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Forum revival TV Tropes Mafia revival


Still loves Joltik, though!
Staff member
Back in the distant past, I attempted to run a game of mafia called TV Tropes Mafia. Literally fifty people signed up for it, and I had a lot of fun (with opaltiger) creating roles for it, and then after a couple of very hectic days where nobody knew what was going on, the game sputtered and died when people stopped sending in their night actions.

I'd like to bring this game back! In a hopefully somewhat smaller, less completely bonkers form, and hopefully a more successful one. Might encourage roleplaying for those who like. Let's make it fun and ridiculous!

I'll pretty much just try to adapt it to however many players sign up. Unfortunately, the mafia hack we had on vBulletin is gone, so for now, you'll have to reply to the thread to indicate that you're in.


busy dizzy lazy
Staff member
Totally in! Although personally I'd be down for the bonkers fifty-person setup, too. ;)


bastard of puppets
I'm not joining this. oho! that's what they call a subverted trope, or an inverted trope!

but actually, I'm joining anyway. wha! double subversion!

truth be told, I'm only here because there's gonna be dead people. ooo, desconstructed. played for drama

but if you really think about it, my joining of this game is a Justified Trope, becauowowowowow why are you all hitting me in the face and ass


oh man, good times.

I hope it doesn't matter that I got spoiled on a lot of the twists of the last one?


cooped up
Oh wow, I remember TCoD! I don't think I ever posted much and hell if I know what my username used to be, but this place was the shit in like 2011-2012.

I'm sure this will be a nice straightforward game and gently reintroduce me to mafia. Any suggestion that it might devolve rapidly into utter chaos is simply absurd.