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Hamilton Musical Mafia 2021


do you think we're the same alignment or not
short answer, no need to explain :U
helo i genuinely forgot this game started but i feel like that's okay given the timestamp of the last post
i counted the people in the pinglist and everyone's still there and no one is crossed out so i'm guessing we just... start... with a death...?????
god i would love it if one of the bastard mechanics is just that herbe writes "Alexander Hamilton is pissed off" every Day and we tear ourselves apart trying to figure out what it means
  • Haha
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my guess is aaron burr is like

not directly a player but part of their role, if that makes sense
i have no reads right now currently
and no memes. i don't even know what hamilton is, so i'm just going to act like i know things even though i don't
my guess is aaron burr is like

not directly a player but part of their role, if that makes sense
i concur

i would presume part of hamilton's role, should hamilton be a player, given the "pissed off" bit

zori reacting to a ton of posts in thread but not replying makes me think

have you been silenced, zori?
despite my vote on her i think wisper is town
vote's still gonna be there for now for the meme though
nah, it's too early on for that

that's a climactic moment and we're just getting started here!
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