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Claustrophobic squirrel shack!


So if anybody asks you, you belong to Man on Earth
no denying it. I need to start working on it.
I got the name from a random video game name generator. it works. I actually made the game once, but the problem is that it was at camp on a horrible program called stagecast creator. if you can find the program, here's the file: it's scary. screenshots:
title page

example of a level

one of the bosses

now, I want to really make the game in a code with much better animation, spriting, and maybe even a sequel(B.A.E.Y.F.: bananas are evil yellow fruit). I need a method, (I'm not stupid, I know it'll be hard for a person totally new to programming) and a way to learn it.

the story: Sam the squirrel was an almost ordinary squirrel, a genius, who wanted to be a superhero. he invents some pretty cool stuff. and he thought he was a REAL genius when he found a place to put all his acorns before the winter. but fall is ending, so Sam returned to retrieve his stash of acorns, including a mysterious GOLDEN acorn! one problem; the warehouse that he hid the acorns in is now the base and hideout for a deadly gang of cyborg-type-animal-things, including a mysterious EVIL squirrel! (not anyone's long lost brother or anything, don't worry.) so poor Sam has to make his way through the mysterious and dangerous warehouse, fight off the gang and their robots, and of course, find all his acorns so he can finally hibernate!
fortunately, he is equipped with a magnet gun that fights enemies and makes bridges.
COMMENTS? :angry:


EDIT: oh great, I forgot to PNG the screenshots. oh well.
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