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Witch of Light
What if, like... Trees squished you into a pancake, and ice cream was PEOPLE?! Cuh-raaaaaaaaaazy, right?
Just don't eat the honey, don't eat the ice cream, don't drink oil, avoid puppets, and if you see a hole in a cliff face shaped like you, blow it up.
Just don't eat the honey, don't eat the ice cream, don't drink oil, avoid puppets, and if you see a face in a cliff face shaped like yours, take a selfie with it.
Phoenix is even hotter than ash could ever dream to be. He only wishes he had a ill motherfucking red fedora like his. Ash is still a shitty trainer, though. Though his last name should be 'Suckem' and NOT 'Ketchum' :P he's waaay more into battling pokemon than catching them...
seriously, though. go into Su/Mo and buy yourself a fedora. They're amazing
I really wiiiish upooon a staaar, you didn't bash trash....Honestly, why is everyone so against him? Yeah, theres some things about him thats not so great, but i think he's cool. He was one of my earliest crunches, too...*sigh* Why do others fail to relate with meme so mucho gusto?
Because Ash is like a bonfire. His name represents the part that he is currently at. His reign is over. Can I get a season of Pokémon anime, please?