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Daily Pokemon Discussions

Went with Snivy in Black and never looked back. Helped me defeat N in the final
battle. Itis so cute.
Snivy was in my first two Black runs. Afterwards I subbed an Oshawott before I actually did my runs in Bird mono and Rock mono, as well as the Alex Kurohari run.

Anyways, Snivy's cool, but has clearly gained some negative creedo due to Smugleaf.

Fun Pokemon, if not a poor movepool for either of it's attacking stats.
I'm doing Snivy in my blind run of White right now. X3 I have to say, I like him, but I feel like I don't use him as much as I've used my starters in the past. He kind of leaves something to be desired in a starter.Though, now that he's evolved he DOES hit harder. I blame vine whip for being a terrible attack. =P
Looks good, acts cool, and yay for defensive stats and Speed. Also has good moves.

But what are they doing in the Field egg group? I know it makes them compatible with the more obvious snakes, but those should be in the Monster egg group too. They are reptiles!
Hey, it's easter, so


I like Buneary, but I HATE it's evolution.
I like Buneary, but I HATE it's evolution.

That's interesting, because the Pokémon's feelings towards you are quite likely to be opposite.

Anyway, Buneary has rather good stats and looks sort of cute. And it's like you have to win its trust to make her evolve.

I came up with a comparison between some anime characters: If Ash had a Buneary, he would treat it as a friend and be surprised when it evolved. If Conway had a Buneary, he would go to Amity Square and the massage salons with it, and do other stuff that makes Pokémon happy in the games. If Paul had a Buneary, he would make the most of Frustration.
Oh, that thing.
I remember when I first played Diamond I caught one and stuffed it in the daycare for the rest of the game. I come back to show my Ditto it's new permanent residence and I find a level 51 rabbit bouncing about. At first I thought it was awesome and battled with it for a bit, but it soon became apparent that it just wasn't that great. Silly daycare.

On the whole, Buneary just bugs me. Something about the design with a bit of anime sprinkled in.. I dunno. It's evo I can tolerate. Does Lopunny learn Bounce too?
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I played it once in...Pearl I think. I dunno, shallow level up pool (and the disappointing lack of TMs acquirable...) made it awkward to use. I think mine had Jump Kick, Dizzy Punch and then two other moves, but I seriously cannt remember.

Not a huge fan of it's design, prolly because the one ear is always rolled up. I hate it;s primary anime appearance, mainly because of it;s consistant attempts to show it;s affection to Pikachu. It's like it was supposed to be playing the stupid stereotype it's evolution has. Also, I'd hate to be a male of the species, it'd be a living nightmare having other males unable to discern your gender, and become attracted to you (oh, and before a "Oh well pokemon should be able to easily determine one another's gender" arguement, may I give you reference to this episode).
I remember when I was six, in my first run through Diamond, a Lopunny saved my E4 run.
Ampharos :D Yaaaaay. It's my favorite Johto Electric-type, although i hate how it loses its fluff.
Wow, I'm so used to seeing the shiny version in Denryu's avatar that when I saw the normal version, I did a bit of a double take.

Anyway, Ampharos is one of my favourite electric types. In the second gen. games, I always have one on my team. It's pretty different as far as electric types go - not really spiky or anything, and it's cute! :D Look at that face. And those flippers. It's like a bipedal sheep-penguin thing with a long tail. I don't even know, but it's cute.
I thought a list of previously done Pokemon would be helpful, seeing how many Pokemon have been done thus far. Listed in chronological order. Double checked the list, but feel free to look for errors or make suggestions. :D

Salamance, Zoroark, Oshawott, Keldeo, Tyrogue, Zweilous, Escavalier, Raichu, Torterra, Huntail, Scyther, Croagunk, Buizel, Meloetta (both formes), Miltank, Mightyena, Qwilfish, Sceptile, Kyurem (all formes), Houndoom, Girafarig, Rayquaza, Espeon, Durant, Linoone, Hitmonlee, Eevee, Tynamo, Ditto, Charizard, Spiritomb, Flygon, Joltik, Vanilluxe, Squirtle, Chandelure, Volcarona, Audino, Espeon, Meganium, Lapras, Mothim, Roselia, Wailord, Azurill, Bronzong, Luxray, Mewtwo, Blaziken, Alomomola, Purrloin, Cofagrigus, Banette, Houndoom, Marowak, Seadra, Snivy, Buneary, Ampharos, Sawk & Throh, Golbat, Pikachu, Combusken, Octillery, Golurk, Manaphy, Lugia, Poliwhirl, Jumpluff, Shuckle, Swampert, Gengar, Timburr, Totodile, Wartortle, Magikarp, Lillipup, Reuniclus, Torkoal, Gallade, Klink, Sandslash, and Blitzle.

Also, here's a random generator specifically for Pokemon. Additionally, here's Bulbapedia, smogon, or veekun for those needing a Pokedex of sorts. Finally, control+F will always be your friend.

As for today's Pokemon, Ampharos has a spiffy design. Although, I miss the wool. How a sheep goes to a kangaroo, I will never know.
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Nice design, but as was previously mentioned, its changes are weird. All in all, I like it.
Mmm. Ampharos. Used that in my HG run (both times) and found it to be a satisfactory electric type. Don't like it's late access to Power Gem though, never ended up training them that far...

It's design is interesting, and the story behind it's english name is quite cool. I find it to be of the upper cream of electric types over all, and a competant Pokemon for a Johto run.
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