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Calvinball Mafia


Night Zero
Yeah, since school just started I definitely won't have time for that. I put a lot of time into this game, and now I'm finished. Really glad you guys enjoyed it.


oh man, good times.
Mine! I think I actually deleted all of my action PMs, but I'll see what I can figure out...

AHEM. During the next day phase, each player will be required to include one (1) picture of a cute puppy in each and every one of their posts. Puppy pictures may not be repeated. Any player who posts a puppy picture that has already been posted, or does not include a puppy picture in their post at all (one-word posts to correct spelling are not an exception; they REQUIRE puppies) will be modkilled immediately. At the end of the day phase, before a lynch is carried out, everyone must vote for their three (different) favourite puppy pictures. (Players may vote for at most one of their own puppy pictures.) The players who posted the three puppy pictures with the most votes win the game immediately (although gameplay still continues). If two (or three) of a player's puppy pictures are voted as the best, that player wins twice (or three times). I do not know what this means.

It is up to the lovely GM to decide whether or not the townspeople will be informed of why they are posting photos of puppies. Perhaps the townspeople will not be aware that incorrectly following puppy protocol will get them modkilled until one is killed as an example. Perhaps the townspeople will not know there will be voting until the poll goes up. Perhaps the townspeople will not know what happens to the people who win the vote until the poll ends. WHO KNOWS?!

And now, here is my puppy.
I deleted this PM, but I proposed that in the following day phase, anyone who used the word "puppy" or "puppies" not accompanied by the word "cute" or ":3" in the same sentence will be killed immediately upon the end of the day. (I nearly killed myself with this one, but I remembered just before posting.) Light added the restriction that this would only happen to the first innocent and first mafia that did this. It's what killed Wargle.
Night 2: Also deleted, but it was the mass woofing of proposals in the thread.

I propose that DarkAura be fully and irrevocably tempted to the dark side immediately, such that we may communicate tonight and she will have a chance to change her proposal (if already submitted) to something more befitting of mafia. I am a sneaky, sneaky recruiter and will stop by Alligates's place on my way: should anybody attempt to gain knowledge of my proposal (whether specifically mine or not), it will appear to them that I requested a foolproof report of Alligates's alignment. In exchange, I may not propose to change another player's alignment for the rest of the game.

(Light actually redacted the condition. I don't have the fake proposal for investigating Alligates, but Mai gained access to it at some point.)
Night 4: Innocent puppies can't make proposals.

Night 5: I think Mai picked my proposal here. I have no idea what it was, but it's in our QuickTopic.


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
So, I'm p. sure Eifie basically explained everything for the mafia's side, but I feel I should mention that early in the game, I gained an anonymous kill that had a 33% of killing me instead, and I used it on Mai when she first wanted everyone's night actions (that bit in the flavor text that said something along the lines of "as everyone watched her drop dead, one lone citizen breathed a sigh of relief" was hinting at me, I think). But... who gave me the kill in the first place?

and if this was already explain, sorry, this is still really confusing.