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Chrome League Records Thread

Kratos Aurion

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Official Chrome League Records

This is where official public records of trainers' Chrome League accomplishments are kept. Badges earned, events completed and tournament titles won are all noted here for posterity.

Chrome League gym leaders will use this thread to officially award badges to challengers. If a challenger has defeated you in an official gym match, please post here to let the HC know. Only gym leaders should post this information; victory confirmation posts made by challengers will be disregarded and deleted. Challengers should post in here, however, if they want to use their one skip for the league. Post here declaring that you will be skipping one gym in your current tier; understand that you will need to make up the difference in another tier if you want at least eight badges.

Chrome Gym Challenge Records

Tier One Records

Mirror Badge (Shadow Serenity, Araka City Gym): Shadow Serenity, superbird

Pine Badge (Little Monster, Yuka City Gym): Little Monster

Geyser Badge (Steele, Geyser City Gym): Steele

Tier Two Records

Virtue Badge (Espeon, Perchester Castle Town Gym): Espeon

Wing Badge (superbird, Sky City Gym): superbird

[...] Badge (...): N/A

Tier Three Records

Snowflake Badge (sreservoir, Elna Tana Gym): sreservoir

[...] Badge (...): N/A

[...] Badge (...): N/A

Chrome League Tournament Records

Chrome League Gym Leader Tournament, Winner: sreservoir

Chrome League Event Records

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