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One-Shot Fingers Flying


tender chimkin nugget
PG-13 for swearing.

The girl sat in the corner of the Acura, fingers flying across her screen, texting. Her dark hair fell over her face, obscuring her eyes from view. She grinned as her twin brother turned on the car radio, and hummed along to Not Over You. Someone knocked on the driver's window and she looked up. "Open the door," she called to her brother, "It's mom."
Their mother climbed into the car and deposited her groceries into the passenger seat. The kids buckled their seat belts as the car drove steadily down the road. As they turned a corner, Workout came on. The song was horribly overplayed, and both kids grimaced. "Could you change the station?" asked the boy. The mom obligingly switched the station from 99.7 to 97.3 the girl smiled as Better than I Know Myself came on. "What the hell is this?" asked the boy in disgust. The girl rolled her eyes with a sigh. "Better than I Know Myself," she replied contemptuously, "Adam Lambert." The boy turned to her with a snort. "Adam Lambert? What type of name is that?" The girl frowned but said nothing. "This music is so sappy!" Her brother complained loudly as he exited the Acura. The girl followed him out and stood on the misty sidewalk, fuming. "I'm so tired of you HATING on everything I DO! she yelled, slamming the door. She grabbed a carton of milk from the purple car's trunk and stormed up the stairs to the house.
The girl shoved the milk into the metal fridge and turned off the alarm before stomping up the stairs, barefoot. She tossed her bag onto her bed and sank down next to it. The girl pulled out her phone.

I hate my bro.
He was all like LOL your music is so sappy and stupid LULZ
He judges you by your music?
Yeah he's all like all the artists have retarded names. What, like Pitbull and Eminem don't have stupid names? Pitbull is a fucking dog and Eminem sounds like a type of candy! At least Adam Lambert is a normal human name!
He sounds mean.
He's a bitch and he acts like it's all a joke.
Well can't you do something about it?
I'm afraid to talk back, cuz he might punch me or something

The girl stood up, stretching, and walked into the office. Her brother sat before the computer they shared, so she was forced to use their parents'. She booted it up and navigated to the webpage for her science book. Suddenly, Better with the Lights Off came on. She turned in her chair to face her brother. "Would you not play that song?" she asked in annoyance. "What do you want me to play? One of your stupid sappy songs?" he sneered. The girl turned back to her computer and pushed her chair back. She walked calmly back to her room. Only then did she unleash her anger, punching the wall repeatedly before collapsing onto her bed. Still furious, she slowly ran her fingertips over her nails before plunging them into her left arm. She curled her fingers around her forearm,her face contorted with rage. After a while, she released her right arm and grabbed her left. She repeated this several times, until her arms were lined with red welts. Eventually, she crumpled on her bed, crying, though not from the pain. Her phone vibrated.

You there?
Are you okay?
Depends how you define okay.
Oh god, what did you do?
I think we both know the answer to that.
Don't hurt yourself girl! You scare the shit outta me!
I told you so. It becomes a habit.
Look, you warned me and saved me. It's time for me to do the same for you. Take a deep breath and stop it. I hate seeing my best friend hurting herself.
Alright. I'll stop. for you.
Thank you. ILY. Don't hurt yourself.

She sighed and turned off her phone, tossing it onto a chair. The girl walked back into the office and sat down. She opened a new tab. A couple clicks later, she began to type. The girl sat in the corner of the Acura