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Eon Ticket PSA!


has a BONE to pick with you
Someone on the pokemon trading subreddit linked to a Taiwanese Pokemon Facebook page, from which you can get a code for an Eon Ticket just by inputting your email (you'll need a FB account for that, but you can just make a fake one quickly like I did). The codes apparently work in PAL, JPN and NA copies of the game, at least judging by the comments.

I just redeemed a code on my Omega Ruby, so yep, it works. So in case you haven't gotten the ticket yet, this is your chance! The codes are redeemable from 13th Feb to 28th Feb.


groove out!
"Sorry, the offer you tried to access has ended." I'm guessing they didn't intend for it to work worldwide, eheheh.


has a BONE to pick with you
Not sure if you know this already, but from this Friday to next Monday, you can go to pokemon.com and get a code for the Eon Ticket. I'm guessing the codes will be usable worldwide? Can't say for sure, but for the sake of everyone not living in the US, let's hope so. :P