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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Rewards Thread

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Halloween Rewards Thread

In the empty field where the Old Chateau was, ASB staff have quickly set up a stall with some cool prizes in exchange for Candy Cornn. The field seems to have been burned black where the Chateau was, and the area is swarming with scientists. One's holding a really complicated chart that looks kind of like a wormhole, and you can see another chart with a sketch of ... Giratina? You go to have a closer look, but a scientist in a radiation suit snatches it away and gives you a stern look. They don't offer you a radiation suit. Wait, were we supposed to give those out to participants? No? Probably nothing to worry about.

As reward for braving the potentially radioactive/haunted Old Chateau, each player will be rewarded with a Rare Candy (which is non-transferable, so don't go try selling these at the Trading Post). In addition, everyone who entered the Chateau also receives a ribbon for participating. The player who found the most Candy Cornn will receive the fancy halloween ribbon, so congratulations to Murkrow! We're hoping to implement these so you can stick them on your profile pages in the database - for now, you can stick them in your signature!

Final Scores:
Bobino: 0
Sangfroidish: 0
Ether's Bane: 5
Wargle: 7
Lord of the Fireflies: 7
Meursault: 9
Faorzia: 9
Eifie: 10

Metallica Fanboy: 11
Eta Carinae: 11
Nira: 11
Vipera Magnifica: 11
JackPK: 11
serpentjester: 11
Superbird: 12
Totodile: 12
Guestrodon: 15
I liek Scythers: 15
Keldeo: 15
Murkrow: 16
In addition to a free rare candy and a ribbon, you can also exchange your Candy Cornn for items. It is strongly recommended that you spend all of your Candy Cornn - if you don't, then it will be seized by ASB staff disappear. Post in this thread what you want to spend your Candy Cornn on, and you'll hopefully get your prizes soon.

1 x Candy Cornn:
Cheri Berry, Chesto Berry, Pecha Berry, Rawst Berry, Aspear Berry, Persim Berry
Dread Plate, Toxic Plate, Spooky Plate

3 x Candy Cornn:

Occa Berry, Passho Berry, Rindo Berry, Wacan Berry, Yache Berry, Chople Berry, Kebia Berry, Shuca Berry, Coba Berry, Payapa Berry, Tanga Berry, Charti Berry, Kasib Berry, Haban Berry, Colbur Berry, Babiri Berry, Chilan Berry, Roseli Berry
Dark Gem, Ghost Gem, Poison Gem
Smoke Ball, Black Glasses, Spell Tag, Poison Barb

5 x Candy Cornn:
Oran Berry, Lum Berry, Liechi Berry, Ganlon Berry, Salac Berry, Petaya Berry, Apicot Berry, Lansat Berry, Starf Berry, Micle Berry, Custap Berry

8 x Candy Cornn:

Leppa Berry, Sitrus Berry, Enigma Berry, Jaboca Berry, Rowap Berry, Kee Berry, Maranga Berry
Black Sludge, Toxic Orb

11 x Candy Cornn:
Dusk Stone, Reaper Cloth


Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this event, guys! I'd like to run something like this again in the future if it works out okay, so if you have any feedback or questions, feel free to post them here as well.
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that bitch what arranges the blocks
glorp glorp, i want some sludge :u

thanks for organising this!

edit: oh yeah also a cheri berry. im good at remembering numbers.


Fire emblem is great
Custap berry, Lansat berry, a dread plate and a toxic plate, please. Thanks so much - this was totally awesome.


out of touch thursday
wow I spent so long staring at this and deciding what to get that the word berry does not look like a word anymore.

I'd like a Toxic Plate, a Dread Plate, a Chesto Berry, a Passho Berry, and a Wacan berry!


so you said we can stick the ribbons in our signatures, right? right.

Anyhow, onto business! So, somebody gave me these, erm, marbles? But, of course, they did that entirely out of their own free will, and with their memory perfectly intact. Anyways, let's turn those in, hm? I'll have a Kee Berry and a Poison Gem.


blame telegram
That was a lot of fun!

And luckily, I got just enough candy to trade in for a Reaper Cloth without having any change leftover to mull using. Huzzah!


up to no good
Can I grab a Black Glasses, a Spell Tag, a Poison Barb, a Dread Plate, a Toxic Plate, and a Spooky Plate?

Eta Carinae

I really loved that farm.
Of course I need 11 Aspear Berries.

I'll take a Black Sludge and a Roseli Berry! Thanks for everything, uv and MD!


he, they
Thank you for hosting this, everyone! I'll take a Black Sludge, Dark Gem, Colbur Berry, and Toxic Plate.


not probable, but possible.
Aw goodness that was definitely an experience.

Time to milk that Cornn for all it's worth.

Cheri Berry, Chesto Berry, Pecha Berry, Rawst Berry, Persim Berry ... that's five.
One Ghost Gem - that's eight
And then the Smoke Ball for eleven Cornns in all.

I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
This feels like I'm at chuck e cheeses or something.

A Reaper Cloth (11), Spoopy Plate (12), and a Roseli Berry (15), si'l vous plait.


Says "also" and "or something" a lot
I won! I owe it all to that terrible Euler's identity joke I made, probably.

I think I'll take a Reaper Cloth and a Micle Berry!
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