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[cancelled] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity



Fiction and fact are full of tales of heroes overcoming a great evil to free their homes, their people, or their world. They come in all shapes and sizes; some fight for the sole reason that they wish to defend something, some were chosen by the gods or fate, some want some kind of reward... but they all fight on the side of good. They cut down swaths of evil minions and monsters, hunting for the ones responsible for their suffering. They usually succeed.

But you never hear about the other side. The dark empire taking over the planet, the demon trying to kill the hero's family, or perhaps the rival gang. These groups or individuals are rarely characterized. How do the soldiers in the antagonist's army feel about this repression or destruction? Do they support their master entirely, or were they forced? They have lives, a family perhaps, and individual personalities. They too, have their own motivations.

You are part of this army, the vast collective of Pokemon working to suppress and destroy the human race. The motives of your master, the charismatic and secretive Sylveon named Alois, are relatively unknown to you unless you happen to win his favour and rise through the ranks. His missive is simple: the human race is a blight upon this earth, and they must be destroyed or enslaved, as revenge for keeping your kind down and enslaved for all these many years.

It has been nearly five years since Alois and his followers took control of the Sinnoh region, after several slow years of building a vast army and meticulous planning. They set up base in Hearthome City, taking over the Heathome Church for their headquarters. Humans have been forced to give themselves up as slaves or die, and Pokemon reign supreme. There are tales of humans hiding out in the wilds around the city, planning to fight back, but the attacks so far have been few and far between, and the humans are barely armed and pose little to no threat. Alois wishes to crush these movements before they can gain footing, but if there's on thing humans are good at, it's hiding...​

Welcome back to Coloursfall's RP House of Horrors

-No legendaries
-Respect forum rules and general RP courtesies, etc etc
-Ask me if you want to play a human or someone in the "inner circle"
-Max 2 characters
-Make sure you're open to crit before joining.


[B]Name:[/B] (Your name, obviously. Can have a first and last, just a first, nickname, whatever)
[B]Age:[/B] (In human years please; Pokemon can live as long as humans here)
[B]Gender:[/B] (Species appropriate. If ungendered, the pronoun your character prefers)
[B]Species:[/B] (Again, non-legendary.)

[B]Personality:[/B] (How do they act? How do they feel about the Empire? How do they treat others? Stuff like that)

[B]Appearance:[/B] (Go into detail; pictures or sprites you make YOURSELF are okay, as long as you have a written description too)

[B]Biography:[/B] (Doesn't need to be super-long but should be informative.)

[B]Other:[/B] (You can put character relationships, etc here if you're so inclined)

-Dar/Ciel + Sierra
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Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Name: Klara Vovk
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Braixen

Personality: Ultra-bubbly and feminine, she tries her very best to make everyone around her happy. In fact she tries incredibly hard, so hard it seems like she's actively trying to avoid some kind of an incident. Every now and then one can tell that underneath her happy exterior there's a storm of emotions brewing that she desperately tries to suppress. It doesn't always work, and before anyone, even herself, knows what happened she can snap in an explosion of anger or intense sadness. She feels guilty about these outbursts and does all she can do to prevent them. She's supportive of the pokemon's efforts, and has been fighting for them since near the beginning.

Appearance: She's a Braixen. She looks exactly like a Braixen. Fancy that. She keeps her fur neat and groomed, and has a penchant for shiny jewelry and garments. Her stick tends to be noticeably covered in bite marks.

Biography: As a Fennekin she was given to the youngest child of a rich family living in Jubilife City. The child clearly loved the young pokemon, but was unfortunately unready for the responsibility. Klara found herself constantly poked, prodded, her ears pulled at and she wasn't fed properly. She tried on and on to guide the child to treat her better, but her efforts were in vain. One day her ears were pulled for the last time and she snapped, turning on the child and biting her. She was harshly punished, taken away and put into a shelter. In a panic she managed to escape, and wandered the wilderness until the takeover started. She joined the efforts eagerly, but even to this day she finds that her mindset is skewed from her past treatment.

Other: Short bio is short, but there's not much else to say. Anyone who wants to already know her is free to. She's pretty friendly most of the time so it wouldn't be a stretch.
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Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Name: Rotareneg, always referred to as "Rota"
Age: 27
Gender: X, self-references as "it" but is often referred to as "he" by others
Species: Rotom

Personality: Rota is cheerful, nonchalant, and has a hard time keeping its mouth shut. It is rather bumbling in its actions and often mentions confidential information in its constant chatter, regardless of how many pokemon are listening in or their clearance levels. Despite its many mistakes, it doesn't regret or worry over any of them, and it's always ready to downplay whatever it just did. It is always very casual with everyone, which might help put them at ease if it wasn't public knowledge that Rota is well-connected politically as well as a serial mass murderer of humans.

Rota can be impulsive at times, and is more interested in the next cool idea than how useful said idea is. It follows the trail of "fun" more than anything. It can think and solve problems quickly in a pinch, so it does seem intelligent... it just apparently never remembers to use it without an immediate threat.

Still, it knows its way around technology better than anyone else Alois trusts, and it is the driving force behind keeping scientific - and most importantly, engineering - efforts running, something that humans alone have come up with. At least, the administrative team it keeps around manage to keep the labs intact, while Rota itself basks in the credit. Besides that, its ability to take over machinery and release large amounts of electricity did Alois quite a lot of favours during the war, and even though those skills are no longer necessary, Rota is surely kept around out of respect for its achievements.

Appearance: Physically, Rota looks more or less like a regular rotom; as a ghost, it doesn't really scar or age. It is more expressive than a usual rotom, though, with longer arms that gesture widely when it speaks, and a penchant for casually touching things that probably shouldn't be touched. Its expression is usually a friendly smile, although it gains a manic grin when discharging too much electricity at once.

Biography: Rota lived in a building that was once used by a corporation known as Team Galactic, mostly hiding in televisions and poking at research notes it didn't quite understand. Eventually, though, the corporation broke up, and - while it was reformed as something more legitimate with new leadership - everything became much less interesting. Besides, the TV it lived in was removed as trash.

It met Alois's agents while trying to take its home back and return it to the interesting legendary-related research Galactic used to run. Of course, it didn't have the resources to do that on its own, so it was forced into guerrilla tactics. Alois promised to help Rota if Rota just did a few favours in return first, which Rota managed thanks to its unique ability to interact with the machinery used by Alois's enemies. Sometimes all that was needed was for something to go slightly wrong, sometimes something needed to be totally fried, sometimes humans needed to be totally fried themselves... eh, it was just Rota's job at that point, and it more or less managed to complete those tasks. It wasn't until the takeover was ready to fully go public that Rota got a chance to take over the Galactic labs. At Alois's suggestion, Rota decided to just wipe the upper management clean and take over at the top.

Its constant consumption of energy allowed it to discharge electricity at a far greater rate than most pokemon, and while its strength wasn't unmatched, it was terrifying to behold. Unfortunately, its strength was mostly restricted to electricity, since it was decidedly average in other elemental domains, though its habit of snatching up every TM it could get its hands on gave it quite a lot of versatility. It wasn't particularly great on the battlefield, needing others to protect it quite often as well as being too reckless with its discharges, but it survived and racked up a respectable body count. To this day Rota just laughs at the memories of the war and how often it almost died or killed one of its allies. Its real contribution came later, as Alois crushed humanity with an iron fist. Human technology was great, but it's not just the existence of it that's great, but rather, the fact that it progresses quickly with time, making their lives cooler and easier. Surely that could be done for the good of pokemon.

Since pokemon tend not to know much about research and development, Rota was the only one around who could take to being in charge of it. Unfortunately, willingness and enthusiasm don't actually translate into competence, so it's a good thing that the humans already had a decent idea themselves on how R&D is supposed to work...

Other: One of the inner circle. Rota is highest authority with regards to R&D under Alois's reign, although it seems to have adopted the human idea of delegation with gusto. Labs are run by humans and more human-like pokemon more or less without supervision as long as they deliver results.


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xe/xem (plural)
Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Name: Crision
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Species: Absol

Personality: Crision is older than most of the other Pokémon in the fight here. He is very wise. Whenever he is presented with a plan, he uses his powers to see danger to test if that plan would be successful. He doesn't speak much and doesn't divulge information about his past. He is very reserved; the most reserved in the group. However, he does care for his allies. He seems even more of a loner than normal Absol...

Crision is like many Absol, with the exception that his head-gem is bright red. His fellow packmates shunned him for this reason. He also limps.

Biography: When Crision was born, he looked normal enough. He was like other Absol in the pack, he even had "friends," if you can call them that.

But, as he matured, his head-gem started to fade to red. This happened slowly, at first, and not many noticed. As it started getting more noticeable, however, the pack shunned him, fearing the gem would make them vulnerable to predators seeing them and causing them danger. He was forced to live by himself, in the city, scrounging around for what scraps he could find.

The city-folk were not too keen on having an Absol around town, "they're dangerous!" they said. Eventually Pokémon Control got called in and tried to shoot the Absol so it wouldn't disturb them anymore; it did hit, but only in his arm. He has walked with a limp ever since.

By then he was old enough to sustain himself on what he caught in the forest; with Starly, Bidoof and the occasional Shinx, he was always well fed.

Eventually he happened upon a Pokémon that seemed quite interested in him; he chased Crision down just to talk. Crision couldn't run as well; otherwise the Croagunk would have never caught up. It wanted to recruit Crision, for a cause - a cause of wiping humans off the earth. Crision considered this for a moment, and asked the Croagunk where they were stationed if he wanted to join. The Croagunk said that the armies were collected near Lake Acuity at the moment.

After a few days of consideration, Crision went to Lake Acuity and spoke to the recruitment officer. He was accepted, and played a fairly good part in taking over Hearthome later. He has been a part of the forces ever since.

Other: Sees Klara as "cute" and naïve, but dislikes her bubbliness.
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Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Name: Ataro
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Girafarig

Personality: Whimsical and quick to speak, Ataro is something of a capricious presence - while she clearly wants to help and be part of the Empire, she's evasive about her reasons, often giving a different story each time - how she was experimented on by humans, or had her small herd poached by them, a trainer's abuse. In truth, she wants to be at the centre of things, to be part of a pivotal movement that the world, for better or worse, will orbit around. It might not be as personal a reason, but it's enough to drive her, to be a focus as certain as if she was wronged, and with far less of the baggage. She's devoted to the cause, in her own way, and loyal to Alois, if ultimately interested in rising through the ranks, learning more about everything.

That curiosity helps her - she's naturally inclined to talk to her allies, learning what she can about them and helping them out. It's shallow at best - Ataro does not have any true friends - but she can be relied upon, for all that she flits from person to person, and never opens up about herself.

She's resilient, in a way - her enthusiasm and dedication to the Empire are a good buffer against, well, everything else. It's difficult to unsettle or anger her, and she approaches battle, violence, even torture and difficult choices with flippancy. The consequences and results of what they're doing don't bother her - threats and brutality don't come easily to her by nature, but she's more than willing to accept that they're a necessary part of the Empire and her own work. She might delegate it to others, most of the time, but if a human must be killed and she's the only one around to do it - well, it's an easy price to pay for her involvement, isn't it? She'll do whatever she has to, all with vibrant enthusiasm for what really matters here.

Appearance: A little larger than average for her species, which translates into mostly longer legs and neck than anything else, making her look a little stretched out and graceless. For all that, she's leanly muscled. Her tail is also larger than normal, and mobile to an almost unnerving degree. She sports a copper band around one of her legs, just above the hoof, and another at the base of her tail.

Her tail, like all others of her species, lacks proper sentience but is particularly expressive - it'll often make garbled sounds or clack its teeth together when she speaks, as if trying to mimic her, or speak for itself.

Biography: Born to a small, loose herd of Girafarig near Lake Valor, Ataro's early life was truly nothing special. She learned how to use the uncanny intuition that kept the herd safe, how to confuse predators and give them blinding headaches - pretty standard fare. But there was nothing interesting going on, and she dispersed from them quite early, heading for more civilized areas - and inevitably, was caught by a trainer. It was not a particularly well-made partnership, though he helped hone her psychic abilities, and nurtured her growth into a competent enough battler. He eventually got a Kirlia, and began to neglect her. There was a brief incident after that - her tail had caught hold of the other Pokemon and refused to let go - and he eventually released her back into the wild. She was more than willing to continue to roam, strengthened enough to make her own way without needing a herd for protection.

Her curiosity led to her hearing about Alois' efforts fairly early on - her intuition that something was going to happen led her right to the Empire, and she's been with it ever since.

While she was hardly critical in any one battle, she proved her worth and dedication in the overall effort, and has recently offered her help in trying to scout out and destroy the scattered human resistance.

Other: While she's not particularly close with any other Pokemon, she knows many of them by name and is on general speaking terms with them.

She has two noteworthy abilities - an uncannily good intuition to find what's most interesting to her, and a strange aptitude to performing dark-type attacks through her tail, not on the level of an actual dark-type but with a bit more punch that one would expect.


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Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Do note that for most of the RP I will be controlling my characters as one entity, unless they are separated.

Name: Ciel
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Meowstic

Personality: To describe Ciel in one word, that would be indifferent. He has no strong feelings towards the empire, simply siding with them because his sister wants to, and he'd rather be with his own kind than humans. He helps people so long as it doesn't hinder him or his sister, and tries tend not to be particularly hurtful towards anyone. At least, anyone he's not supposed to be hurtful to. Ciel often finds the need to protect his sister, however she is often the one protecting him.

Appearance: Fairly average for a Meowstic, other than the fact that his ears and tail are a bit smaller than average. His eyes are also a darker turquoise instead of light green.

Biography: He was born on the streets of Hearthome, alongside his sister. Their mother was absent for most of their life, dying of disease just a few years after giving birth. This led to a sort of pact between Ciel and his sister; they knew neither of them could survive on their own, but together they could just about make it.

As Espurr, humans wouldn't give them much attention. Most were put off by their large eyes, and as their psychic abilities grew, people learned to stay away from them. Ciel didn't mind this. If no one bothered them, then that they would stay safe. He was content with that. As far as he saw, they were living a decent life. They had enough food to survive, could protect themselves against the other Pokémon, and with the humans staying away, they were at peace.

Until, however, the Empire arrived at Hearthome. He saw them driving out the humans, and was confused. Where did this shift in power come from? Didn't humans usually command Pokémon? Even if they didn't, Pokémon openly attacking humans seemed odd to him. His sister saw it differently though. She persuaded him to join the forces of the empire with her. He didn't really see the need to, after all, they were doing pretty well on their own. But she wasn't gong to change her mind, and Ciel didn't want her going off alone. So he followed her to the ranks of the Empire, forcing out the humans and eventually staying in Hearthome.

Other: Sierra is his twin sister. You rarely see them apart.

Name: Sierra
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Meowstic

Personality: Sierra, much unlike her brother, holds a strong will for changing the world to be better for Pokémon. She believes that the Empire has every right to do what it's doing. She tries to help any Pokémon who doesn't mean harm, and does so with a lot of enthusiasm. All her life she's been protecting her brother, and hopes that soon he'll be able to protect himself.

Appearance: Again, looks normal from a Meowstic. The only differences are that the blue parts of her fur are slightly darker and has a small scar under her left ear.

Biography: She was born on the streets of Hearthome, alongside her brother. Their mother was absent for most of their life, dying of disease just a few years after giving birth. This led to a sort of pact between Sierra and her brother; they knew neither of them could survive on their own, but together they could just about make it.

As Espurr, humans wouldn't give them much attention. Most were put off by their large eyes, and as their psychic abilities grew, people learned to stay away from them. Sierra hated this. Humans could were so inconsiderate, when you see children on the street, shouldn't your first thought be to help them? This sickened her. As far as she saw, they were living a hard life. They barely had enough food to survive, were always attacked by the other Pokémon, and with the humans being no help at all, they were at a constant fight for survival.

Until, however, the Empire arrived at Hearthome. She saw them driving out the humans, and was excited. Where did this shift in power come from? Did Pokémon finally get the courage to stand up for themselves? If that was the case, they finally had a chance to get a good life. Her brother seemed to agree with her. She brought him along to join the forces of the empire. She was grateful for this, as she didn't want him going off alone. So they joined the ranks of the Empire, forcing out the humans and eventually staying in Hearthome.

Other: Ciel is her brother. You rarely see them apart.


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Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Also, how does Pokemon-human communication work?


Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Looking good everyone. I'll add to the first post when I'm not on mobile.

Also: humans and 'mons can understand each other mostly, though there are 'personal' Pokémon languages that humans can't understand.


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Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Name: Silbermähne "Syl" Stahlkrallen
Age: 17
Gender: He.
Species: Sandslash.
Personality: He's very concerned about his honour and holds others to the standards set by the manifesto of his kind. He considers himself a heartless, trained fighter, though deep down he doubts he could live with the guilt of taking another life. Despite his cold façade, he's somewhat sensitive. He hates the enemies of his friends, and is very driven by his emotions, usually rage.

Appearance: Somewhat stocky for a sandslash, with large, tough claws that earned him his last name. His mane is somewhat long and his feet are large. Most notable of all is his albinism, which earned him his first name. He has a more upright posture than most sandslashes, though it's not very noticeable as he's still relatively slouched. His eyes are usually at a slight squint, as he's especially sensitive to light, and the whiskers on his face are somewhat unkempt. He's an odd mix between formidable, proper, and wild.

Biography: Born and raised in Sinnoh's Route 228, in the largest sandslash colony in the region. He spent most of his young life in discipline so that he could eventually become the clan leader. He became something of a legend among his peers thanks to his unique colouration and his above-average fighting skills. With any luck, he would've become the clan leader... that is, if his colony had managed to survive the attack. The mountainous composition of route 228 proved to be an ideal spot to create a makeshift base for humans as they defended themselves from pokémon nearby that had been invigorated by talk of revolution. The sandslash colony decided to remain neutral on the matter, but since they inhabited the same area as the humans and were indeed pokémon, they were quickly annihilated with only a handful of survivors. One such was Syl, who managed to make his way to Hearthome thanks to the aid of a friendly flygon nearby.

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Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Name: Gadolin (sometimes referred to as "Gado")
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Bisharp

Personality: Gadolin is fanatically devoted to the Empire, and hates humans with a vehement fury. He serves as one of Alois' personal bodyguards, and will stop at nothing to see his master's will fulfilled. Gadolin worships Alois, and believes he will be the one to restore order to the world and usher in a new age where Pokémon have control over humans.

Because of Gadolin's single-minded zealotry and intimidating demeanor, he has very few friends outside of the Empire's inner circle. Gadolin rarely expresses any kind of joy, and may appear cold and emotionless to others. Occasionally though, he will lose his temper and become quite angry with others. When this happens, others tend to avoid him, as he can quickly become violent and unpredictable.

Appearance: Gadolin is relatively tall for his species, but aside from this, he looks like a regular Bisharp. Gadolin likes to keep his blades sharp and well-polished, as he never knows when he might need to use them.

Biography: Gadolin was once the leader of a ruthless band of Pawniard that would hunt its prey in the Unova region. One day, however, a group of trainers from the Sinnoh region ambushed the group, fighting off the Pawniard until one of them was able to capture their Bisharp leader. Gadolin was taken away from his pack and forced to move to Veilstone City, where his trainer prepared him for battling. Whenever Gadolin refused to obey commands, his trainer would take him to fight the strongest trainers in the Veilstone Gym, whose fighting-type Pokémon would humiliate Gadolin by defeating him easily. Gadolin's trainer would try to crush his spirit in order to force him into compliance.

One day, however, Gadolin decided he'd had enough. When his trainer took him out of his Poké Ball to feed him, Gadolin tackled his trainer to the ground, and with a swift motion of his arm, cut his trainer's throat. The man's dying screams caused his neighbors to call the police, and before long, they were at the scene with a team of police Arcanine. Gadolin tried to fight them off, but they were too much for him. It didn't take long for them to knock him out.

When Gadolin woke up, he was in the custody of Pokémon Control, locked away in a cell designed to hold violent Pokémon such as him. After a few days of waiting in total solitude and having his meals delivered through a hole in the thick iron door, Gadolin overheard two humans talking. For murdering his trainer, Gadolin would be executed, as per city orders.

Days passed, and soon weeks passed. Gadolin knew his fate, and yet was forced to wait in isolation until the day approached. During this time, his hatred for humanity only grew stronger. He had no remorse for the crime he had committed, and would have repeated it many times over if given the opportunity.

One morning, before the sun had risen, Gadolin was jolted awake by his cell door being slammed open. He expected to see a human figure in the doorway, but this was not the case. Instead, he was greeted with the outline of a Sylveon standing quietly in its metal frame. The Sylveon greeted Gadolin by his name, and told him that Veilstone City was no longer under the tyranny of the human race. The Sylveon explained that he was free to go, however, if he wanted to join the Empire in creating a better and brighter future for Pokémon, he was more than welcome to become a part of it. The Sylveon, who introduced himself as Alois, had heard of Gadolin's great deed and was rather impressed. He wanted Gadolin to be a part of the Empire's inner circle, and serve as his personal bodyguard. Gadolin accepted this offer almost immediately, seeing it as the perfect opportunity for him to take his revenge on humanity.

Other: Alois has entrusted Gadolin a small team of Pawniard, known as the Crimson Blades. Gadolin sometimes uses this team to carry out field operations, and will often send them scouting to gather information on the humans. The Blades report directly to Gadolin, so anything they uncover can be kept secret from the rest of the inner circle if Gadolin chooses not to report it.


Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Added everyone finally, sorry on the delay, lots of stuff happened. Moving, got sick, then our internet provider went down for a little.

I'll start this soon, and I'll keep it open or more people to join, too.


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Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Name: Halan Storm
Age: 40 (I can't pick ages man blarg)
Gender: Male
Species: Lucario

Personality: He comes off as cold, silent in presence of other pokemon as he goes about his business. He is part of the Empire from the start, believing in the words of the leader of a Utopia of pokemon no longer at the hands of abusive humans and the peace it would bring. Now however, he has seen the ones he called comrades attack humans that haven't been proven to be abusive, killing them without level judgement both man and child. He believed in the Leader, but now his faith is faltering as he witnesses the supposed 'Utopia' grow more blood drenched. He keeps this feeling to himself as he knows it would only be dangerous to show, thus the cold face he wears as he goes about his tasks.

He does wonder if there are others that see this the same as him however, well hidden they may be, within the walls of the Empire. Are they questioning the motives as well, or has his age made him too wise to the world at the present.

Appearance: He looks like a average Lucario, with a large scar over his eye followed by shorter ones next to it from what can be called a claw mark. He is shaggier, looking more equipped for colder climates, under the fur a array of scars from abuse at the hands of his old Trainer. His eyes are a shade of blue rather than the usual red of his kind, a trait passed down from his Father. Around his neck is a simple necklace made with a spent dusk stone as a pendent, framed by a red and blue spheres on either side.

Biography: He was born on a Daycare, living a rather happy life as a pup under the loving care of his family and the man that ran the daycare. It was peaceful, it was safety, it was everything a young pokemon would want. He would not have left by choice, but fate has other plans as the Daycare was raided in the night and losing many of the young pokemon that were stolen away into the night. He himself was unsure if any of the others taken were ever recovered or if they met similar fates as he had. Sold off to a bidder, his training started at the hands of a young man that later became his cruel master. New to battle, Halan lost many and had to endure the wrath of the man that should have been a human he could trust. Faith broken, he grew bitter towards the human until he finally bit him in retaliation to the by now daily beatings. He ran as far as he could, using the almost endless energy a Riolu contains to put as much distance between himself and his old Master.

He could never trust a human, he believed this as he scavenged and traveled from city to city. Memories of his life on the Daycare were hazy from the fresh memories of his abuse, shaking his trust in mankind as a whole. He carried this hate, feeling it twist into nasty knots in his gut, resulting in violet outbursts against any human that happens upon him. He didn't know where his home used to be, or if he would even be accepted back there after all the years of being gone. So he kept to himself and survived, attacking anyone that would take his food, capture him for what he believed would be another abusive trainer or survive the attack of another pokemon in the wild.

Due to his hate, we wasn't able to evolve until he was happened upon by a young girl. Too weak to fight, he was easily lifted and carried away from the little sprite of a girl to wherever she was going. Upon waking, he found himself in a farmhouse bandaged and surrounded by the pokemon that lived there in the barn.

It took years before he would let the humans approach him, but he ended up forming a bond with the small girl that brought him to her Grandmother's farm to be taken care of. Through his bond he was able to evolve at last and unlock his better powers by doing so, but he also learned more about the little girl. She was abused by her Father, baring scarring the same as himself and broken eyes that try to cling to happiness. He learned that she was taken in by her Grandparents once it was discovered what was happening to her. He grew angry at the thought, hating to know that there will always be people out there to abuse their power over others.

Once he was stronger, had trained with a old and wise Blazenkin on the farm, he returned to his travels wiser for it. He couldn't trust human beings, never knowing if they were truly kind or if they were just waiting to abuse their power over others. Due to this, he remained a wild pokemon and searched for something to hold onto.

He found Alois' movement. He believed he had something to hold onto now, with the promise of ending the cycle of abuse he witnessed. He wanted to believe in this, but now his faith is starting to fade with each year since the overtaking of the city.

Other: He will come off guarded, but once you get close enough he will warm up a bit. But he won't let slip his feelings as of late unless he senses a similar minded pokemon. He also seems to have picked up the knack of tinkering with machines and transports (cars, boats, ect)

here you go. Hope its alright


disaster pigeon
Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Name: Izeph
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Staravia

Personality: Izeph is constantly nervous and flustered. While he tries very hard to put on an appearance of being confident and at ease, his body language makes his discomfort very obvious to whoever might be speaking with him, and his voice sometimes breaks and betrays him. Even on good days, when Izeph is surrounded by Pokemon he trusts, he hates to be the center of attention. He mostly keeps to himself, but if forced into a conversation, he tends to ramble on or stutter, especially when talking to superiors or Pokemon with more battle experience than him.

Izeph doesn't particularly have any strong feelings towards the Empire, but does secretly resent how it turned his life upside down. While he has the basic self-preservation skills needed to keep this to himself, Izeph isn't naturally suspicious, despite his nervous nature, and it probably wouldn't be that difficult to get him to talk himself into some real trouble.

Appearance: Basically, your standard garden variety Staravia. A grey bird Pokemon with some white markings, and a darker 'hood' and wings. Izeph is slightly smaller than standard, partially due to genetics and partially due to evolving recently. He moves around a bit awkwardly, as if he isn't quite used to the size of his wings yet.

Biography: Izeph has lived a rather sheltered life. He's a city bird, and grew up under the eaves of the Hearthome Poffin House with his numerous siblings and relatives. The days of his youth were mostly spent eating discarded, reject Poffins with his flock, who provided safety, shelter and security to the point where Izeph never had to worry about a thing.

When Alois and his followers came to Hearthome, he was still a Starly. The humans living in the city were made into slaves or killed, taking the flock's easy source of food with them. Many members of the flock left for other cities or faraway regions, hoping to find another safe, stable source of food, but Izeph stayed in Hearthome out of a fear of the unknown, and of leaving the only home he'd ever known. Not long after, Alois' recruitment officers found him lying on the ground half-starved, unable to feed himself without the help of others.

Now, Izeph does his best to fly out on scouting and surveillance missions for the Empire. He is by no means a competent scout or good long-distance flier, and often gets tired out by his work, given his comfortable upbringing. His job is, however, one of the few 'useful' positions he can hold that doesn't involve combat, which he is even more hopeless at. The effort of constantly flying wasn't without benefits, though, and caused Izeph to gain some cursory battle experience, and evolve less than a month ago. He's rather proud of this, given that his parents and most of the members of his flock never got enough experience to evolve, themselves. (Izeph is a bit embarrased to admit this, surrounded by the battle-hardened Pokemon of Alois' ranks.)

Other: bird


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Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

This sounds fun, could I possibly reserve a spot? It's really late for me and I have class tomorrow, so I'll write up a character as soon as I get back.

Name: Naerse
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Honedge

Personality: Naerse is the epitome of a depressed soul. He believes himself to be the spirit of a long dead Chatot trapped inside a ghostly sword, unable to break free, unable to speak as he once did. This is not the average kind of depression; it is absolute depression, the crushing weight of sadness that leads into shameful ignorance. Naerse puts on the airs of one who is excessively happy, playful, impulsive and joyful. The only time he is never such is when he furiously polishes and sharpens his blade against a nearby rock or boulder, vocalizing that he will cut through Mount Coronet and to the other side.
All empty shows, as one who is truly content with themselves would not burst with enthusiasm as Naerse does just to attempt and scrape meaning from the world. He feels that everything is empty without him, and he must free himself for the good of the world, and when the time comes he would willingly destroy all he knows and loves to accomplish that.
The world needs him, and he needs to tell them that. No, he needs to show them that.

Though sometimes, just sometimes- Naerse would never let himself accept it- he enjoys having fun with others. He enjoys the act he puts on as if it were beyond a performance and something intrinsic to him. But he can never bear to think that he would interact so joyfully with Pokemon who could never understand him.

Appearance: Naerse has a a slightly shorter and more rounded blade(Something he attributes to having been a Chatot). His single pupil is elongated to near the edges of his iris, much like a cat’s eye. The iris itself is less of a milky blue than others of his kind, instead being a lighter than normal navy blue. The sash that erupts from his blade's grip is frayed and tattered, with small tears lining the four finger-like protrusions and dirt and grime having darkened the light blue swirl around the so called palm. Nobody ever sees the grit and dirt collected from years of solitary survival because he hold his sheathe at all times, never electing to protect his blade.

Biography: Naerse believes he is the spirit of a Chatot trapped inside this ghostly sword, something that may or may not be true. For years he has wandered the countryside, completely alone, contemplating the forces that willed him into being trapped in such a prison. He forever shunned any Pokemon that attempted to interact with him; often turning the more interested into his meals, though not without a loathing look at what he had done.
He justifies that he interacted with humans much more than he did with Pokemon in his time as a Chatot, and feels out of place amongst other Pokemon. Upon wandering for ages and ages, subsisting and surviving alone, while struggling with his own sense of purpose, he turned to the only fond memories he had left.

The humans did this. The humans had to cheer him and favour him and turn him into one of their little pets, their little toys. The humans gave him a perspective he could never explain to his kind, gave him an undercurrent of hatred for those who didn’t regard his ideals as perfect, because the Pokemon could have never understood. The humans where why he was reborn into such a soundless prison, a mind that could only grunt and swirl and project what his thoughts should be, something that could not speak with the humans. Something that shattered the way of life he led before.

He was founded by Alois’ forces, lying battered and bruised after attempting to cut open Mount Coronet, rationalizing that all the answers were on the other side. He twisted his beliefs into vengeance against the humans, without knowing that he seeks catharsis he can never achieve by doing so.

Other: sword

This is my first time doing this, so feel free to critique and provide feedback. I have no idea if I've messed up already or not ;~;
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I don't care, I'm reviving this RP. DON'T YOU DIE ON ME!

Name: "Sable"

Age: 22.

Gender: Female.

Species: Scyther.

Personality: Sable is the spy master of the now powerful Pokemon Army. One of Alois' earliest followers, and, many believe, instrumental to his rise, she uses her blades and a veritable array of tactics to find the quickest ways to dispose of her enemies. She was never very chatty, but these days, on Earth, she's become near silent, communicating by playing back recordings of other people's conversations via a recording device implanted in her neck. She just sneaks about, patiently looking for human transmissions and silently disposing of them once their purpouse is served. Sable often finds herself acting as a restraint on Gadolin, reining in his rather volatile emotions, and ensuring that Gadolin's less than subtle ambitions are held in check. Indeed, this applies to every soldier amongst the Pokemon ranks. Her ferocity and strength from her gladiator days have not lessened in the slightest, rendering her a deadly foe to any human, or treacherous Pokemon seeking to usurp Alois. This undying loyalty to her master, as well as their long history together, have attained her a lofty, high position in the Pokemon hierarchy. While others may have officially held the rank of second-in-command, Sable may be the true bearer of that distinction, out of sheer loyalty to the Pokemon leader. As long as Sable is around, Alois has nothing to fear.

Appearance: The same as that of a normal Scyther, the only difference being several mechanical implants designed to help in combat and espionage. These are not visible.

Biography: When a Slyveon calling himself Alois vowed to challenge Earth's leadership and reclaim the planet from it's human population as revenge, Sable was one of his first followers and a chief amongst them. Sable remained at Alois' side as the conflict escalated into a war.

Other:: Sable can speak, but just chooses not to. In contrast with the overly talkative anime counterpart. Instead, she records what she overhears on her recording device and replays it with a mechanical echo that is very similar to that of a robot.