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Eifie vs Keldeo vs TruetoCheese vs JackPK


Fire emblem is great
[size=+2]Eifie vs Keldeo vs TruetoCheese vs JackPK[/size]

Format: 3v3v3v3 single
Style: Set
DQ: 2 weeks
Damage Cap: none
Banned/Restricted Moves: direct healing, Pain Split, Safety Goggles
Arena Description: Jerome's Acidic Quest for Evolution (combination of three arenas, originally by Kratos Aurion, Sangfroidish, and TruetoCheese)

The ref warned them about Pursuit, bro! He told ‘em dog! You just don’t do that in the Communication Club Colosseum, man, not when it’s frickin’ hailing inside. But nooo, the last trainers to battle in here just had to mess around, the arena’s weather generators are broken like whoa and now the next trainers and ref have to deal with the meteorologist’s nightmare they’ve left behind.

The Communication Club Colosseum itself is a standard enclosed arena, empty and large enough to accomodate any pokémon comfortably on its sturdy metal floor. For reasons known only to the mysterious techie wizards who designed the room, it is still possible to use just about any attack in here—rocks and surges of water appear out of nowhere when an attack calls for them, and the floor can be tunneled through and will repair itself after the match. No sense letting physics or lack or resources get in the way of a good ‘n wild battle, after all.

This freedom of attack use would normally also apply to weather moves, the room’s artificial weather generators providing bright light, stiff breezes and precipitation of all stripes whenever needed. The techie wizards have no explanation for the way the generators react when the move Pursuit is used while they’re active, however, and thanks to the previous occupants’ shenanigans they’re now on the fritz something serious. Bright lights shine, rain and hail drive down and a sandstorm tears across the room, effectively causing the effects of Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Hail and Sandstorm to remain active all at once. There’ll be no turning them off for a while, either, and they refuse to respond to any new weather commands, so the barrage of anomalous weather remains in place indefinitely and can’t be canceled or replaced by using a weather move (or additional use of Pursuit, for that matter, which will function normally). The intense weather assailing the battlers from all directions causes them a great deal of pain, shearing 10% health/round off of any Pokémon that is not completely immune to any and all weather damage and 7% off of Pokémon with a partial immunity. It is also quite difficult to see what’s going on through all the roiling rainhailsandsun, and all moves, save for never-miss moves and self- or field-targeting moves, suffer a 10% accuracy drop.

In addition, at the end of every round, the wacky weather magic will turn each battler into a random Pokemon — legendaries included. Typing, movepool, and ability (randomly generated, if applicable) will all change to that of the new form, while gender, status effects, and stat changes will remain the same; if a burned Pokemon turns into a Fire type, a poisoned Pokemon turns into a Poison or Steel type, or a paralyzed Pokemon turns into an Electric type, those effects will disappear.

Finally, at the end of every round that the battle is not on the FRICKIN ROOF, there is a 50% chance that the battle will trigger the Colosseum's movement simulators, effectively moving it onto the club's FRICKIN ROOF. WHY ARE WE UP HERE OH GOD. HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE BECAUSE THE WEATHER'S EFFECTS ARE INCREASED (WHY) AND THE SUNRAINHAILSAND DEALS 2% MORE DAMAGE A ROUND THAN NORMAL. THE TRAINER'S COMMANDS ARE HORRIBLY GARBLED BY THE NOISE ON THE FRICKIN ROOF. AFTER EVERY ROUND ON THE FRICKIN ROOF ALL POKEMON TAKE 8% TYPELESS DAMAGE AND FALL BACK TO THE NORMAL ARENA. AAAAAAAH. (The battle starts in the normal arena.)

  • Sand, hail, rain, and sun are all in effect at once. This deals 10% damage per round to all Pokemon, except those with an immunity to sand and/or hail damage, who take 7% a round
  • Due to the weather, there is a blanket 10% accuracy drop (15% if on the roof) to all but never-miss, self-targeting, and arena-targeting moves
  • At the end of every round each battler turns into a random Pokemon; type, movepool, and ability all change, but status effects, stat changes, and gender stay the same
  • At the end of every normal round (the battle starts normally), there is a 50% chance that the battle will move to the FRICKIN ROOF, where certain effects (see below) are increased and the round's weather damage increases by 2%. After every round on the FRICKIN ROOF, both battlers take 8% typeless damage and move back to the normal arena.
  • Water- and Fire-type moves do not have their damage modified by the weather (no boosts or penalties)
  • Blizzard, Hurricane and Thunder all have 100% accuracy (but are affected by the blanket 10% accuracy drop)
  • Solar Beam can be used instantly without any additional energy cost and does not have reduced base power
  • Rock-types have their special defense increased by the sandstorm
  • Pokémon with Chlorophyll, Harvest, Hydration, Leaf Guard, Sand Force, Sand Rush and Swift Swim have their abilities activated
  • Pokémon with Solar Power have boosted special attack and take sun damage each round as normal
  • Pokémon with Dry Skin do not get healed by or take extra damage from their ability (they still take the blanket damage per round)
  • Pokémon with Ice Body or Rain Dish get healed by their ability, then take the usual weather damage
  • Cherrim alternates between its sunshine and overcast forms at the beginning of each round (ref determines starting form at random)
  • Castform randomly changes between its rain, sun and hail forms at the beginning of each round (at the beginning of each action if on the roof)
  • Weather Ball is always at 100 base power (150 on the roof) and its type is randomly (re)determined to be Fire, Water, Ice or Rock each time it is used
  • Growth raises attack and special attack by 2 with each use (3 on the roof)
  • \while on the roof, one word of each attack name ordered must be intentionally garbled out in some way. the command the Pokémon tries to execute will be randomly selected from every possible move fitting that criteria (e.g. if I ordered "LEECH L̴̐͒͊͆ͬ͑̀̌͗̇͋͑̇̆͘҉҉̣͎̙̱̻̬̖̹Į̢͓̹͖͚̠̝͖̦̹̥̠̩͖͈͇͍̣̓ͮͩ͛̐̅̽̀ͩ̉͐̏̌̈ͥ͋F̨̹͍̦̝͎̤̹͈̮͆͋̃͐͋̃̾͑̒̃̀̃͊ͣ̂ͭ͒͘ͅE̸̢̡̩̬̫̜͉̝̯̗̮͔̞̫ͮ͂̅͒̐͂̿͆̓͠", my Pokémon would randomly try to use one of Leech Life or Leech Seed, with the action failing if it doesn't know the move it picks. the ref can find these moves by searching up, for example, "leech *" on veekun). if the ordered attack name is only one word, the entire name must be garbled out and the Pokémon will attempt to execute any move at all at random (use a metronome generator for this).

(changes from last time: now a four-way, no damage cap, no banned moves, increased chance of battling on the FRICKIN' ROOF from 40% to 50%. suggest more if you want! maybe we can change this to a 2v2v2v2 for slightly less ridiculous, but that would be sad.)

edit: actually let's ban direct healing and Pain Split, I forgot about those.
edit 2: banning the held item Safety Goggles after VM reminded me of its existence. I guess Overcoat and such can still work as you're only going to have them for a round anyway, and let's just... ignore Cloud Nine and Air Lock lmao

Eifie's active squad

skiploom Plum Seed the female Skiploom <Chlorophyll> @ Red Card
litwick Bambi (Kadabra's Lucky Charm) the male Litwick <Flash Fire> @ Dusk Stone (Sig Move: Refuel)
natu Siradhan the male Natu <Early Bird> @ Mental Herb
paras topping percentage the male Paras <Dry Skin> @ Weakness Policy
larvesta Okuni the male Larvesta <Flame Body> @ Lucky Egg
zorua Shih-Na the female Zorua <Illusion> @ Black Glasses
anorith Tribal Coyote of Grand SlaMF the male Anorith <Battle Armor> @ Shell Bell
skiddo Buckwheat the male Skiddo <Sap Sipper> @ Leftovers
joltik The Fuzz the female Joltik <Compound Eyes> @ Sticky Barb
totodile Super Smile ToMFstoMF the female Totodile <Sheer Force> @ Eviolite

Keldeo's active squad

pikachu Sonya the female Pikachu <Static> @ Thunder Stone
rampardos Shay the male Rampardos <Mold Breaker> @ Zoom Lens
happiny Viola, Disciple of Lirrin the female Happiny <Serene Grace> @ Oval Stone
wooper >>(⌒o⌒)<< the female Wooper <Water Absorb> @ Sun Stone
castform M. H. Milky Way of Boo Foo Woo the male Castform <Forecast> @ Lucky Egg
piloswine Lover Man, ¡Olé! ¡Olé! the male Piloswine <Oblivious> @ Light Clay [4 EXP]
absol Taylor the female Absol <Pressure> @ Shell Bell
kangaskhan Super Smile Mommy the female Kangaskhan <Scrappy> @ Expert Belt
ekans Lily the female Ekans <Shed Skin> @ Lucky Egg
charmander Kaley the female Charmander <Solar Power> @ Lucky Egg

TruetoCheese's active squad

cacnea Prickles the male Cacnea <Sand Veil> @ Lucky Egg (Sig Attribute: Jack-O-Lantern)
noibat Rathian the female Noibat <Infiltrator> @ Lucky Egg
amaura Littlefoot the male Amaura <Refrigerate> @ Never-Melt Ice
magnemite Faraday the genderless Magnemite <Magnet Pull> @ Lucky Egg
drifloon Jupiter the male Drifloon <Unburden> @ Lucky Egg
croagunk Frog the male Croagunk <Anticipation> @ Eviolite
cottonee Leaf on the Wind the female Cottonee <Prankster> @ Sun Stone
solosis Grandpappy the male Solosis <Magic Guard> @ Life Orb
torchic Cheep the male Torchic <Speed Boost> @ Sachet
totodile Dimetro the female Totodile <Torrent> @ Lucky Egg

JackPK's active squad

spinarak Gwen the female Spinarak <Insomnia> @ Red Card
frogadier Sheena the female Frogadier <Torrent> @ Lucky Egg [4 EXP]
inkay Reynolds the male Inkay <Contrary> @ Lucky Egg
doublade Lancelot the male Doublade <No Guard> @ Dusk Stone
budew Louise the female Budew <Poison Point> @ Shiny Stone
zorua Luke the male Zorua <Illusion> @ Lucky Egg
kangaskhan Judge Judy the female Kangaskhan <Scrappy> @ Moon Stone (Sig Move: Kangaroo Court)
buneary Bun Two Three Four the female Buneary <Run Away> @ Soothe Bell
squirtle Lululemon (is a yoga store) the female Squirtle <Rain Dish> @ Rocky Helmet
audino Dr. Phil the male Audino <Healer> @ Sachet

To start this clusterfuck
~Eifie sends out
~JackPK sends out
~Keldeo sends out
~TruetoCheese sends out and orders commands
~Keldeo orders commands
~JackPK orders commands
~Eifie orders commands
~this command order will rotate so that the last one to order commands any round will be the first to order them next round. someone tell me if this is the wrong order for command ordering and if I should fix it, before someone starts commanding.
Last edited by a moderator:
The command order should probably be the reverse of the sendout order. That's the way I always do it normally because the person sending out first is at risk of being targeted by all three of the other sendout choices. Right now Keldeo is at a disproportionate advantage since she gets to send out second last and then command last.

Regardless, this is exactly what I wanted. :D Bambi, kick their butts off THE FRICKIN' ROOF! He has a signature move, by the way, which I will edit the link to in this post when I get home.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, I was thinking about what should happen to signature attributes and moves after "evolving". I was thinking maybe moves can stay, but attributes disappear? Thoughts?
Speaking of Prickles...


Tada! Now oh god oh god what the hell. We were just looking for a place to graze! (For you, not me, I'm vegetation intolerant) And now we end up here! With other people! They wanna steal your grass, Littlefoot! Maybe even your STAR LEAF. OH GOD NOT THE STAR LEAF. Shout at them! Shout at them all (Prefereably at Reynolds and Sonya if you could be so inclined). Get them off your lawn! If Reynolds and Sonya happen to be Protecting, Detecting or cannot be hit by your OLD MAN SHOUT (barring Subs), and you can use Reflect, then use it. If one of them is Protecting/unhittable/same as before then bring Bambi in on the fun and LEVEL THE LAWN with your ANCIENT EARTH FORCE, striking whoever is hittable. If everyone cannot be hit for some reason, wooo we wasted the first action! Throw up a Reflect anyway to celebrate. If you've lost your ability as well, then Earth Power.

The second action we're going to continue SHOUTING REALLY LOUD at Reynolds and Sonya, unless you've been statused, in which case show them STAB, Never-melt-ice boosted Facade. Bearing the same conditions as last action, Reflect in the appropriate case and if you haven't used Reflect already, then default to whichever attacking move is applicable; if you were Taunted then attack in the same vein. Torment could also be a thing, so if you're Tormented then Facade at whoever you can anyway.

The last action we'll throw out a Blizzard at whatever we can, prioritising Reynolds and Sonya as usual. I'm sleepy and this isn't helping that fact, so we'll Calm Mind if we can't hit who we want and are not Taunted. That ought to keep the damn whippersnappers out of your head.

HYPER VOICE @ Reynolds and Sonya / Earth Power @ whoever can be hit / Reflect ~ HYPER VOICE @ whoever / Facade @ Reynolds and Sonya / Reflect ~ Blizzard @ whoever / Calm Mind @ your beautiful, finely aged self
Hey, yelling isn't very nice. You should tell Littlefoot that with a Brick Break to the face or something, you know? But if you can't hit him for whatever reason, you can't use/reach him with Brick Break, or you're burned, go for a Signal Beam to Reynolds's face. If neither is hittable or you can't use either Brick Break or Signal Beam, and no one's preparing to Snatch your move, and you can use these moves (don't try if you don't think you can) let's just go for Reflect, Light Screen, Nasty Plot. Have fun, Sonya!

Brick Break @ Littlefoot / Signal Beam @ Reynolds / Reflect ~ Brick Break @ Littlefoot / Signal Beam @ Reynolds / Light Screen ~ Brick Break @ Littlefoot / Signal Beam @ Reynolds / Nasty Plot
uh I'm sorry TtC but you are doubly weak to the move that is strategically best for me to use considering my ability

Start with Light Screen to soften those Refrigerate Hyper Voices (ugh refrigerate), then slap Littlefoot back with two Superpowers!

As you're doing that, see if you can get behind Littlefoot so he's shouting at Sonya and you're not in the blast radius, but if given the choice he aims at you instead of her, then go back and get next to her to make sure she's in the blast radius. We want her in the blast radius as a first priority, and you out of it as a second.

If for whatever reason you can't go with your commands or they wouldn't be able to hit successfully, then idk Attract Sonya if you can do that and haven't already, or I guess otherwise use Foul Play (prioritizing Banbi, but if he's unhittable/unreachable, then whoever else is OK too).

Light Screen/Attract/Foul Play ~ Superpower/Attract/Foul Play x2
Hey, look, Bambi! Nobody wants to hurt you! I think it's because you're such a cute Litwick.

Luckily, I have the most hilarious plan. Those Brick Breaks and Superpowers should put Littlefoot just on the brink of KO, so all we've got to do is make sure they hit. Unluckily, Sonya's not going to wait for you before moving, but at least you can get a Telekinesis in to make sure the rest of the attacks hit despite the accuracy reduction from the acid rain. Then, if Sonya's first Brick Break missed, you're going to have to help out with two Shadow Balls, which should be enough thanks to the weather damage. God, Sonya. If her first Brick Break did not miss, take a turn to Calm Mind and then recoup the weather damage and get what should be a KO by devouring his soul. It's funny because you don't even need the KO exp, and you're snatching it right out from under their noses! Hahahahaha!

i am the biggest jerk

please no crits

If he's already KO'd on the third action when you should be attacking him just put up a small Substitute I guess.

Telekinesis @ Littlefoot ~ Shadow Ball @ Littlefoot / Calm Mind ~ Shadow Ball @ Littlefoot / Refuel (health) @ Littlefoot / Substitute (10%)
Four trainers walked into the Communication Club. This place had not gotten any better since the last time anyone had battled in it – there was weather everywhere, to the point where the trainers all immediately walked back out, put on protective suits, and walked back in; all the sensors were working strangely; and the roof seemed almost open somehow, even though it was closed. Perfectly safe place for a battle, don’t you think?

The referee elected not to join them this time around, instead sending his Ditto, transformed into the League’s head Alakazam (with Magic Guard, of course) and wearing a headset of various cameras and a loudspeaker on top. The pokémon ushered all the trainers to their respective corners of the room, and instructed them to all send out their pokémon. As the hail beat down and the sandstorm swirled around, as the sprinklers let out a torrential rain upon all the battlers, even while the fluorescent lights were on full blast, the trainers sent out their pokémon, and as Superbird called the command over speaker, Meta, now holding flags it had retrieved from somewhere, motioned for the battle to begin.

Round 1

Eifie (OOO)
Bambi – Litwick (♂) @ Dusk Stone
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Ability: Flash Fire
Type: Fire / Ghost
Signature Move: Refuel
Condition: A bit surprised.
Status: Normal
Commands: Telekinesis @ Littlefoot ~ Shadow Ball @ Littlefoot / Calm Mind ~ Shadow Ball @ Littlefoot / Refuel (health) @ Littlefoot / Substitute (10%)

Keldeo (OOO)
Sonya – Pikachu (♀) @ Thunder Stone
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Ability: Static
Type: Electric
Condition: Clearly irritated by the weather.
Status: Normal
Commands: Brick Break @ Littlefoot / Signal Beam @ Reynolds / Reflect ~ Brick Break @ Littlefoot / Signal Beam @ Reynolds / Light Screen ~ Brick Break @ Littlefoot / Signal Beam @ Reynolds / Nasty Plot

TruetoCheese (OOO)
Littlefoot – Amaura (♂) @ Never-Melt Ice
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Ability: Refrigerate
Type: Ice / Rock
Condition: Standing his ground against the weather.
Status: Normal
Commands: HYPER VOICE @ Reynolds and Sonya / Earth Power @ whoever can be hit / Reflect ~ HYPER VOICE @ whoever / Facade @ Reynolds and Sonya / Reflect ~ Blizzard @ whoever / Calm Mind @ your beautiful, finely aged self

JackPK (OOO)
Reynolds – Inkay (♂) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Ability: Contrary
Type: Dark / Psychic
Condition: Ready to fight.
Status: Normal
Commands: Light Screen / Attract / Foul Play ~ Superpower / Attract / Foul Play x2​

None of the battlers wasted any time in beginning their attacks – no one liked this freakish weather very much. Sonya, being a Pikachu, was of course the first to move, and just as she was commanded, she ran up to Littlefoot and delivered two quick hits to the Amaura’s side, and one right down on his head, making a strange shattering sound that somehow resembled glass.

Littlefoot was, needless to say, very displeased by this – of all pokémon here, he was the first one to be attacked? He was just trying to graze here, he was a herbivore – not that there seemed to be much grass, but he was still looking! Couldn’t his selfish opponents allow him that simple privilege? Maybe they all needed to GO AWAY. GET OFF MY LAWN, YOU WHIPPERSNAPPERS. BACK IN MY DAY, WE WERE ALL VERY RESPECTFUL OF EACH OTHER’S PERSONAL SPACE – THE TYRANTRUMS WOULD ASK NICELY FOR PERMISSION BEFORE COMING IN, EVEN. ARE YOU WORSE THAN A TYRANTRUM? WHAT IF YOU WANTED TO EAT SOME GRASS, AND I CAME UP AND PUNCHED YOU, HOW WOULD THAT MAKE YOU FEEL?

The Amaura’s Never-Melt Ice glowed, adding power to the cold speech Littlefoot was giving, and Sonya could do little more in response than step backwards slowly and clumsily, desperately trying to get her hands up far enough to cover her ears and meeting with only limited success. Reynolds, too, was shuddering from the sound, to the degree where he felt compelled to call up a thin cream-colored veil to encircle his body, for future protection. Bambi was the only one who didn’t really mind the screaming, although the attack had taken its brunt on him too. And so, instead of trying to protect himself from another tirade of elderly wrath, he instead used his psychic power to pick up Littlefoot from the ground – surprisingly, the Amaura wasn’t actually that heavy – and keep her there, unable to move.

Sonya, being the pokémon of a resourceful trainer as she was, did not question this, and capitalized on the opportunity to ford through the sand, hail, and rain, and deliver another several strikes on Littlefoot, sending the dinosaur pokémon flying backwards, right towards Reynolds – there was no longer any traction with the floor any more, after all. The Inkay realized just quickly enough that his opponent was on a collision course with him, and like any Inkay would, he took the opportunity to blindside the Amaura with his most powerful attack. Welling up as much power as he could, he waited until Littlefoot was almost to him, and until she turned her head to look at him. He gave a smirk, laughing to himself as the Amaura’s pupil-to-eye ratio decreased dramatically in fear, and launched himself forward with enough force to seriously injure a doubly-weak-to-fighting pokémon.

Littlefoot went flying, careening off of two different walls before gliding to a stop next to a surprisingly pensive Bambi. The candle pokémon was clearing his mind, taking the opportunity while no one was targeting him, and as the pokémon he was suspending in the air drew close, the Litwick opened his eyes and looked upwards at his prey. And he was promptly blown back by another icy-cold get-off-my-lawn speech that made the Litwick cringe sharply in pain. Reynolds, recovering from the stress of the attack he’d just launched and trying to convert that stress into power, was shaken out of his thoughts by the new rant about HOW DISRESPECTFUL YOU ALL YOUNG’INS ARE, DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO RESPECT YOUR ELDERS, NOT PLAY FRICKING PING PONG WITH US, which his helpful Light Screen only partially softened.

Somewhat ironically, Littlefoot’s persnicketiness only made the rest of the pokémon on the battlefield more eager to knock her out quickly. Sonya came running once again, delivering seventh, eighth, and ninth strikes to the Amaura’s fragile body and once again sending him away from her. Reynolds had to actually aim himself this time for his own attack, but this was no difficult task. As Littlefoot passed him, he launched himself forward once again, T-boning his target with such force that the room actually shook the first time he hit the wall. This time, Littlefoot’s burst of noise was not a rant but rather a wail of pain – still incredibly loud and icy, and long-lived enough to make Reynolds cringe in the aftermath of his attack and Sonya desperately curl up in a ball to shield her fragile ears from the pain.

But Bambi maintained a tricky smile – that wail of pain had to mean Littlefoot was nearly down already. And so, his flame flared up, and he began to cackle with a deep laugh that said Ghost-Type all over. Littlefoot quickly began to slow to a stop in the air, scrambling around more and more in desperation as energy drained itself from his body in several pale violet tendrils. He let out a pained wail, and then fell silent, his consciousness finally leaving him. Bambi’s flame waved back and forth erratically as it was whipped around by the harsh weather, and he released his telekinetic hold on his opponent, letting the Ice-type fall to the ground, where he was immediately recalled into his Poké Ball. All the battlers relaxed a little bit – compared to the chaos of this round, enduring the weather for a little bit while TruetoCheese sent out a replacement would be an easy feat.

But the Pokémon Communication Club wasn’t done with them yet. As the referee’s Ditto Alakazam waved a red flag to declare the end of the round, a white light began to envelop the three remaining battlers, and they all began to evolve. Sonya grew smaller, her arms turning into wings and her tail turning into a set of feathers; Reynolds grew a great deal taller and descended to the floor as his tentacles turned into legs and arms; and Bambi grew thinner and began to morph into a star-shape. When the light receded, a Staryu, a Spearow, and a Blaziken stood, experimenting curiously with their new forms as TruetoCheese thought about his life choices a little bit.

End of Round 1

Eifie (OOO)
Bambi – Staryu (♂) @ Dusk Stone
Health: 68%
Energy: 89%
Ability: Natural Cure
Type: Water
Signature Move: Refuel
Condition: More or less okay with the new form.
Status: Special Attack +1. Special Defense +1.
Actions: Telekinesis @ Littlefoot ~ Calm Mind ~ Refuel (crit)

Keldeo (OOO)
Sonya – Spearow (♀) @ Thunder Stone
Health: 54%
Energy: 88%
Ability: Keen Eye
Type: Normal / Flying
Condition: B-b-but i fry these things normally! Why do I have to be one?
Status: Normal
Actions: Brick Break @ Littlefoot x3

TruetoCheese (ØOO)
Littlefoot – Amaura (♂) @ Never-Melt Ice
Health: 0%
Energy: 85%
Ability: Refrigerate
Type: Ice / Rock
Condition: Unconscious.
Status: Knocked Out!
Actions: Hyper Voice x3

JackPK (OOO)
Reynolds – Blaziken (♂) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 58%
Energy: 81%
Ability: Blaze
Type: Fire / Fighting
Condition: Stronger now, and, consequently, satisfied.
Status: Attack +2. Defense +2. Sustaining a Light Screen (2 more actions)
Actions: Light Screen ~ Superpower @ Littlefoot x2​

Referee Notes
~Targeting Hyper Voice is pretty hard. It hit everyone, but thanks to my policy on multi-target moves, it did the same amount of damage as it would have had it just been concentrated to the two intended targets.
~Hyper Voice was also unaffected by the room’s inherent accuracy drop, being sound-based rather than vision-based. Incidentally, I ran numbers for everything just for kicks – even without Telekinesis or the above ruling, nothing would have missed this round.
~Additive damage boosts are stupid. If your pokémon looks like it should have lost less health this round than it actually did, it’s because +4 At End Of Calculation happened.
~Refuel scored a Critical Hit. Refuel can no longer be used this battle. Coincidentally, it dealt the finishing blow to Littlefoot.
~KO count: Bambi (1)
~At the end of the round, Bambi became a Staryu; Sonya became a Spearow; and Reynolds became a Blaziken.

Next Round
~TruetoCheese sends out
~Keldeo orders commands
~JackPK orders commands
~Eifie orders commands
~TruetoCheese orders commands

~Sonya uses Brick Break on Littlefoot, dealing 7.5*2=15% damage for 4% energy
~Littlefoot uses Hyper Voice, dealing 9*1.25*.75=8+4=12% damage to Sonya and Reynolds, and 8*.5=4+4=8% damage to Bambi, for 5% energy
~Reynolds uses Light Screen, for 2% initial energy
~Bambi uses Telekinesis on Littlefoot, for 1% initial energy
~Reynolds’s Light Screen is in effect for 4 more actions (1% energy)
~Littlefoot is being held up for 2 more actions (1% energy)
~Sonya uses Brick Break on Littlefoot, dealing 15% damage for 4% energy
~Littlefoot uses Hyper Voice, dealing 12% damage to Sonya, 8*.66=6+4=10% damage to Reynolds, and 8% damage to Bambi, for 5% energy.
~Reynolds uses Superpower on Littlefoot, dealing 12*2=24% damage for 7% energy.
~Reynolds’s Attack and Defense rise!
~Bambi uses Calm Mind, for 2% energy.
~Bambi’s Sp.Atk and Sp.Def rise!
~Reynolds’s Light Screen is in effect for 3 more actions (1% energy)
~Littlefoot is being held up for 1 more action (1% energy)
~Sonya uses Brick Break on Littlefoot, dealing 15% damage for 4% energy
~Littlefoot uses Hyper Voice, dealing 12% to Sonya, 10% to reynolds, and 8% to Bambi, for 5% energy
~Reynolds uses Superpower on Littlefoot, dealing 28% damage for 7% energy
~Reynolds’s Attack and Defense rise!
~Bambi uses Refuel, dealing 4*1.25*1.16*1.5=9% damage (crit) for 4% energy.
~Bambi recovers 2% health.
~Littlefoot is KO’ed.
~Reynolds’s Light Screen is in effect for 2 more actions (1% energy)
~Bambi’s Telekinesis fades. (1% energy)
~Bambi, Sonya, and Reynolds all take 10% damage from weather.
~The battlers do not go on the roof.
~Bambi turns into a Staryu.
~Sonya turns into a Spearow.
~Reynolds turns into a Blaziken.
Well, Spearow doesn't have very many useful moves, which is why we're going to spam SKY ATTACK and hope really hard that you don't get KO'd this round (spoilers: you probably will.) Prioritize hitting Reynolds, but if he's protecting, detecting or otherwise unhittable, including having fainted but not including Substitute, I'd like you to go for Bambi instead. Go for Jupiter if both Reynolds and Bambi are unhittable or Reynolds is unhittable and Bambi has used Minimize. If you're Attracted and really don't want to hit whomever I want you to hit, go for someone else who's hittable idk. If no one you want to hit is hittable, go for a Work Up, unless someone's preparing to Snatch it or you're Taunted. If you're frozen or paralyzed or burnt or trapped, or you can't use SKY ATTACK for any other reason, go for an Air Cutter at whomever you can hit.

SKY ATTACK @ someone / Air Cutter @ someone / Work Up x3
You know what's not fun? Being weak to everybody else's STAB (now I know how you feel, TTC).

You know what is fun? EXPLOSION oh wait we don't have that

I don't think any Double Team shenanigans are gonna fly since we still have two people left to command and they can totally spend an action sweeping our clones, so we're not gonna do that.

Instead we're going to unleash a massive Rock Slide on our Flying-type foes. If at any point either or both of them are unhittable/unreachable or if you can't hit both at the same time, Hyper Beam Bambi since he didn't get much love last round. If Banbi's also unhittable/unreachable or if for some reason you can't use either attack, then idk Protect yourself I guess.

it would have been so cheap but so fun to just say Protect ~ something ~ Protect and watch you guys try to KO me in a single action

Rock Slide @ Sonya and Jupiter / Hyper Beam (one action) @ Bambi / Protect x3


God dammit, Bambi, I had the most hilarious plan for us to carry out while everyone betrayed me in return for being so terrible last round, but that's because I was expecting to command first. :'( How dare Superbird not let me command first?! Horrible!

Instead, let's try to make it up to our shadey friend by helping him out a bit. Sonya's not that much of a problem so let's just give Reynolds a hard time. I want you to at the very least insert yourself into the Rock Slide if you can, shield Jupiter from some of those stones and try to minimize the damage he takes. Presumably he will be okay with this and not make it difficult. Let's try to grab on to him (or have him grab on to you) and Teleport the both of you onto the FRICKIN' ROOF. COME ON MAN. GOTTA GIVE THE ROOF SOME LOVE. I DEMAND WE TRANSPORT THE BATTLE TO THE ROOF. SUPERBIRD MY MAN PLEASE LET THIS THROUGH. Then idk you two could have some alone time, but I think it'd be funnier to get away from Jupiter and then Teleport back into the arena to see the chaos unfold in the wake of Jupiter's sudden disappearance. Finally let's Thunder Sonya to death! It's funny because she used to be an Electric-type!

Teleport (to roof, hold on to Jupiter) ~ Teleport (back to colosseum) ~ Thunder @ Sonya

why do i even play this game
Be warned, this may hurt to read.

Alright, we're going to try and make everyone hit each other, because yes.

As Bambi is moving towards them to take a Rock Slide for you, which means she'll be delaying her Teleport until Reynolds' moves, we’ll move away from her as Reynolds decides to Hyper Beam the betrayer starfish instead. Bambi would be trying to shield us for her life from the move, and may be unpleasantly surprised by beams instead of rocks.

Drop your Lucky Egg while you do this, if you can. Then Bambi should hobble back over to you and Teleport you both to THE ROOF, so just Bind her, STAY ATTACHED TO HER, and enjoy the ride. She’ll want to grab onto you as well, so no accuracy issues should apply. If necessary then wait until she’s grabbed on to properly Bind yourself to her. Squeeze her hard, making sure you get that damage per action in. Sonya should be Sky Attacking Reynolds right in his face about now, so wave to them if it won’t affect your other movements. If we do get up to the roof, we should take the arena damage up there, I think?

This applies when you’re up on the roof: we're going to hold on as tightly as we can, easy enough to do since Staryus have those nice little nearly immovable points we can stay wrapped around, since we want to move after we've hopefully returned to the normal arena. A Staryu is double your height, so just hang on to one of the points or the core if that's the best way to stay on. While we're up there we'll drop our Lucky Egg if we haven't already and it’s possible without compromising our grip on Bambi.

For our second action Bambi should not be able to escape your deathgrip, but we’ll make her think she has. Just Minimize yourself, since you’d be faster with Unburden up (and she’d wait for you to be gone before leaving anyway), so it’s harder for Bambi to get you off. It should help you get back faster, because Bambi would think you're gone and just Teleport out of there. Yeah actually, prioiritise Minimising if Bambi would think you're gone. You're a balloon, so making yourself smaller shouldn't be hard. Bambi should Teleport out of there pronto since she hasn't been given alternate commands, and we'll still be attached hopefully. As soon as you get back let go of Bambi and move the hell away from Sonya if you aren't far enough already. You should be able to do this with your crazy Unburdened doublespeed.

Hopefully Reynolds would be waiting for something to happen since his commands are explicitly reactive (and Protect is one of those moves you can throw up any time), and be gladdened by our reappearance. This should force another Hyper Beam from Reynolds, as he'll wait to see what he can do to one of our fair battlers. And in turn, force another Sky Attack from Sonya onto Reynolds. Then we all take the hazard damage, business as usual.

For the third action drop your egg if you haven’t already. Now Bambi should call down a Thunder on Sonya, Reynolds should Hyper Beam Bambi, and Sonya would try and Sky Attack Reynolds for the KO. At this point you swoop in and slam your own Thunder down on Bambi and get that traitorous filth out of your sight forever.

If, because of some unfortunate miss earlier in the round (including this action), Bambi would survive your Thunderous applause, finish off Reynolds with an Acrobatics before Sonya gets in. This would be right after Bambi gets Hyper Beamed, so if you counted three Hyper Beams hitting her throughout the round, then she’s your gal, otherwise Reynolds is your target.

Of course, crits can also occur and Reynolds might just be dead by the second action, in which case let Bambi Thunder Sonya, and then follow it up with a Thunder of your own on Sonya. If everything’s gone sour, just use one of the aforementioned attacks at whoever is alive, Acrobatics on Reynolds and Thunder on the others for the whole round.

If you get stuck on the roof then drop your Lucky Egg (if you haven’t already >.>) and zoom down through the half-opening the arena seems to have (you’re small enough) and Acrobatics Reynolds on the second action, easy enough to do with Unburden and Acrobatics being such a dynamic move you could ready it while flying in. It may be helped by the fact that Sky Attack, while being used on one action, would still need some readying. Then we would strike Bambi with a Thunder on the last action.

Hopefully you do get to kill Bambi, since with the Bind residual damage proccing at least once, she’s in range for damnation.

Action One: Bind @ Bambi (drop Lucky Egg if possible) / Thunder @ Sonya or Bambi / Acrobatics @ Reynolds

Action Two: Minimize (drop Egg if you haven’t) / Acrobatics @ Reynolds / Thunder @ Sonya or Bambi

Action Three: Thunder @ Sonya or Bambi / Acrobatics @ Reynolds (drop egg if you haven’t)

oh god Superbird I’m sorry for writing seventeen thousand words of conditional guff, blame Eifie for muddling everything up by taking a FLYING type to see the sky. As if Jupiter doesn’t get enough of that cloudy bastard already.

To make it up to you I’ve put shades on all the mons.


I can do this for all the mons we evolve into in battle, if you so wish o benevolent master
After a too-long-for-everyone-else-given-the-weather second of thought, TruetoCheese selected another poké ball from his belt and threw it out at the arena, as far away from Sonya as possible. From it emerged a purple balloon pokémon, who glanced around the arena slightly apprehensively and immediately decided what it was going to do for the rest of the round. No sooner was Jupiter on the field, then the referee’s Ditto, obliging everyone’s request, flagged the start of the next round.

Round 2

Eifie (OOO)
Bambi – Staryu (♂) @ Dusk Stone
Health: 68%
Energy: 89%
Ability: Natural Cure
Type: Water
Signature Move: Refuel
Condition: More or less okay with the new form.
Status: Special Attack +1. Special Defense +1.
Commands: Teleport (to roof, hold on to Jupiter) ~ Teleport (back to colosseum) ~ Thunder @ Sonya

Keldeo (OOO)
Sonya – Spearow (♀) @ Thunder Stone
Health: 54%
Energy: 88%
Ability: Keen Eye
Type: Normal / Flying
Condition: B-b-but i fry these things normally! Why do I have to be one?
Status: Normal
Commands: SKY ATTACK @ someone / Air Cutter @ someone / Work Up x3

TruetoCheese (ØOO)
Jupiter – Drifloon (♂) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Ability: Unburden
Type: Ghost / Flying
Condition: Incredibly nervous.
Status: Normal.
Commands: Bind @ Bambi (drop Lucky Egg if possible) / Thunder @ Sonya or Bambi / Acrobatics @ Reynolds ~ Minimize (drop Egg if you haven’t) / Acrobatics @ Reynolds / Thunder @ Sonya or Bambi ~ Thunder @ Sonya or Bambi / Acrobatics @ Reynolds (drop egg if you haven’t)

JackPK (OOO)
Reynolds – Blaziken (♂) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 58%
Energy: 81%
Ability: Blaze
Type: Fire / Fighting
Condition: Stronger now, and, consequently, satisfied.
Status: Attack +2. Defense +2. Sustaining a Light Screen (2 more actions)
Commands: Rock Slide @ Sonya and Jupiter / Hyper Beam (one action) @ Bambi / Protect x3​

Eifie whispered some commands in Bambi’s ear – at least, it started as whispering, though it turned into an excited yell after not too long – and the Litwick-turned-Staryu started moving quickly towards Jupiter. The Drifloon, noticing this, urgently began to float backwards, taking a moment to toss his lucky egg on the ground as a sort of distraction to Bambi before attempting to ford the weather. His Ghost-type attributes helped a little bit in that regard, and as Sonya began to glow, charging up a powerful attack in attempt to make the most of her hated new form, Jupiter moved in the other direction, Bambi blindly following him in an attempt to grab on. Reynolds was somewhat annoyed at this happening – his two opponents were now on opposite sides of him. Even if he tried his best, he wouldn’t be able to knock out rocks to hit everyone. Bambi was the one who was messing them up, forcing Jupiter away. Bambi had to pay.

The Staryu was still chasing after Jupiter, the Drifloon nervously receding as he noticed Reynolds charging an attack. Helpfully, he waved his hanging arms around to try to get Bambi’s attention, and motioned for the Staryu to turn around. Bambi did, and promptly took a Hyper Beam to the face gem. Jupiter skillfully caught his opponent in his arms as she was flung backwards from the impact, mumbling a word to thank her for shielding him from that attack. Bambi huffed, but then got herself and her rescuer out of the room with a quick Teleport just as Sonya released a glowing facsimile of an eagle towards Reynolds, following it up with a flurry of pecks and scratches.


As Sonya was glowing again, panting from her last attack but preparing to launch another one straight away, Reynolds glared at her. He, too, was breathing hard, struggling to get the energy from another Hyper Beam. The Sky Attack hadn’t been at all pleasant, either, and the weather was continuing to wear on him. But where were Bambi and Jupiter? Was he just supposed to attack Sonya? Oh, there Bambi was. Still couldn’t see Jupiter, but that was enough.

Jupiter dislodged himself from Bambi’s body and gave his minimized self a quick push backwards, floating far away from his opponent. The Staryu coughed and shook himself off, relieved to be back in an environment that wasn’t the FRICKING ROOF, even if the weather was still bonkers in here. It was still much better—

Before he could finish his thought, Bambi flew backwards past Jupiter, who deftly floated out of the way of his opponent’s flying body just quickly enough, and smacked flatly into the wall. Reynolds gave the Staryu a smirk, and then turned towards Sonya to see what she was doing. Sky Attack again? He frowned. He wasn’t sure he could take another one of those, but he should be able to jump out of the way in time. After all, he was a Blaziken, and he was pretty str—ooh, wait, was the attack already ready? oh no, he needed to move—

And like Bambi before him, Reynolds was caught unaware by the attack, as a dedicated Sonya slammed into his chest, glowing with Flying-type energy, and sent the Blaziken skidding backwards along the ground. Not falling down yet, but only barely hanging on. Reynolds struggled to charge another attack, and in the meantime Bambi decided to attack the defenseless Sonya, recovering from her last attack and preparing to launch yet one more. The Staryu finally used the elemental abilities its species was known for, letting its gem crackle with electricity for a brief moment before shooting that electricity into the air, where it briefly disappeared for a moment before coming down across the room and enveloping Sonya in a brutal Thunder attack. But the Pikachu-turned Spearow was not to be deterred, for she was – or at least, she used to be – a being of electricity. She weathered the assault and continued to glow. Only after Reynolds had launched his Hyper Beam attack at Bambi, sending the Staryu once more against the wall, did Sonya let loose her third and final Sky Attack of the round. It was more than enough to take Reynolds out of the battle.

But the round wasn’t over yet – No one noticed a tiny little Jupiter in the corner of the room, himself crackling with electricity and narrowing his eyes at the Staryu who had, back when he was a Litwick, betrayed his teammate. With a shrill cry, the Drifloon released his own electricity into the sky and a moment later, before Bambi could recover from the Hyper Beam, his body behaved as a lightning rod, drawing the same amount of electricity from the clouds as he had put into them only a moment earlier. And this time, he wasn’t ready for it. With an alien-sounding screech, Bambi’s body convulsed for a few seconds before going limp and falling to the floor.

JackPK and Eifie slowly recalled their fallen pokémon, as the Communication Club sensed the conclusion of the round and the two remaining battlers began to glow again, transforming into yet new species of pokémon. Both of their transformations seemed similar, Sonya’s wings growing larger while Jupiter’s arms began to expand to his side and turn into wings. But there was a notable difference, in that Sonya stopped growing much more quickly, and when the light faded around her steely body and she looked forth upon Jupiter, the former Drifloon’s silhouette was becoming spiky. He was certainly visible now, though he stopped growing when he reached about Sonya’s size. The white glow concealing his form vanished, revealing jagged yellow wings with black highlights, and a jagged yellow crest with a very long beak. Jupiter let out a loud cry as his Zapdos wings sparkled with electricity, before realizing that Sonya was looking longingly at him and suddenly stopping to glare at her as if to say you’re next. But the ⅔-scale Zapdos was just so adorable, and Sonya wanted her lightning powers back. She would have to steal that transformation for herself next round. Meanwhile, The Floor Continued To Rise UnTiL tHe BaTtLeRs BeGaN tO fEeL tHe StRoNg GuStS oF wInD AND THIS WAS THE FRICKING ROOF GET US OFF OF HERE WHAT’S GOING ONNNNNN THANK GOD BOTH OF THE BATTLERS ARE FLYING TYPES NOW AND CAN ACTUALLY MANEUVER UP HERE, RIGHT? GUYS? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!

End of Round 2

Eifie (ØOO)
Bambi – Staryu (♂) @ Dusk Stone
Health: 0%
Energy: 83%
Ability: Mega Launcher
Type: Water
Signature Move: Refuel
Condition: Unconscious.
Status: Knocked Out!
Actions: Teleport ~ Teleport ~ Thunder @ Sonya

Keldeo (OOO)
Sonya – Skarmory (♀) @ Thunder Stone
Health: 25%
Energy: 52%
Ability: Sturdy
Type: Bug
Condition: Increasingly jealous, though tired from exertion.
Status: Normal.
Actions: Sky Attack @ Reynolds x3

TruetoCheese (ØOO)
Jupiter – Zapdos (♂)
Health: 89%
Energy: 84%
Ability: Pressure
Type: Normal
Status: adorable uguu <3 <3 (Evasion +2).
Actions: Bind @ Bambi ~ Minimize ~ Thunder @ Bambi

JackPK (ØOO)
Reynolds – Blaziken (♂) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 0%
Energy: 43%
Ability: Blaze
Type: Fire / Fighting
Condition: Unconscious.
Status: Knocked Out!
Actions: Hyper Beam @ Bambi x3​

Arena Notes

Referee Notes
~Given Sonya was basically stationary on Action 1, Jupiter was both sent out in such a position and was able to move so that it would be almost impossible for Reynolds to hit both of them in a single attack. Therefore, he defaulted to attacking Bambi with Hyper Beam.
~Reynolds fell to Sonya’s Sky Attack on action 3.
~Bambi passed out on action 3 from Jupiter’s Thunder attack.
~Jupiter and Bambi took 1% extra field damage from being on the FRICKIN ROOF for one action.
~At the end of the round, the battle transitioned to the FRICKIN ROOF.
~You can see who everyone transformed into. I’m lazy and don’t feel like typing it out again.
~KO Count: Bambi: 1, Sonya: 1, Jupiter: 1

Next Round
~JackPK sends out
~Eifie sends out
~JackPK orders commands
~Eifie orders commands
~Truetocheese orders commands
~Keldeo orders commands

Speeds: Bambi (85) > Reynolds (80) > Jupiter = Sonya (70)
Action 1
~Bambi moves over to Jupiter
~Jupiter moves away from Sonya, dropping lucky egg as a distraction.
~Reynolds ascertains that Sonya and Jupiter are too far apart to hit with one Rock Slide
~Reynolds uses Hyper Beam on Bambi, dealing 15% damage for 12% energy
~Jupiter uses Bind on Bambi, dealing 1% damage for 1% energy
~Bambi uses Teleport, for 3% energy
~Jupiter and Bambi are now on the FRICKIN ROOF
~Sonya uses Sky Attack on Reynolds, dealing 14*1.25*1.5*.66=20% damage, for 12% energy
~Bambi takes 1% damage from Bind
~Reynolds is protected by Light Screen for 1 more action (1% energy)
Action 2
~Jupiter uses Minimize, for 2% energy.
~Bambi tries to shake Jupiter off, can’t find her, teleports back down for 3% energy
~Reynolds uses Hyper Beam on Bambi, dealing 15% damage for 12% energy
~Sonya uses Sky Attack on Reynolds, dealing 20% damage for 12% energy
~Bambi takes 1% damage from Bind
~Reynolds dissolves the Light Screen (1% energy)
Action 3
~Jupiter is waiting patiently.
~Bambi uses Thunder on Sonya, dealing 11*1.5*1.16=19% damage for 8% energy
~Reynolds uses Hyper Beam on Bambi, dealing 15% damage for 12% energy
~Sonya uses Sky Attack on Reynolds, for 12% energy
~Reynolds is knocked out!
~Jupiter uses Thunder on Bambi, dealing 11*1.5/1.16=14% damage for 8% energy
~Bambi and Jupiter take 11% damage from weather; Sonya takes 10%
~Bambi is knocked out!
End of Round
~The battle moves to the FRICKIN ROOF
~Sonya turns into a Skarmory
~Jupiter turns into a Zapdos
I think I should probably be sending out first, and if not then I guess Jack can accept this as a token of goodwill >:( Let's go, The Fuzz!

Lancelot can finally get his last evolution and then go rot in a PC :-)




SHOCK W̠̣̭͚̗̬ͭͧ̓͗́̊̚͜A͓͕̟̬͊ͨ̓̚͝V̹͓̱͌͂ͫ͐̍ͫ̚E͍͙̝̟͖̮ͥͤͧ̍͡/S̷̬͉̰̻̹̳̋͆A̳̹C̝͔̦̤̘̤͐̄̃R̪̝̻̠̗̘E̱͎̞̰̞͙͓ͣ̀̍̂ͣͫ̕D̟͙̳ SWORD/R̪̮ͬ͘ͅO̜̲̣̜̒ͦ̓̈́͜C̼̼̙̲͙̮̓̃K̶͓̰͔͓͚̯̥ͦ̀ SLIDE X3

I swear THE ROOF was just two actions per round? or was that just in the original Jerome's Traintastic Quest for Pizza arena? I sure don't see it in the arena description here...
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