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[For Trade] Various Pokémon for trade


[For Trade] Various Pokémon for trade

So now that I've got 200 wins on the Battle Maison, I have a shitton of extra breeding Pokémon I have. They all have good natures for their species, most of them have at least 1 perfect IV (up to 3). I have the following species (and a shitton of each in case you want multiples). In the list below I bolded the ones where I have some with their Hidden Ability.

Durant (Jolly, Hustle/Swarm/Truant)
Shellder (Naughty, Shell Armor/Skill Link)
Skorupi (Adamant, Battle Armor/Sniper)
Togepi (Bold, Hustle/Serene Grace)
Kangaskhan (Adamant/Jolly, Scrappy/Early Bird)
Honedge (Brave, Stance Change)
Riolu (Timid, Steadfast/Inner Focus)
Froakie (Timid, Torrent/Protean)
Gible (Jolly, Sand Veil/Rough Skin)
Fletchling (Adamant, Big Pecks/Gale Wings)
Klefki (Bold, Prankster)
Gastly (Timid, Levitate)
Shellos (Modest, Storm Drain/Sticky Hold)
Magikarp (Adamant, Swift Swim)
Electrike (Timid, Lightningrod/Static)
Mudkip (Adamant, Torrent)
Deino (Modest, Hustle)

Limited-time offer before I wonder trade 'em off! Get 'em now!

I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
Re: [For Trade] Various Pokémon for trade

I don't have my DS on me right now (at grandparent's place, be home at about 8 EST), but can I trade for a Skill Link Shellder and a Serene Grace Togepi?