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Gym Leader Choice Pokémafia 2 - Game Thread


bastard of puppets
Night Zero of Tournament Coverage

As a researcher, it is the truth and the ideal way things should be that I seek. This year, as the others, I was asked to participate in the Pokémon World Tournament at Driftveil City -- however, I disagreed. I am content to proceed in this study through a strictly observational approach. Rather than interfere, I will collect data on all of the powerful trainers and breathtaking battles taking place each morning and early afternoon here in our floating arena.

The latent power of Pokémon... what is the best way to bring it out? If possible, I want it to be the trust between Trainers and Pokémon, just as it has always been. That is why I believe that there is no one better to test such a hypothesis than the great Gym Leaders of the world, from Alola to Kalos to Kanto. It is also my pleasure to share the results that I will collect each day with all of the faithful readers of Pokémon Journal.

I look forward to all of you teaching me if I have reached the truth.
-Colress, Researcher, Engineer, and Pokémon Trainer

48 hours for night actions.


bastard of puppets
Day One Pregame Column

You might be wondering why a guy like me is writing Pokémon World Tournament articles for Pokémon Journal. I ain't any kind of Gym Leader, after all... neither did I travel the world, or go all that far in my young journeyin' days. Here's the thing, though: this tournament's still taking place in Driftveil City, and I'm the one who knows this town better than I know the last names of the last three ladies I've been with. I know all the dark corners, back alleys, and seedy undersides... when something happens in this city, I'm the first to know, whether it's a hot upcoming match or a shady dealing.

You see, I'm a heartbreaker... my name... Charles.

Are all of you readers excited for the tournament? It's no Rotation or Triple Battle, but for a lot of trainers, it's kind of a big deal. Too much of a big deal, for some of them... there's always some folks who'll do anything to win, no matter how rotten it is. But hey, keep your eyes on the ring. I'll be in charge of keeping an eye on the backstage... and the ladies.

No one has died.

48 hours for discussion.



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