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Fight for the stars[Might be blood}


Careful fighting the monsters, lest you become one
Ok guys... I don't know if you've joined or not but I have started this back up... hope you all come to help me.. I don't want to be the only one writing here, so I'll list the people I absolutly know were on this Rpg:

Kindling Queen

Ummm.. I know this looks really bad, but I hope those of you I have not listed... and I know theres a lot of you I have not listed so yeah.
Oh and please list your infor as shown

Name: Ian Bashkir
Age: 13 [10-15
Pokemon: Umbreon Lvl 15 Charmander lvl12 [lvl 10-17]
Personality:[You can tell us now or let us think of your character as we play along.]
Pokemon personality:[Same as human personality as said above.]
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Name: Sakura Gartod
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Girafarig [15]{F} Stantler [16]{M}
Personality: Sweet, kind and gentle. She is very sensitive towards harsh comments and sticks up for others that mean a lot to her.
Poke'Personality: Girafarig=Rowdy and Spoiled Stantler=Calm and Wise
Hmm, could you possibly do a description of the RPG?

But I'm still joining! :D

Name: Terrence Girno
Age: 14
Pokemon: Lv 12 Bellsprout; Lv 10 Poochyena
Personality: Terrence is very talkative and often arrogant.
Pokemon personality: Bellsprout is very quiet and Poochyena can be very defending of his friends and trainer.


feeling nostalgic
Name: Violet R.
Pokemon: Onna (Female, level 11 Mawile), Flare (Male, level 15 Quilava), and Frostbite (Female level 14 Glaceon)
Personality: Violet tends to be sarcastic, but usually isn't mean. She loves her Pokemon to death, and is protective of friends and will do absolutely anything to help them if they're in danger. She's good at battling, and gets into fights herself occasionally. She picks pockets with Onna, and is very good at it.
Pokemon personality:
Onna: The loudest and most energetic of all Violet's Pokemon. She is excellent at fake-crying and stealing with Violet. Fights a lot, just like her trainer. SOrt of the Pokemon version of Violet.
Flare: Easy-going and usually asleep. He is Violet's official starter and is very strong, but battles rarely because he doesn't like to. Is very good friends with Frostbite.
Frostbite: Quiet and shy, she likes to explore and run. She can sing pretty well, and is sometimes mistaken for a human's voice when she does. Best friends with Flare. Violet got Frostbite as an Eevee for her thirteenth birthday from her parent, so Frostbite is special to her.

By the way, wanna know where Onna's name comes from? Well, Mawile is based on the Japanese legend of the Futakuchi-onna, which is a lady with a face on the back of her head. Futakuchi-onna =D


Careful fighting the monsters, lest you become one
Oh yes... of course, well, the people who a;ready joined might know the situation but here
A bunch of orphans are living in a shack where they survive by stealing and fighting for money. THey are puRsued by other people who want them out of Vielstone city. People follow them and try to catch them to no avail, but one strange man persists to catch them.



Careful fighting the monsters, lest you become one
Ok... yes i FORGOT MY pokes personality and mine

Umbreon: Umbreon is quiet and he keeps to himself most of the time. He is only loyal to Ian and his most trusted friend of his is Flame, a Blue Charmander with a fiery personality.

Flame: Flame is a Blue Charmander, she is only friendly towards Ian and his friends. She despises any strangers that appear in her territory, so that means anyone she sees.

Ian is outgoing and humorous, he usually gets to ahead of himself and gets lost. Other then that, he is friendly toward his friends and his and their pokemon.
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I was here before. We stopped in the middle of a double battle.
Name: Rosie McAgenoph
Age: 12
Pokemon: Shellder Lv 11, Bellsprout Lv 13
Personality: Rosie is outgoing and friendly, with a peppy attitude. However, she will become more of a person who stands in one place if she realizes that there is absolutely no way strategy could get her through a tough situation. Speaking of strategy, she believes it is the most important element in battle, rather than strength or size.
Pokemon personality:
Shellder, a male, is shy, but also loves to be the center of attention. He usually plays with his tongue and may even lick Rosie. Around strangers, he keeps his shell tightly shut, protecting a tiny, hidden pearl. When he does this, only Rosie can get him open again, if the stranger is gone. Shellder can be rather emotional.
Bellsprout, also a male, is more of the dominant type and will defend his friend, Shellder, at the cost of the battle. All that satisfies him is protecting one of his only friends. He likes playing with Rosie by wrapping around her forehead like a headband.
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Careful fighting the monsters, lest you become one
Hmmmmmm... I really dont want to start now, but you guys can start up again, remember we were just getting Umbreon back, ok? Good, Sakura and Rosie are still fighting alright?
good start now


Back in action!
Rosie told her Pokemon, "Shellder, Clamp on Stantler, and Bellsprout, you can Wrap around the Girafarig, right?"
Bellsprout nodded, but since Shellder couldn't do that, he just opened his shell a little wider in agreement.
"Okay, then, go!"


You are now imagining the RBY Elite 4 theme.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind of standoffish and distant. He's kind of still in shock after losing his parents. He was the heir to a large amount of money, but his uncles and aunts managed to worm their way into getting it instead, something he is rather bitter about.
Description: Stringy, shoulder length black hair surrounds his head like a veil and rectanglar glasses hide his face from the world. He tilts his head down when he feels strong emotions so that his hair and glasses conceal them. His eyes are brown and his skin is pale from living inside and then under the storminess of Veilstone. He wears a white business shirt under a green-and-black checked sweater vest, and his pants are black. His only real valuable possessions are a gold pocket watch he keeps around his neck and a silver ring with a garnet inset in it.

Vittorio is a shiny Vulpix that his parents bought him as his 'starter'. He is very dainty and doesn't like to get his paws dirty. He is extremely cunning, however, and his cute exterior is often compromised by the cold intelligence underneath. He is level 14.

Alecto is a Larvitar. She is very brash, blunt and a born warrior. She is not as intelligent as Vittorio, but if there is glory to be gotten, she is there. In her mind, if she isn't first, she's last, and she never gives up. She is level 10.

Courtney is a Spinarak, and, at 6, the lowest level of the group, as well as the newest. He is cautious and doesn't like to be alone. Of all Tadeo's Pokemon, he is the kindest and the least selfish of them all.


Careful fighting the monsters, lest you become one
Ian looked at Vioet with thanks and turned away and walked towards the Game Corner.
'Ian seems to go to that place more often now', Umbreon thought.
Umbreon bounded after him, hoping for food along the way.


feeling nostalgic
Violet grinned with relief and hugged Onna.
"Little pick-pocket saved the day! Well, not quite. Anyway, we have money left from our "job" this morning. Do you..~?"
The girl bought soda for all three of her Pokemon and gave the drinks to them, before taking a walk around Veilstone with Flare. He hadn't gotten to be outside much lately.


Careful fighting the monsters, lest you become one
Ian walked into the game corner, he sat at the machine and played the whole afternoon. After he had a good amount of coins, he stepped out into the city and raced to the edge of the street. Ian knew that people would pay good money for coins. A man who was obviously drunk came by and decided to buy the coins and staggered into the Game corner.

Ian rushed to the department store and bought pokeballs for the peole in the group. Before he left he picked up tonights meal for everyone. Umbreon bounded over to Ian and jumped up onto him. Ian replied by telling him he had a surprise for everyone at the shack, with that, Ian brushed through the doorway to greet his friends.


feeling nostalgic
Violet followed Ian inside, with Flare. She remembered about Umbreon.
"Hey, Ian. Umbreon is officially still that guy's, right? I know how to make him technically yours, if you want."


Careful fighting the monsters, lest you become one
Ian looked bewildered at Violet, he thought it over wile chewing on his share of the food and finally he replied "Yes, that would be nice."
Ian smiled at Violet and stood up and beckoned Umbreon to go with him outside. As Ian turned around to face Umbreon, he took out a little disk that flowed with energy. "Umbreon, over here, I got this at the store, it's a T.M. that will teach you Dark Pulse."
Umbreon sauntered over and laid next to Ian who set the disk in the C.D player that was built to play the disk and teach the pokemon. He put the headphones on Umbreon and let him sleep there.


feeling nostalgic
Violet nodded.
"Okay, but first, I need to do something really quick."
She ran outside, and dashed into route 215 with Frostbite. She looked for any wild Pokemon, finding an Abra.
"Frostbite, Ice Beam! But not too hard. I want to catch it."
The Glaceon obeyed, hitting the psychic Pokemon with a light-blue beam. Dazed, it didn't have time to teleport. Violet threw a great ball at it. After catching the tiny pokemon, she went home.
"Okay, Ian. I need to borrow Umbreon for a sec."
The pokeball containing the Abra jiggled, the pokemon inside was not happy.
Come on, wait a minute. I'll free you soon.