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Funny Moments at School V2

The old one died around the time school was ending, so with the new school year, I present yet another, funny moments at school thread. Lets hope to make this one TEN TIMES better with funny moments from the new year!!!

My only funny moment I remember for this first week of school is that a guy yelled "Ball Wrinkles!" with the teacher right behind him. Don't know which is funnier, the swear or the fact that the teacher heard it...

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Not sure if it's exactly funny, but this morning, our entire MCSA class wasted 20 minutes trying to explain to some guy taking the class what a partition was, and why one usually partitions a hard drive, and how to install XP SP2 (Which is part of what the class is about...) by booting from a disk.

He thought we were speaking in Greek. The look on his face was priceless though, and I wish I had taken a picture >.>


Two friends of mine had a look into somebody else's bag and found something weird -- one of those short, wide, decorative candles.

For some reason, we found it funny, and soon, the whole class wanted to see it. So, they started passing the candle from seat to seat.

A girl at the left corner of the class had it when a dude at the other side, sitting below a window, asked to see it.

The girl threw the candle. Let's just say it went a bit above the target. :P

Then my maths teacher came in and got so pissed he sacrificed the class to lecture us.


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We had a substitute teacher taking our class, and he came to this guy called William, and he asked, "What do you prefer, William, Will, or Bill?" and Will said, "Actually, I prefer Billiam". : d I found it funny, anyway.


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Me and a couple of friends went back to our old school and while we were there, we thought we'd say hi to some of our old teachers.

We knocked on the door of our old psychology teacher's room and she called us in. We all said hi and when she saw it was us, she stood up from her desk to say hi properly. When she did so, we realized she was very obviously pregnant. There was a beat, and then my friend says "I suddenly feel that asking "What've you been up to?" is no longer appropriate."


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My parents were looking for a house today, so I told my friend that they were househunting. Her response?

Jess: Whoa, with a gun and everything?

It was one of those "oh God Jess" moments XP

Doctor Jimmy

This guy in a suit was reading us the student handbook. A student had a question. The principal yelled back at him. We laughed.


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House-hunting Part Two:

Me: My parents are househunting again today.
Jess: Whenever you say that, I picture them with the hats and the muskets...

Also occuring today:

Random Nun: We don't want to you to meet a 35-year-old pervert from Camden [on the internet].


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In science, we were studying matter and an example of matter was food. So, as a picture, our teacher showed someone's hands that were cupped and holding a tomato.



Lunch is defiantly the funniest 1/2 period of the day.

Jonathan: So as I was saying before my English stopped working, they found something in a complound ..
New Guy: Epic fail.


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My friend and I were in Theology, and many things happened.

We were in the computer lab, and my teacher tried to kick one of my classmates out because she thought the girl was an upperclassman.

Then, everyone was asked their favorite food. Someone said "tofu stir-fry." And my Theology teacher's going on saying "someone invented pizza and beef stew and...tofu stir-fry..." Everyone started giggling.

And we were all told to type "Lord, you have forsaken me" on our computers. My friend put an angry smiley at the end of hers.

And when the teacher said "You duped me into thinking you were an upperclassman when you were actually supposed to be here!" it suddenly became impossible to take the class seriously.

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Biology said:
(The teacher starts up computer and opens a document; a picture of a small dog is projected onto the board)
TEACHER: *starts explaining lesson, notices halfway through she's opened the wrong thing* Oh, that's my puppy...
Biology said:
(We all move to another classroom where there's some random teacher already in there with a small snake, who randomly takes up the next 10 to 15 minutes teaching us all about snakes (the teacher does, not the snake))

GUY: Has [the snake] mated yet?
RANDOM SNAKE MAN: No, she's not big enough.
GUY: But how would they go about doing that?


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So the marching band was out practicing their show, right? One of the Baritone players gets the idea of passing the phrase "Zach sucks bug pussy" down the line of people, seeing if it would make it all the way around the field.

It gets about 7 people down (one of them including me), and when it gets to Alex, who stays directly next to Zach the entire show, says, out loud, "Wait, Zach sucks what?"

All the people on that entire half of the football field just about died laughing.


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today,Me and my friend posted a sign up sheet for dumbledors army.One hour later we checked it and no one had signed up for it.MLIA


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During the 2nd day of school, my friend was buzzed on caffine and whatever.

So when he saw our older-than hell ugly asst. principal leaning on a street sign at the end of school, he yelled real loud "Scott strip!!" just as classes were changing.

...My crew just about wet our pants laughing.


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At school today, people were doing some odd thing where they bent down and hyper-ventilated and then stood up really fast and got squeezed by someone from behind and causing them to faint. Not sure how it worked as I didn't see properly, but it was pretty crazy. Welcome to the 6th form, I guess.


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The other day I won a shoe off my best friend playing poker.

I didn't return it until the end of the day. People must learn not to gamble things they cannot get by without, you know?

eta: in the same hand, I also won someone's house key. It was one of those hands where everyone is convinced they have excellent cards and can't possibly lose. Fortunately mine were the most excellent.
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My friend was going around asking random people "Are you a ca-ca cabonez" i think is what she said which means, if you don't know Spanish, "s*** head". Me and my other friends just about died laughing.