zeek were listening to the story. They had both known Brett, a good kid who they went surfing with on Sunday afternoons. That was until he disappeared just over a week ago.

“And then I had to kill him, as punishment for failure. But what about last Monday when you failed to kill a couple who had adopted a Kruha son. Although you did do a pretty good job with the brutality of it, you forgot to hide your tracks. The police nearly discovered our HQ for fucks sake!” She exhaled. “So I killed your girlfriend, that slut you fucked. I’m still trying to figure out how you caught her, she was about a hundred times better looking then you with the mullet, the scrawniness. Tch! I don’t know why I bother with you.”

Drak began to speak. “Because I’m a-“

“Kruha? So you’re a Kruha, the greatest civilisations and the most powerful beasts to ever walk the earth? But you failed me. You know what I say if I’m asked if we fail: We fail? It’s not an option Drak and you have to be punished, right here, right now.”

As soon as she said those words, two thick rock spikes burst out of the wall behind Drak, piercing his back and erupting out of hest chest and stomach. He gave a roar of pain and gasped for breath. A third one, shaped like a saw, hit him and sliced through his neck like a guillotine. His face was stuck in that eternal pose on the slab of rock, eyes staring without seeing, his mouth twisted open in a silent scream, his yellowing teeth revealed.

Bree and Xavier were shocked at this ordeal they had just witnessed although Bree had turned her head. Hayley and Zeek too hadn’t seen it but the effect was the same. Horrified. They both knew what they had to do.

Hayley and Zeek burst into the cave just as Sarah looked up. She smiled.

“Bye-bye losers.” She called as she began to vanish into thin air, her limbs being whished away like dust being thrown into the wind.

In a desperate effort, Zeek hurled himself down the slope. But it was too late. He went through where Sarah had stood and crashed into the rock wall. Zeek stood up rubbing his head.

“Shit! We missed her!” He yelled to Hayley.

Hayley nodded and slid down the slope to meet him. “Well at least these two are okay.” she jerked her head towards the tied up teens, “Right?”

The other two teens nodded. With a slice of her staff, Hayley freed them from the ropes. The brother and sister then introduced themselves as did Zeek and Hayley.

Night had just started to fall as all four of them climbed out of the cave.

“See ya.” called Xavier as he put an arm around Bree and led her away.

“Hey, wait up!” Zeek called after him. “You don’t know where you’re goin’! You don’t know the jungle like us!”

Bree turned, “Maybe we should go with them Xave.”

He appeared sceptical of them but Hayley clapped her hands and pointed to a tall tree in the distances. “That’s our destination, come on!”

She took off with the three following her as they ran through the night.

“Wait up Haz!” Zeek roared but Hayley just laughed. Bree and Xavier laughed at them as they caught up while Zeek didn’t.

They reached the great tree about ten minutes later. About five-hundred-and-fifty metres tall, it had a terrific tree-house tucked away in its upper branches. The vines and leaves on all of the sides hid it from view except from where they stood at the base near the rope ladder made from vines and planks of food. It had tank on a platform which was nailed into the side and solar panels were attached to the back and sides. Its wooden sides were not painted and were chipped but not rotting. It had a tin roof and several glass panelled windows.

The group climbed up and onto the fenced veranda. A wind chime hung outside a window, its chime nudging each other to give a soft ‘ding’ noise.

They entered it to find an L-shaped room. Straight across was a kitchen area with a dining table and chairs. Across from the corner of the ‘L’ was a door painted with an image of a jaguar stalking through a jungle, its eyes gleaming.

“C’mon Bree. You’re coming with me.” Hayley gestured to a door down the hall to the right. It too was painted and had a Grey Wolf painted on it, standing in a snow-caked forest, a cub between its front legs with its eyes pleading.

They entered the room. A double bed bunk was tucked into the side opposite them with several plush toys on the top bunk. Posters of animals, video game characters and rock-stars covered the walls. A radio sat on a small bed-side table. A TV was sitting on a desk where drawing materials were strewn about next to a laptop.

Hayley pulled herself up on the top bunk (there wasn’t a ladder) just as Bree collapsed on the mattress below.

Hayley called out to her, “Bree, Bree, you okay?”

But Bree was already asleep.