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Digimon Chrono Crisis (M)

Kung Fu Ferret

Yokai Of Despair
Humanity has known about the existence of Digimon and their world since the year 1964 CE, yet this knowledge was kept very secret until the Cold War Ended. However, the flow of time in the Digital World has never really been consistent. King Drasil, the program that the Digimon and other various denizens of the Digital World generally believe to be their one true god, has summoned many rather young human beings between the ages of 6 and 22, from Earth from throughout time, assigning them a Digimon partner and having them use a Digivice to save both worlds from being utterly destroyed. You are one of these Chosen Ones.

Sign Up sheet

Name (first and last): Eric Rothgarsson
Gender (male, female, nonbinary, etc): Male
Age (minimum 6, maximum 22): 18
Appearance (what do you look like): A redheaded young man with a short beard, wears various furs and fabrics, with a Mjolnir pendant around his neck.
Personality (how do you act?): Eric is a bit headstrong, but can be good a strategy. He is kind to his comrades, but can be merciless to his foes. Willing to fight if necessary but knows when to retreat. Has a strong sense of justice
Backstory (where and when are you from, etc): A Viking prince from Denmark, Eric was knocked out by accident during a raid on a wealthy monastery in England. He woke up in a strange world, which he assumes is Asgard, home of his gods. However, Eric is not dead, and this isn't Valhalla.
Rookie: Gammamon
Champion: BetelGammamon
Ultimate: Canoweissmon
Mega: Siriusmon
Personality (How do they act? Include what gender they seem to present as since Digimon don't have biological genders): Gammamon seems to present as male, and is easily excited with a child-like wonder. He loves food and is extremely protective of Eric and any other friends allies he might have. He likes listening to Eric tell stories about the Norse gods.

Name (first and last):
Gender (male, female, nonbinary, etc):
Age (minimum 6, maximum 22):
Appearance (what do you look like):
Personality (how do you act?):
Backstory (where and when are you from, etc):
Personality (How do they act? Include what gender they seem to present as since Digimon don't have biological genders):
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