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In Progress Forgiven (PG-13 at times)


yan ya yan ya yaa iii yaaa
So I'm re-posting this.
Rated PG-13 for blood, suicide, murder, and death. Umm... wow...

I stood there. No, that’s too short… I stood there on the ruined earth. I stared at the broken ground, rocks and bits of wall scattered about. The world seemed so bleak, so desolate. I stared at the dead, bloody, and twisted bodies of the two women who were the last line of defense. Unless… Unless I took what Meiun-sama could not find.

Where are they? She couldn’t have taken it… I saw her leave in disgust… I continued to look. Where? Where? Whe- I looked at what seemed to be a drawer in one of the slightly intact walls. I slowly went towards it. Wrapping my hand around the handle, I slowly opened the drawer. Yes! Here they are! I stuck my hand in the drawer and reached towards what I was looking for. Two necklaces. As I reached for the sun-shaped one, it moved away on its own. Almost as if it was alive and knew I wasn’t its mistress. “Look,” I said to the necklace, like it was alive, “I’m not going to take you. I’m going to bring you and your friend,” could necklaces have friends? Of course not… “You and your friend to your mistresses.”

The necklace stopped moving away, and I picked both of them up. As they were made of stone, they were slightly heavy. But I ignored that and turned around, heading to the Kanto region. I was unaware at the time what I was bringing on these two poor girls and their friends. No idea at all.

Comments? Criticism? Help with grammar or spelling?
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