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Game Recommendations


local hellion
Actually: (why am I replying to this like a year later wtf self? Also nitpicky: the first game came out in 2002! KH2 was the one from 2005)

-Lag. I had a decent amount of lag when opening menus/cutscenes/minigames/new areas/etc. I dunno whether this is a "my PSP is old" problem or a general problem.
-The plot can be kinda (very) confusing if unfamiliar with the series.
-Also sometimes the voice acting (hi Terra) can be a little...off.


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
+The graphics are gorgeous! I didn't know what to expect graphics-wise when I started but the opening cutscene (and everything in general) blew me away.
+The voice acting is rad.
+It does something utterly wonderful and has little summaries of previous games when they become relevant. So it's pretty helpful to those who've never played before!
-That being said, it's pretty fucking weird and (I presume) has a better effect when played after the other games, especially in terms of plot twists.
+Speaking of plot twists! There's some pretty good ones in here.
-I dunno how I feel about some of the execution though; since I spoiled myself before playing the game, I had expectations of how certain plot twists would go (or, rather, if they'd even be stated; stuff about Riku from the first game or Saix, for example, hadn't been on the plot summary I read so I expected them to just be implied, but they were actually outright stated, and I had mixed feelings about this)
+The Dream Eaters (your allies, and also the enemy kinds) are adorable for a video game series in which people's hearts get stolen by evil creatures of darkness who sometimes possess your enemies/friends.
+/- Unfortunately the naming system for said allies has a censorship thing going; you can't name your Dream Eaters anything inappropriate. Which results in a massive fail on the devs' part because they accidentally made one of the Dream Eaters' default names unable to be used. The optional plus on this is because a) younger (misguided) kids might be playing this and b) this is greatly amusing to an extent. (Until you accidentally spell the nickname wrong and-oops that's just me. Poor Porcuoine.)
+/- The gameplay is definitely different, because you switch player characters with barely any notice (for story reasons). Plus or minus because it definitely takes some getting-used-to and some people probably hate it.
- Some of the bosses (cough cough Chernabog and young 'nort) are a pain in the ass to beat, usually because of a gameplay gimmick. (Chernabog took me three tries to beat, and 'Nort didn't kill me but he took probably like twenty minutes because of the damn gimmick)
+ The soundtrack is absolutely lovely.


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I love me some Kingdom Hearts, but I'm also awful at it tbh.

I've got a game rec that I think EVERYONE should at least give a chance. It's an underrated, underground Square Enix game. (Also, it's a world in the aforementioned Dream Drop Distance, and is implied to come back in KH3 and I am so pumped.) So here we go.

The World Ends With You
+Fantastic worldbuilding and story
+/- Great art, though it's so angular the character designs took a little getting used to (Shiki why are you so skinny are you ok)
+/- Unique gameplay; however, if you don't have good co-ordination, the bosses get really hard, since you do have to control two characters at once.
+ Replay value: There's chances to replay parts of the game post-storyline to unlock additional worldbuilding and story. Also, there's a ton of collectables in the game, so if you're one of those people who likes to complete everything and collect everything, it's great.
+ Lots of different ways to play. You can pick your favorite types of attacks/strategies for the main character, and there are lots of ways to co-ordinate with the game and the surroundings to make your attacking power stronger.
- The game throws a lot at you at once during the beginning of the game. You have time to get used to it, but thinking about all the different elements can be kind of confusing. o~o
+ GREAT character development. I'd give more, but it'd count as spoilers, since character development is a huge part of the story.
- It's an old and obscure game, so it's kind of hard to find. I think Square Enix still sells it on its website for a lot cheaper than your average 3DS game, though.
- There's a mobile adaptation. Don't waste your time with that one, the controls are different and not as cool.
+ FANTASTIC SOUNDTRACK. Every single song on the soundtrack is fantastic. If music is a deciding factor, this game sells it and does not disappoint.
- no sequel. why, squeenix, why, i want my twewy 2
- If you get spoiled on any of the characters' roles or backstories the game is kind of ruined.

I love this game to death and it's definitely worth a shot if you need something new to play. You won't regret it.

if you have more questions you should totally message me I am lonely and want more people to talk about twewy with rip


I think American Truck Simulator is okay.

- Hard to steer
+ Fun
- Takes a while to buy your own truck
- Takes off money for ridiculous things
+ Interesting, creative game
+ Great graphics!
- Updates not working?


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I think American Truck Simulator is okay.

- Hard to steer
+ Fun
- Takes a while to buy your own truck
- Takes off money for ridiculous things
+ Interesting, creative game
+ Great graphics!
- Updates not working?
I have Euro Truck Simulator and it's pretty neat. I wouldn't say it takes off money for ridiculous things, I'm just a bad driver. Though there are definitely too many speed cameras in the UK.

I think America Truck Simulator actually has proper cities right? In ETS2 the landmarks and tokens of the city are just in the background and you can never actually reach them :(

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The Legend of Heroes - Trails of Cold Steel, Trails of Cold Steel 2

both part of a long-running series from Falcom that's spent the last 13 years building up a grand overarching story

+ no need to worry about whether or not you've played Trails in the Sky FC or SC, while many names or monikers from other games come up once in a while, the game, like all the sets, stand on their own very well and only serve to build one continent in a world, with Cold Steel focusing entirely on an entirely different country

+ excellent character relations and growth, with "off days" allowing the player to spend bonding points to get to know other party members better, perform sidequests and get to know surprisingly fleshed out NPCs

+ very likable playable characters, the few who are made out to be very unlikable coming into their own relatively quickly, with many being much more than just endearing

+ has a very simple, easy to understand battle system with new features that get added on over the course of the game

+- visually, the game doesn't look particularly stunning, and animations are all very stiff, but with this being the very first fully 3D game in the franchise Falcom did well enough

+ new game plus option lets you carry things over to a new game should you choose to, making bonding with NPCs and party members easier, getting extra costumes, etc. and with the sequel continuing right where the first leaves off, data can be transferred for various bonuses and much more than slight changes in dialogue based on choices made and quests performed in the first game

+ games are packed full of content and are sure to keep those dedicated busy for at least a solid 60 hours

+- dialogue. lots and lots of dialogue. you'll be reading a lot, and while it fleshes things out, even the ability to skip lines can make scenes feel like they drag on depending on how you are with cutscenes, and the game having a whopping 2 million japanese characters before its localization serves as a testament to how much dialogue is in the game

- like any other JRPG, expect a relatively slow start

+- they're very tropey, as can be expected, but the writing itself is excellent, and the world building is almost on an entirely different level compared to most other games