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Calvinball 2019: The Days Are Just Packed

Okay well

I thought day end was today and not yesterday so there's that whoops

I think the only teams that make sense now are the two that are stacked with each other in voting i.e. qva/RNP or eifie/Hiikaru

I would much rather just lynch Eifie bc everyone seems to agree that she's Not Town regardless of what she may actually be or who is partnered to her

And I don't really want to think about the "what if we're punished for lynching correctly" scenario

At that point I can lose happily I think knowing that I Did The Right Thing and let the chaos of Calvinball be the ultimate winner

technically eifie is just blackmailing me
since we have a new mafia member, suggesting that the mafia is me and stryke implies that someone turned either me or stryke mafia

which meta doesn't make sense
town wouldn't create a new mafia because what

and mafia wouldn't pick someone inactive like me or stryke because that's useless

therefore we can't be a team
i'm also proposing that there's nothing more complex going on because admit it, we're all way too dumb for that
except panini i guess, who is not dumb, but if she'd done anything to create an accidental new mafia she'd know
SOMEONE had to be recruited and i don't think the idea that the mafia would only go after experienced players is that realistic. that might be one criterion, sure, but generally they'd go for whoever they think is least likely to be suspected

also wasn't panini's reasoning against eifie "she's definitely a wolf and is being willfully useless to town" etc? i don't think either of those things are really true at this point
not experienced necessarily, just someone who has any chance of doing anything at all

eifie claimed wolf, flipped mafia, and is willfully useless to town

attributing this to a silencing proposal just seems like a stretch
of course occam's razor also suggests that i'm mafia because that's more simple

but that doesn't fit my argument so i think we should disregard it
also wasn't panini's reasoning against eifie "she's definitely a wolf and is being willfully useless to town" etc? i don't think either of those things are really true at this point

I mean just to clarify, because I don't really think what I was trying to convey as my reasoning really boils down to that:

I was voting Eifie because
1a) Eifie outright claimed she was a wolf - under any normal game you always punish this with the lynch because it is essentially never correct for a towny to do such a thing and only ever comes up if someone's trying to desperation gambit. (Just like Hiikaru's trying to say it is here, which if we were in normal mechanics, non-bastard game circumstances, would be the correct thing to do and I would never ever ever move off Eifie)
1b) Her claiming in such a way doesn't necessarily make her a wolf but does make her Not A Town Entity - When town needs to get lynched for some reason they become really explicit about it, but Eifie was acting cryptic and I thought she was goading and maybe some kind of third party if not a wolf. Killing a 3p here is fine because we still maintain majority if that were the case.
2) I thought Eifie fit the most proposed teams as wolf but wasn't getting wagoned, which is always a bad sign.

I'm still not sure what to get out of how Eifie's posting but I'm just like not feeling it anymore. I think qva's either just pulling off her tone here really well or is more likely just town, in which case I feel like following the check is the correct thing to do. Sorry Hiikaru. Double Sorry if I'm getting outrageously bamboozled but this feels most correct

I think checks haven't been fucked with because dead!town!Chem if given the permission to speak, even with a post restriction probably doesn't wander off into yon sunset without trying to solve the rest of the game.

Other world to consider is that qva is faking this peek, but like I just said, I think her tone is reasonable and her flow of logic doesn't seem forced?
I think the fact that this game has like N number of people making new rules every night means I can't necessarily follow typical mafia logic (which if I did follow would make eifie the correct target) is the thing I'm getting at
Current Votes

Hiikaru (3): qva (#129), RedneckPhoenix (#184), Panini (#254)
RedneckPhoenix (2): Eifie (#188), Hiikaru (#200)
Not voting: Stryke

Around 3.5 hours until the end of the day.
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