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Cats (2019) Mafia

yo wait real question

how did rari know to claim ILS’s cat

Wait what I missed this, when did rari claim munkustrap
i was macavity, leader of the mafia and scum limited neighbourizer! seshas was a town limited neighbourizer who had the bad luck of picking me for D1 (that’s why she got nk’d). kokorico deduced that the town neighbourizer must’ve been the leader of the jellicles, as i am the leader of the mafia and the mafia’s counterpart of seshas’ cat. koko was wrong, but fortunately the real munkustrap was already dead

fun fact: for the most part we assumed that seshas was old deuteronomy… until qva claimed od to me in the private chat. things could have gone terribly wrong for me if mewtini ever asked for my catname in the private comm

other fun fact: a name that was tossed up and down in the scumchat as a probably secure fakeclaim was syllabub/vt… imagine our faces @Trebek

Espurr gang :frown:
espurr gang… :((
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