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Frontier Town Frontier Town Outskirts

[Ch05] Battle ~ Wayfarers Versus Alexander's Thrall
The crawling shadows of evening stirred. In the far distance of Frontier Town, in the outskirt desert field, several figures ran away from an advancing patch of darkness, speckled with gleaming eyes and snarling faces. This patch of darkness crawled over itself, shoving forward faster that way, as the Wayfarers realized there was no more running without endangering the townsfolk.

They'd gotten as close as they could to let other backup arrive. They were winded, but they had deliberately conserved their strength to channel their true power against the advancing darkness once it was as far from the Quarry as possible. It was theorized that perhaps they'd be weaker that way.

Theorized. But in reality, it was still beneficial--now, they had more numbers.

But it wasn't like that meant much against the literal pile of shapeless Void Shadows that still advanced.

"We have to fend them off," Mhynt concluded. "Is everyone in agreement here? I... don't know if we can defeat them. But we can repel them. They have Alexander to answer to... They won't want to fall here."
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It took Nova a bit of time to identify exactly which direction out of Frontier Town headed toward the Quarry. And then Nova had to hastily gather up necessary supplies in order to go help. Fortunately, there wasn't a need to try and rally people, since Mhynt had covered that with Betelepathy.

He had sprinted off in the appropriate direction, but Nova found Mhynt and several others already in the outskirts. Cripes, they'd come back this far already?!

"I dunno... if anyone else's coming," Nova said between deep breaths. Those swirling shadows up ahead... it was like a tide of daemons or something. Wild. "Is there anyone in that tide? Someone worth rescuing?"
Koa nodded in understanding, pushing aside all his fears and worries. The other Wayfarers coming have him some hope. His gaze turned to Mhynt, determination burning in his chest. "Repel them," he said. "Unless we can capture them and save them." Save Owen. Save Drapion. And anyone else they could.

Maybe Mhynt didn't believe, or maybe she did if she'd gone in there. But he had to try anyway, if he could.
They were winded. But with backup finally arrived, and Frontier Town on the horizon, they had at least two reasons to switch strategies. Mhynt spun around and crouched, taking on a more defensive stance before locking eyes with Owen. On reflex, she Teleported away, claw trembling. She had to keep it together.

"Get ready!" Mhynt announced. "Watch out for Owen's tricks! Remember what I warned you about! And--"

And he had company. Amid the warm, two other strong-willed and familiar Pokemon emerged. Very familiar ones, though they didn't appear to quite be themselves. Ignatius, the mayor... and Drapion, the feral. The ones taken from the jail...

It seemed they both had a keen interest in fighting as a separate entity, even as the tide of demons loomed behind them all.

It was time to fight back.

Repel the Void Swarm!

Main Objective:
Repel all foes!

Special Objective:
Reduce at least one of Ignatius, Drapion, or Owen's HP to 0!

All foes have Alexander's Cruelty active! When they strike with a Strong Style attack that applies direct damage, half of that direct damage cannot be healed!

Drapion gains +1 Accuracy, Evasion, and Speed!

Ignatius gains the Authority status! His defense and Resistance can't be lowered, and foes have a +1 MC penalty to leave his zone!

Owen has Perceive! Gained +3 Innate Evasion and Sure Hit! He may freely hold a Protect as a Boss Action against predicted circumstances during the player phase! (If the circumstance never happens, the action is wasted)

Void Swarms are Horde enemies, and will skip their enemy turn if their HP is reduced to 0. Then, they heal, and have half actions the following turn, before going full throttle again. Entering or exiting a zone with a Void Swarm applies a +1 MC penalty.

Owen is holding a Boss Protect!

Attention is slightly toward Nova, if he's nearby...
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Nova didn't exactly like these odds. But when hadn't they been the proverbial underdogs in these fights? Ganging up on Seth, probably.

He saw where Mhynt teleported and gave her a concerned look. He didn't have the psychic disk in, so telepathy was off the table. Then Nova cautiously approached, staying crouched. These things positively dripped with shadow energy. And if they were going to strike him, he could probably do with that same energy to weaken their blows. It was risky, as Nova was worried these foes could somehow take advantage of the shadows. But he had to stand tall as long as he could, right?

Nova grasped those inner shadows, figuratively weaving them into the shields he would conjure to help whoever was nearby if their enemies tried to target several of them.

I think I preferred the horde of smelly impidimp, he thought, shattering an orb that filled the area around him with a strange, protective mist.

Nova (115 STM, 5 TMP, +1 SPD, +0 ACC, 0 SHD, 0 RAD)
- Walk to Inner SW
- **Act:** SHADOW Focus (+5 TMP)
- SHADOW Wide Guard (-22.5 STM, +2 TMP, +30 SHD)
- Iron Defense (-18 STM, +2 TMP)
- **Act:** Item (Healthy Orb)
Net change: -38 STM, +9 TMP, +30 SHD, +0 RAD
Net totals: 77 STM (105 after regen), 14 TMP, 30 SHD, 0 RAD
Seeing Owen again made his fur stand on end and for a brief moment he was back, trapped by a burning wagon and darkness. No. No time for fear. He squelched the emotion and focused on the battle. Ignatius meant nothing, but Owen... Owen was a friend. Mhynt's friend. He had to try and help somehow. Except he seemed too well protected for now.

If he couldn't help Owen yet, maybe he could reach Drapion... I'm coming for you.

Breaking into a run, he charged Drapion, firing a crackle of electricity. Not a full attack, just a means to slow it down.

As he moved, his mind raced, determined to find a way to rescue him.

Koa (Aux)
- Rogue Skill (Lower Evasion) @ Drapion
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Nova’s arrival was extremely heartening… But the reveal that the Graydian would be the last of bit of backup soon soured Archie’s mood. This close to town and the three of them were all they could manage? Just where was everybody? Ah, but they were out of time anyway, the horde was upon them. If they didn’t stop them here, Frontier Town could well be overrun.

Three distinct targets presented themselves out of the teaming mass. One was the Charmeleon, Owen, Archie presumed. The second, the Dewott noticed with some dismay, was the Drapion Koa had been working so hard to tame. All that hard work, for Alex to snatch the wild Pokemon away. The third was the missing ex-mayor, Ignatius. The easiest target of the three. Ultimately, they wanted to try to find a way to help Owen and the Drapion, and Archie didn’t really want to go all out on them if it could be avoided. This asshole penguin? Smacking him around again would feel good.

The Dewott took a few steps forward, leaving behind an afterimage as he went. The walk became a run, and then with a burst of water, he jetted forward, crashing into Ignatius.

“Sorry, the filing window for candidates already closed, looks like you’ll just have to sit out this election,” he taunted, “So why not retire out to the country – far away from here?”

He kicked off the penguin again, propelling himself towards the main mass of Wayfarers with another blast of water. Then he pulled a glass orb from inside his coat, and throw it onto the ground, shattering it, and enveloping the Dewott into shimmering protective aura.

Archie (117 STM, 5 TMP, +0 SPD, +1 ACC, 0 SHD, 0 RAD)
- Walk (+0 MC) to Inner SE
- Double Team (-9 STM, +2 TMP)
- Dash to Inner NE (-2 TMP)
- Aqua Jet @ Ignatius (-6 STM, +4 TMP)
- Flip Turn @ Ignatius (-11 STM, +4 TMP)
- Retreat to Center
- **Act:** Item (Protect Orb)
Net change: -26 STM, +8 TMP, +0 SHD, +0 RAD
Net totals: 91 STM (117 after regen), 13 TMP, 0 SHD, 0 RAD
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Finally. Time to make a stand. Astrid planted her feet and got in formation with the others. She and Grace shared a wayward glance—they’d practiced this before against those Fiends. The stakes were so much higher now, but better they be ready than not. And joining them on the horizon…

"Nova? Nova!" Astrid called out. "Archie! Koa! Just in time!"

Furious Radiance sparked at the edge of her paws, keen to be freed. Astrid raised a paw, flexed her hind legs for leverage, and aimed. It was time to find out what this power could do.

1. Koa
2. Bellatrix
3. Nova
4. Archie
5. Grace
6. Odette
7. Astrid
Astrid (124 STM, 5 TMP, +3 SPD, +0 ACC, 0 SHD, 0 RAD)
- Receive (Helping Hand)
- Dash to Inner NW (-2 TMP)
- AGILE CRITICAL Frost Breath @ Drapion (-15 STM, Sure Hit, +2 TMP)
- **Act:** RADIANT Focus (+5 TMP)
- RADIANT Soul Rocket @ Drapion (-30 STM, effect, -5 TMP, +2 TMP, +30 RAD) [+4 Mag -> +5 Mag]
- CRITICAL Frost Breath @ Drapion (-10 STM, hit, -2 TMP, +2 TMP)
- **Act:** Item (Blast Seed) @ Drapion [Fast Draw x2]
- Activate feat (Spotter Feat) @ Drapion [Def and Res]
- Walk to Inner SW
Net change: -45 STM, +2 TMP, +0 SHD, +30 RAD
Net totals: 79 STM (110 after regen), 7 TMP, 0 SHD, 30 RAD
Bellatrix kept her distance, between the overwhelming amount of Shadows giving chase and several others rushing straight in to repel them, she had decided that it was perhaps best that she did not engage directly - opting instead to call out her observations for the Wayfarers' advantage and to undermine Alexander's thralls in more subtle ways.

She paced around the field, electing to walk on all-fours to keep herself nimble in the face of any stray attacks that may come her way. Her eyes remained trained on Owen observing both body language and fighting style to try and infer just what he may be thinking.

Bellatrix (Aux)
- Spotter Intel (AI) @ Owen
They were coming for her.

Grace glanced at Astrid-- and she knew what she had to do. She'd fought with Astrid before, and the ninetales and Mawile both looked ready to fight. There was some relief at seeing Nova, and the extra backup, but there was still that anxiety creeping in.

She sucked in a breath to try and calm herself, but instead... she
felt something else settle within her. She watched Owen for a moment, and could feel the fear rising. She had to help her teammates to help keep herself alive. They had to work together to win... and Grace trusted them to help her help everyone else.

The togetic looked to Astrid, then to Archie, and channelled her energy. There was a wince of pain as she pushed her energy outwards, and once it reached Astrid and Archie, both gained a soft, pink glow that they now shared with Grace. This was... definitely new.

"Please... stay alive," she said to them.

They could feel her fear as she pulled back to join Nova. She didn't seem to notice.

Grace (128 STM, 5 TMP, +2 SPD, +0 ACC, 0 SHD, 0 RAD)
- **Act:** SHADOW Focus (+5 TMP)
- SHADOW Harmonic Soul @ Astrid + Archie (-30 STM, -2 TMP, +2 TMP, +27 SHD) [Grace loses 25% HP Recoil!]
- Celebrate (-9 STM, +2 TMP)
- After You @ Astrid (-18 STM, +2 TMP)
- Walk to Inner SW
Net change: -50 STM, +9 TMP, +27 SHD, +0 RAD
Net totals: 78 STM (110 after regen), 14 TMP, 27 SHD, 0 RAD
Teeth adequately grit and body on high alert, Odette watched with growing anticipation as the small army advanced on the town, the fucking drapion and Ignaughty himself being among the crowd. Unfortunately for them, this would be the furthest they would get if they could help it.

Eyes falling to Owen, his choking words still played on repeat in her head. And now, reinforcements had shown, Koa being among them. She was so focused on her own game plan that she hadn't acknowledged the electrike yet. Something to worry about after this was over. But she could only imagine how he was feeling upon seeing his lost drapion...

"Let's nip this shit in the bud," she said, tugging Jawile's chains off and watching them shake to life. Her eyes cut over to Owen for the briefest of moments, watching as Bellatrix circled him cautiously. She held her arm out to the side, as if presenting it to Jawile.

"And I'm gonna find out what your fucking deal is," she muttered. Then, Jawile sunk their teeth into her skin.

Odette (110 STM, 5 TMP, +0 SPD, +0 ACC, 0 SHD, 0 RAD)
- Walk to Inner NW
- Soul's Wrath (-30 STM, -2 TMP, +2 TMP) [+2 Offenses]
- **Act:** Dash to Inner SW (-2 TMP)
- Ancient Power @ Drapion (-14 STM, Sure Hit, effect, -9 TMP, +2 TMP)
- Activate feat (Spotter Feat) @ Drapion AI
- **Act:** Dash to Inner SW (-2 TMP)
Net change: -44 STM, +3 TMP, +0 SHD, +0 RAD
Net totals: 66 STM (93 after regen), 8 TMP, 0 SHD, 0 RAD
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Turn 1
Player Phase
Koa's Rogue Skill @ Drapion! Evade is neutralized!

Drapion seemed distracted at the sight of Koa, for one reason or another, during the opening onslaught. Even as Drapion slashed and crashed around him--as he always did--he seemed to be avoiding Koa...

Bellatrix's Spotter Intel @ Owen!

Owen seems to be a well-rounded fighter with a Magic lean... He'll attack, but he'll also help his teammates and disrupt his enemies. He looks like he'll be one of the fastest to flee at any sign of trouble... It may not be worth trying to defeat him, but it might be easier to repel him than one would think.

Nova walked to Inner SW!
Nova SHADOW Focused...
Nova's SHADOW Wide Guard!
Nova's Iron Defense!
Nova used a Healthy Orb!
Archie walked to Inner SE!
Archie's Double Team!
Archie dashed to Inner NE!
Archie's Aqua Jet dealt 11 damage to Ignatius!
Archie's Flip Turn dealt 16 damage to Ignatius!
Archie's Retreat!
Archie used a Protect Orb!

Ignatius was a lot tougher than last time. Every strike Archie did clanged off of a formerly invisible barrier, like a second layer of armor on an already steely body, made from darkness. Alexander's, no doubt. This deal with the devil had a lot of interesting boons in exchange for servitude...

Grace SHADOW Focused...
Grace's SHADOW Harmonic Soul @ Astrid + Archie! Relevant Offense +2!
Grace's Celebrate!
Grace's After You @ Astrid!
Grace walked to Inner SW!
Odette walked to Inner NW!
Odette's Soul's Wrath! Offenses +2! 25 HP recoil, -2 Tempo!
Odette dashed to Inner SW!
Odette's Ancient Power dealt 13 damage to Drapion! Stats +1!
Odette's Spotter Feat @ Drapion AI!

Drapion's AI is very complex: Attack attack attack

Odette dashed to Inner SW!
Astrid's Receive!
Astrid dashed to Inner NW!
Astrid's AGILE Frost Breath dealt a CRITICAL 47 damage to Drapion!
Astrid RADIANT Focused...
Astrid's RADIANT Soul Rocket dealt 46, 47 damage to Drapion!
Astrid's Frost Breath dealt a CRITICAL 53 damage to Drapion!
Astrid's Blast Seedx2 dealt 80 damage to Drapion!
Astrid's Spotter Feat @ Drapion!

Drapion has 117 Res and 147 Defense.

Astrid walked to Inner SW!

Astrid's bombardment sent Drapion staggering backward. His mouth was agape with something akin to surprise... and then blind fury. Enough that it caught the attention of the others as well. That snowball needed to be dealt with...

Astrid has a lot of attention...

Odette doesn't have too much attention...
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Turn 1
Enemy Phase

And so the battle began, first with the Swarms that began to sweep in. They were concentrated into certain spots... but slowed down to spread around the battlefield, obstructing movements, getting in the way...

Their attacks weren't too strong. Claws and arms and tendrils crawled over the Wayfarers, distracting them, trying to scratch and bite, but the real threats blasted past them like stray debris in a battlefield. Whole clouds of Void Shadows danced in the air with every one of Alexander's Thrall's impacts.

The Void Swarms are behaving the same for now!

Void Swarm L and R both walk south, entering Inner NW and NE respectively!

Void Swarm L and R use two actions to Dash-Spread into adjacent zones!
Void Swarm L spreads into Inner SW!
Void Swarm L spreads into Center!

["L" means left side of the map; "R" means right side of the map; the swarms will mechanically never cross this imaginary line.]

Void Swarm L and R use Leer!
Nova protects Grace, Astrid, and himself!
Archie protects himself!
Odette suffers -1 Def! Defense boon neutralized!

Void Swarm L and R use Shadow Rush!
Nova protects Grace, Astrid, and himself!
Archie protects himself!
Odette takes 10 damage!

Empoleon Ignatius no longer wore his mayoral regalia, but he'd kept his cloak, and his pride. Despite his weeks in jail and recent days living rough, his polished crest glinted in the light of the disappearing sunset, and his posture remained proud.

"I see you have grown stronger... As have I. Strength begets strength, offworlders – by imposing your will on this world through martial strength, you are doing as I have done. Only your vanity keeps you ignorant of our sameness."

Ignatius walked to the Center! Center of attention as always...
Ignatius Called out to the Wayfarers!

Ignatius used Defend Order! Void Shadows swarm to his defense! +1 Defenses!

Ignatius used a STRONG Flash Cannon against Astrid, dealing 49 damage! (24 Cruelty damage)

Ignatius used Chilling Water on Nova, but it was blocked!

Meanwhile, it seemed like Owen was clawing at his head again, snarling when Drapion was hurt so badly. "Why? Why are you fighting back?! Just... join it. Join Alexander... why not?! Why not give in, stop being nice! Does this town even care about you?!"

Owen rushed to Drapion, slipping a Violent Seed into its maw with odd precision, even while Drapion flailed seemingly unpredictably.

"Owen, snap out of it!" Mhynt cried. "This isn't you! You'd never side with Alexander!"

But her voice was drowned out by the chaos of a sunset showdown.

Owen snarls and walks to Drapion!

Owen gives Drapion a Violent Seed!

Owen then dashes into Inner SW!

Owen uses Mimic, learning Leer! Owen's Perceive lets him use Mimic freely!
Owen then instantly uses Leer on Nova, Grace, and Astrid!
Nova resists it with Healthy Orb!
Grace blocked it, but Astrid suffers -1 Defense!

Owen uses a STRONG Flamethrower against Astrid, dealing 40 damage! (20 cruelty)

Drapion snarled, its mandibles clicking as its thick armor shook off the onslaught of attacks. It glared at those it recognized from the ambush at the Haus. Those who had fought it before would quickly recognize the sharpening of its claws as it prepared for a round of powerful attacks. The sight instilled fear, it had been such a powerful beast beforehand, just what would it be capable of with Alexander's power?

With a roar of blind rage, it lunged for the closest target, trying to put them down, down, down in their rightful place.

Drapion walks into Inner SW after receiving Owen's Violent Seed!

Drapion uses Hone Claws...

Drapion uses a STRONG Poison Tail on Grace, dealing 47 damage! 23 Cruelty damage!

Drapion uses Shadow Sting on Nova, dealing 12 damage! Resisted Badly Poisoned!

"I won't stop!" Owen cried. "This is what I HAVE to do! What I WANT to do! I'm done... playing savior to a world that couldn't care less about me! What... did they ever do to deserve my charity?!"

An acrid smell of ozone and corrosion filled the air. This fit the description of what happened in the wagon attack -- bolts of lightning were about to crash down. This time, they could sense where they were going to land. Like they knew where Owen was aiming, even in this chaos.

Could this be a connection to another Wayfarer?

Boss Action ~ Movement! Owen freely returns to the center area...

Boss Attack ~ Owen prepares Umbral Stormheart! Owen's mood is unstable from seeing Drapion hurt... Umbral Stormheart's zone count increases to 3! The Center, Outer West, and Outer South zones spark with energy...

Archie takes 10 damage from the rising energy level...

Umbral Stormheart ~ This attack instantly deals 10 damage in the zones affected... and next turn, it unleashes a truly devastating blow! Thankfully, it doesn't look like this Boss Attack can redirect...

Aggro shifts around... Seems Nova and Astrid are competing for attention. Odette remains under the radar.
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Nova's sahdowy shields withstood the swarm of shadows even as they were totally surrounded. Another barrier deflected Ignatius' stray blast. He winced when Drapion went for Grace but got a small degree of smug satisfaction when Drapion's attempt at poisoning him the same way Naps did failed. The protective mist had faded, however. Nova wouldn't be able to rely on it again.

"Why? Why are you fighting back?! Just... join it. Join Alexander... why not?! Why not give in, stop being nice! Does this town even care about you?!"
"This is what I HAVE to do! What I WANT to do! I'm done... playing savior to a world that couldn't care less about me! What... did they ever do to deserve my charity?!"
Something bubbled in Nova's gut at Owen's words. He couldn't quite describe it, though.

"But this isn't your world!" Nova shouted back. "This town... and these people have shown me more kindness than I've had in eons! You don't even realize what you're judging!" He focused on conjuring more shields. The shadows were surrounding them and he had to try and prevent what he could from them. "Things can be different here. You can be different here! But you'd rather let someone else control your fate? How is that better?"

He looked around at the shadows. "You're all prisoners of fate!" Nova grabbed the blast seed from his bad and chucked it. Either it'd hit the drapion or go for the dumb empoleon.

Nova (105 STM, 14 TMP, +3 SPD, +0 ACC, 30 SHD, 0 RAD)
- Rebellious Soul (-22.5 STM, +2 TMP) [Nova receives +2 speed from Grace's After You]
- Wide Guard (-30 STM, +2 TMP)
- **Act:** Item (Blast Seed) @ Shadow Drapion [Redirect to Ignatius @ range (-2 tempo) if Drapion is KO'd]
- **Act:** Call @ Grace
Net change: -43 STM, +4 TMP, +0 SHD, +0 RAD
Net totals: 62 STM (90 after regen), 18 TMP, 30 SHD, 0 RAD
"This is what I HAVE to do! What I WANT to do!"

"I don't believe you!" Astrid cried out above the chaos, vocal cords brimming with an alien hum.

Disturbing sounds came from the direction of Drapion, commanding her attention once more. She narrowed her eyes, cracked the joints in her paws...

One by one, they'd break them down. Save them. Make sure this didn't spread.

1. Koa
2. Bellatrix
3. Astrid
4. Grace
5. Nova
6. Archie
7. Odette
Astrid (110 STM, 8 TMP, +3 SPD, +1 ACC, 0 SHD, 30 RAD)
- **Act:** RADIANT Focus (+5 TMP)
- RADIANT Soul Rocket @ Drapion (-30 STM, effect, -5 TMP, +3 TMP, +30 RAD) [+5 Mag -> +6 Mag]
- AGILE CRITICAL Frost Breath @ Drapion (-15 STM, Sure Hit, +3 TMP)
- CRITICAL Frost Breath @ Drapion (-10 STM, +2 TMP)
- Draining Kiss @ Drapion (-9 STM, +3 TMP)
- Activate feat (Spotter Feat) @ Drapion [movepool]
Net change: -52 STM, +11 TMP, +0 SHD, +30 RAD
Net totals: 58 STM (89 after regen), 19 TMP, 0 SHD, 60 RAD

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Ignatius prattling on meant nothing to him. Rescuing who he could was what mattered. First Drapion, then Owen.

Last time they'd defeated Drapion, he had calmed down. As Astrid struck with a powerful barrage he desperately clung to that hope now, that they could reach him through battle. That Drapion wouldn't resent them for what he was going to do.

As he fought of wave after wave of shadows, striking at any that got close, his gaze rarely left Drapion. He stduied the poison-type's movements, waiting for an opening. Perhaps Alex had been lying or overstating about dominating opponents. He didn't want to hurt Drapion, but he couldn't ignore it either, not when it was attacking the team.

But he did know wild pokemon respected strength, and same seemed to hold true here. He howled out a battlecry, to get Drapion to look his way. Alex wasn't the strongest force here.

Then Koa locked gazes with him. Focus on me. Not threatening, but not submitting. "Forget him that Zweilous! You don't need him to get strong. He's the weak one!" He didn't care if wild pokemon couldn't understand his words here. But actions couldn't hurt either.

Locating the closest and largest boulder he could, he slugged it with all his strength, shattering it. Still staring defiantly at Drapion he added, "And he's not stronger than we are."

Koa (Aux)
- Rogue Skill (Lower Resistance) @ Drapion

Interact: To draw Drapion's attention and distract/sway him; Koa uses Strength to try and display a show of power, breaking the largest boulder in the area he can reasonably shatter.
Grace (110 STM, 14 TMP, +2 SPD, +0 ACC, 27 SHD, 0 RAD)
- **Act:** RADIANT Focus (+5 TMP)
- RADIANT Life Dew @ Astrid (-30 STM, +2 TMP, +27 RAD)
- Metronome (Spotlight) @ Nova (-26 STM, -10 TMP, +2 TMP)
- After You @ Nova (-18 STM, +2 TMP)
- Receive (Call) (+3 TMP, -10 SHD, -10 RAD)
- Receive (Call) (+3 TMP, -10 SHD, -10 RAD)
Net change: -65 STM, +7 TMP, -20 SHD, +7 RAD
Net totals: 45 STM (77 after regen), 21 TMP, 7 SHD, 7 RAD
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Bellatrix kept her gaze fixed on Owen as she watched and sent those observations across Betel's network. "He may be too much effort to secure," she finished. "But we may have a genuine chance at recapturing the other two."

It seemed that the drapion was largely dealt with, its blind rage allowing it to be easily taken advantage of. Their chances of victory would be better if she could grant a similar advantage over the others through subtle sabotage. So Bellatrix circled towards Ignatius instead, hiding beneath an illusion to escape notice. While the penguin was distracted, she sent chilling ghostly embers that would momentarily curb his ability to channel magic. She hoped that the other Wayfarers could gain further leverage from that.

Bellatrix (Aux)
- Rogue Skill (Frostbite) @ Ignatius
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The Dewott rolled his eyes. He forgot how much Ignatius liked to hear himself speak. It seemed to be a common trait of politicians on any world, it seemed.

“Arceus, but you do like to talk!” he groused, “If telling yourself that you and I are the same makes you feel better about yourself, well, whatever helps you sleep at night. At least I take responsibility for my failures, instead of throwing a darkness powered temper tantrum!”

He jetted around the battlefield, crashed into one of the formless shadow masses, before kicking off the thing to slam into Ignatius again. His previous round against the penguin hadn’t had much of an effect, but this was a level of harassment he could keep up for a good while if he needed to. Still, it probably would be better if he tried to be at least a little more helpful… Which brought his attention to the Charmeleon. From where Archie was standing, Owen didn’t seem so tough. Especially with the light coursing through the mustelid’s veins.

“As I recall, you hurt my friends pretty bad,” he growled, “Let’s see how you like a little pain.”

The Dewott drew one of his scalchops, and poured the light into his Razor Shell. The summoned blade practically dazzled as he drove it forward through any of the Fire Type’s pitiful attempts to escape him. He checked himself then, figuring he’d made his point well enough. Regardless of how he might feel, they weren’t here to do serious harm to the Charmeleon.

He could always take his feelings out on Ignatius, though! The Dewott rounded on the Empoleon again, using him as a springboard to escape the radius of whatever it was that Alex was doing that felt like it was driving tiny needles into his fur. He ended up, instead, near Nova and the others.

Miss me?” Archie hummed. He had to admit, this low level buzz of Radiance made him feel better than he had in a long time. A hell of a lot better than the crushing despair Shadow usually left him with. He could see why people might be worried about this power being addictive.

Archie (117 STM, 13 TMP, +0 SPD, +1 ACC, 0 SHD, 0 RAD)
- Dash to Inner SW (-2 TMP)
- Aqua Jet @ Void Swarm L (-6 STM, +4 TMP)
- Dash to Center (-2 TMP)
- Aqua Jet @ Ignatius (-7.5 STM, +4 TMP)
- **Act:** RADIANT Focus (+5 TMP)
- STRONG CRITICAL RADIANT Razor Shell @ Owen (-24 STM, Sure Hit, -18 TMP, +6 TMP, +16 RAD)
- Flip Turn @ Ignatius (-11 STM, +4 TMP)
- Retreat to Inner SW
Net change: -49 STM, +1 TMP, +0 SHD, +16 RAD
Net totals: 68 STM (97 after regen), 14 TMP, 0 SHD, 16 RAD
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[Flavor after work]

Odette (93 STM, 6 TMP, +0 SPD, +0 ACC, 0 SHD, 0 RAD)
- **Act:** RADIANT Focus (+5 TMP)
- STRONG RADIANT Flash Cannon @ Ignaughty (-24 STM, -2 TMP, +4 TMP, +16 RAD)
- Activate feat (Spotter Feat) @ Def and Res
- Draining Kiss @ Void Swarm (-9 STM, +2 TMP)
- **Act:** Call @ Grace
Net change: -33 STM, +9 TMP, +0 SHD, +16 RAD
Net totals: 60 STM (87 after regen), 15 TMP, 0 SHD, 16 RAD
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