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First Gen 5 Silhouette

The problem with the Mightyena evolution theory, as much as I would love it, is that it looks like it has webbed feet. Why would Mightyena suddenly gain webbed feet...?

This all points towards a Farfetch'd evolution


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i saw it on the serebii forums 1 or 2 days ago but i dont think its an evolution of a previous pokemon because its the star of a movie

Kratos Aurion

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I hope it's a Mightyena evo if only because the poor, maligned Raticate-style lines need more bloody respect. >|

Also, why has no one suggested the possibility of a ghost-type? Alternate translations of the movie title include the word "phantom", do they not, and ghosts are better known for creating illusions than dark-types... really, moreso than psychic-types as far as Pokémon goes. Educated guess says standalone/Lucario-like Ghost, Ghost/Fighting or Ghost/Psychic; probably not Ghost/Dark because this looks like it will have good stats and Ghost/Dark + good stats = not fair.

Weavile will not get an evo. Its stats are high enough that boosting them would make it ridiculous. An alternate Sneasel evo could exist, possibly, but this is not it and I have no idea why you people think it bears any resemblance to that line at all. Or Zangoose, for that matter.

(but it really needs to be a Mightyena evo because then that means there will probably be a Raticate evo and a Furret evo and a Linoone evo and a BIBAREL EVO and I'm going to stop because I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in existence who would genuinely appreciate these things. :/)


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It could conceivably be a Golduck evo, thinking about it, but that's a bit of a long shot. One thing that excites me is the implications from just what the first silhouette looked like: a cool Pokémon, rather than a cute one. Are they finally paying attention to older fans a bit?

Whatever it is, it's awesome that they've finally given some Gen. 5 clues. :3


First thought: Holy shit, it's Sonic.

Second thought: Looks like a final stage evo of a starter.

Third thought: I wanna say either a Mightyena, Zangoose, or Sandslash evo. Most likely it'll probably be from a completely new evolution family though.

Karkat Vantas

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I've just realized what it is.


Think about it. That tail? It's a paintbrush. You can't deny it.

Also, illusions and whatnot... think about it. Smeargle's moved up from mere cave painting and is now a full-fledged master of illusion! He draws something, and it comes to life!

...why do I get the feeling this is horribly wrong...


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I like how people assume it's going to be the evolution of some already-existing Pokemon by default.

Kratos Aurion

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omg you guys I just figured it out it's a Wigglytuff evo

Really, people, do try to think logically about this Pokémon instead of just saying "oh it has things on its back that look vaguely spiky they're kind of curvy but that's okay SANDSLASH EVO". A Sandslash evo would not have tiny claws or soft, fluffy-looking spikes instead of the rigid spines and ice pick claws of death that Sandslash itself has. A Zangoose evo's claws would not get smaller, either. Golduck would not be fluffy. Lucario and Weavile are too strong to get evolutions (and I still don't understand how that looks a thing like Weavile in the first place... every other suggestion in this thread looks more plausible than Weavile). Mightyena is the only suggestion for an evo I've seen so far that makes any sense at all, and even then I would expect that to be stockier than this seems to be.

ALSO. What on earth do Mightyena or Sandslash or whatever have to do with illusions or anything remotely important at all. They're not going to take a dark-type Raticate and turn it into a near-legendary manipulator of illusion. (And Sandslash and Zangoose don't even have anything to tie them to "illusion" at all, tenuous as I think the dark-type connection is.) The only way it could be any of those things and still play an important role in the movie is if it's the villain's Pokémon/Ash's new Movie Buddy's Pokémon/some wild thing that decides to help out when everything goes to pot, but even then I'm skeptical about it.

Jokes are fine, guesses are fine, but do try and consider the context (and the fact that spikes should not be curvy and fluffy) before really buying into the conclusions you're jumping to. :/

The vaguely caniform head and the general fluffiness are making me think either fox or coyote (like the Native American trickster legends, ooh). Also the hairmanetail reminds me of kabuki hair!

EDIT: Also, what Mudkip said.


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It looks promising,yet disappointing at the same time.

Seems like an add-on to the Poochyena line,like somebody already said.


Looks like a stand-alone to me. There is NO reason why they would release a silhouette of a Raticate-line-type Pokemon this far before the game, as the promotional Pokemon of a new film. @_@ Why would they do that.

Although a Mightyena evo COULD work... I really, really don't think it's going to be an evolution of an existing Pokemon. I think it's just going to be similar to Lucario, since that was released for that promo film and before D/P/P.

And now that the names have been revealed and that it's an evo of another new Pokemon, I think this even more. Just seems like the Lucario of this gen. And I'm glad, 'cause Lucario was even lamer than 4th gen itself... but this looks a bit better.

EDIT: Oh, seeing the images on Serebii now. Not bad-looking. :D Another Dark-type, though? :(

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EDIT AGAIN: it seems that I am a bit of an idiot and I don't read the posts above me. Haha.

Looks super cool! And what an adorable prevo! x3
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