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Butter or margarine?


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Storm Earth and Fire

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Taste-wise, butter and margarine are about the same, though butter has a wider variety of flavors.

Health-wise, I don't care.

In the end, butter is better for cooking, but margarine costs less. I'm sticking with butter, though.


Overdosing on placebos
Butter is better.

Margarine is actually one chemical away from being plastic, and was originally invented to be a turkey fattener, but ended up killing the turkeys, so they added color to it (it was originally a grey-ish color, and fed it to people


Oh Dango!
Butter. No contest. Margarine can't even be classified as "the alternative to butter". It's more like butter's awkward red-headed cousin who everyone hopes won't come to family gatherings, but always does and will start conversations with other family members and then stand there awkwardly.